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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hyo Min likes Sunny more than Shin Min Ah

Sunny and Hyo Min’s close friendship at the 1st anniversary of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth (IY)” garnered much interest from viewers and netizens.

KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 1st Anniversary Special” was aired at 11.10pm on October 29th. The show highlighted the value of hardwork in country life as well as sweet memories and friendship among the members. A year had past since its first broadcast and the unity among its members did not change.

For the 1st anniversary broadcast, the first generation members who left the show half way due to their respective commitments were being called up again for the special broadcast. Sunny, HyunA and Kim Taewoo who had left IY for quite some time were reunited again with the members and the production crews of IY.

Sunny, HyunA and Taewoo were welcomed with warmth especially Noh Juhyeon, Narsha, Goo Hara, Han Sunghwa and Hyomin. Hyomin who is very close with Sunny from the beginning of IY’s broadcast, hugged and greeted each other.

In this episode, Kim Taewoo asked Hyomin with a calm voice, “Between Sunny or Shin Min Ah, who do you like more?” This question was asked because Hyomin and Shin Min Ah who both acted in SBS’ drama “My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox” recently are very close to each other as well. The photos of Hyomin and Shin Min Ah’s close friendhip were disclosed on the internet.

In reply to the question, Hyomin proudly said, “Sunny”. Taewoo then mentioned that recently, Hyomin and Shin Min Ah are close to each other but he thinks that Hyomin has not changed and she still likes Sunny more. Hyomin instantly said “The drama has ended”. Upon hearing that, Sunny smile and gave Hyomin a hug.

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