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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tae Yeon for sale on Gmarket

Recently, Gmarket users were shocked when they found out that Tae Yeon was put up for sale on G-Market. Of course, it was just a ‘parody’, as some might have called it. This interesting piece of ‘parody’ has become a hot discussion subject among netizens.

Korean netizens had creatvely put up Tae Yeon for ‘sale’ on Gmarket complete with information about the ‘product’. The ‘sale’ was put up by a user name 엄빠시카 (Omppasika) with a very high price, without a single Won of discount. Every purchase comes with insoles that would help the customer to exceed 1.60m. The ‘product’ received some reviews and comments:

*Sunny commented, “this product is weird. i actually bought it because of the gifts (the insoles) that came with the product, but the product went into the bathroom with the gifts and hasn’t come out. Do you mind giving me one more piece of the insole?”

*Tiffany said, “Because The product is cute, pretty and tiny, it really looks like a baby. The nickname “TtaeTtae” is good as it is easy to remember. Is there a device to change the language? I couldn’t understand anything as she speaks in her own dialect. Can I get an after-sale service?”

*Yuri said, “It’s not bad but I think this product is a pervert (byuntae). Originally, does it have the habit of looking at people’s backside? Once, I got out of the room to get a drink and I saw it watching Rated-19 videos in the living room. Because of this, I am worried and do not get enough sleep these days. Can I ask for a refund?”

Unlike others, *Jessica left a short comment, “It’s totally cute”.

Netizens who saw the “parody” commented:

-”100%, match perfectly”
-”I want to buy it”

*The comments are made by fans/netizens and they do not involve the opinions of any of the girls. Keep in mind that this is a ‘parody’ and ONLY meant for FUN.

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