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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Most Popular Korean Girls Group (Stage 1)

New Poll...

vote for your favorite korean band...

this poll will be ended on 3oth November 2010

after that, stage 2 of the most popular korean girls group gonna be start... 

(link of the poll at the name of korean groups)

1. Tiara (T-ara) vs Heart and Mind (HAM)
2. Kara vs SeeYa
3. Nine Muses vs 2NE1
4. Sistar vs Wonder Girls
5. After School vs Girl's Day
6. F(x) vs Rainbow
7. Secret vs Orange Caramel
8. Girl's Generation (SNSD) vs JQT

9. 4Minute vs Davichi
10. Brown Eyed Girls vs Miss A


  1. sorry to say this but
    Nine Muses vs 2NE1??
    Brown Eyed Girls vs Miss A??
    Girl's Generation (SNSD) vs JQT?
    oh!! i think we can know the result obviously..
    i wonder if 2NE1 vs SNSD...hmmmm....

  2. This first round...
    maybe 2nd round..
    we can c popular vs popular.. ^_^