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Sunday, November 21, 2010

“Volcanic eruption” scene on WGM?

On MBC “We Got Married (WGM) Season 2″ which will be aired on November 20th, Seo Hyun tried to have skinship with her “hubby”, Yong Hwa.

The YongSeo couple who went on a backpacking trip to Kawagoe City in Japan for their reunion had a great time together and they looked like a student couple going on a date.

In the evening, the couple went to the traditional Japanese style inn, Ryokan. After having a meal, they decided to go for a bit of walk. While they were enjoying the evening together, Seo Hyun tried to have skinship with Yong Hwa, but Yong Hwa who did not see it coming, gave a rather unusual response.

The ‘casters’ in the studio who saw the scene commented, “This scene gives me a ‘volcanic eruption’ kind of feeling”.

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