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Friday, November 12, 2010

What is a jjamppong girl?

Bean paste girl, cheer girl, rough girl and many more, the “girl series” continues with a new one. JjamPpong girl. Girl's Generation has become the JjamPpong girl and it has been the most discussed topic lately.

The meaning of “JjamPpong girl” came from the question of, “which girl group would like to travel with to Nagasaki to eat a bowl of JjamPpong?” JjamPpong is a spicy noodle dish filled with vegetables and seafood.

An overseas travel agency asked 391 people who travelled to Nagasaki this question and beating 2NE1, Girls’ Generation became first place.

According to the results, Girl's Generation (204 People, 52.1%) was first, then it was 2NE1 (147 people, 37.5%) in second place.

Many of the travels picked Girl's Generation because they said the group seemed like they ate this kind of food often. Others said that while the girls are performing overseas, they would take every chance possible to try some local food.

On the other hand, many of the voters chose 2NE1 because they wanted to see their cute expressions and hear their true opinions after tasting JjamPpong.

Currently, Girl's Generation came out with a third mini album “Hoot,” and 2NE1 is busy promoting their follow-up song, “It Hurts” and it seems to be getting very hot and positive feedback.

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