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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A rare video clip of SNSD’s appearance in 2007 drama surfaces

A Video clip of SNSD’s appearance in a 2007 drama has garnered much attention recently.

SNSD made a surprise appearance on MBC’s weekend drama “Kimcheed Radish Cubes (Kkakduki)” in 2007, the period when the girls were having activities for their debut single “Into The New World”.

In the scene, Nam Munhee went to visit his grandson (in the drama) who is a PD and by chance, witnessed SNSD’s dance practice. She then joined the girls for the practice. The girls who just debuted then, were seen wearing white and yellow cheerleader outfit and stocking for their practice (in the drama). Their fresh, young image then were quite different from their more matured and charismatic image today.

Following the rare video clip, fans commented:

-”Into The New World” is an evergreen song. I really miss it”
-”SNSD’s look during their debut era is getting more and more attention these days”
-”Those are the days when SNSD became ‘folding screens’? The camera only caught their legs”

Here’s the rare clip:

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