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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunny voted as ‘Best Variety Idol’ on Daum Star Ranking

From a poll conducted from December 21st to December 27th to determine the ’2010 Best Variety Idol’, Sunny emerged as the winner as she obtained over 50,000 votes from the 7-day poll, leaving behind her closest contender IU by more than 40,000 votes.

Congratulations to Sunny. 역시 이순규!

SNSD ranked among top 10 artists who shine in Japan in 2010

From December 3rd to December 24th, an online survey was conducted on Japan’s Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ to determine the ‘Artists who shine in the year 2010‘.

From the poll result, Kara and SNSD were placed within the top 10, alongside popular Japanese artists such as Fukuyama Masaharu, Arashi, AKB48, Nishino Kana, Perfume, etc. Kara was ranked 6th while SNSD took the 9th spot.

This year, SNSD’s Japanese singles ‘Genie‘ and ‘Gee‘ have both surpassed sales of 100,000 copies respectively and recorded a total revenue of 880 million yen from all the singles and album sales in Japan this year. Besides that, SNSD’s 2nd Japanese Single ‘Gee‘ was also awarded the Best Single Award at the ‘2010 BIGLOBE Music Award‘ and ranked no.2 on ‘The 43rd Oricon Annual Ranking 2010‘ newcomers’ sales category. Such is the huge popularity and impressive achievement of SNSD in Japan this year.

SNSD praised for being the most economical when it comes to online shopping

One A Day Social Commerce shopping mall, Crazy Ticket conducted a survey from November 29th to December 23rd entitled ‘Which girl group would pay great attention to economical shopping through social commerce?’ involving 889 participants. From the survey result, SNSD topped the list where 442 participants (49.7%) voted for them. T-Ara came in 2nd with 218 votes (24,5%) and 2NE1 in 3rd with 198 votes (22.3%).

A representative of Crazy Ticket said, “Through this survey, the public have told us about their thoughts and impressions of SNSD, Tiara and 2NE1′s image. Particularly, many of the respondents expressed their opinions on SNSD’s thriftiness. Some of the respondents commented, ‘In view of their busy schedules, it seems that SNSD would only buy things they really need through online open market’,'Christmas gift to express gratitude towards SNSD seems to be available through social commerce’ and ‘I will only buy necessary items which are affordable and economical through One A Day Social Commerce’”.

Meanwhile, SNSD are also the most-searched figure in 2010. According to portal site, Naver, ‘SNSD’ is the 5th most popular keyword search and 1st in terms of most searched figure.

Most people would recommend Tae Yeon to their best friends

Tae Yeon is voted no.1 for the female idol that a person would most likely introduce to his/her best friend.

From a poll conducted through a portal site of the movie ‘Be All and End All (Korean:내 친구의 소원/Translation: My Friend’s Wish)‘ entitled ‘Such as in the movie ‘Be All End All’, which female idol would you introduce to your best friend to go on a blind date with?’, Tae Yeon was ranked 1st.

4minute’s HyunA came in 2nd with 31% while miss A’s Suzy and Kara’s Han Seungyeon took the 3rd and 4th spot respectively.

‘Hoot’ is no.2 on Oricon with recorded sales of 61k in Week 1

Before the year ends, SNSD added another impressive achievement by securing the 2nd spot on Oricon Weekly Album Chart.

According to Oricon on December 28th, SNSD’s licensed Japanese Edition of 3rd Mini Album ‘Hoot’ recorded sales of 61,000 copies in the first week, thus making it the 2nd hottest selling album in Japan for the week.

Oricon stated, “SNSD’s single ‘Gee’ captured the 2nd spot before but not on the album chart. This is SNSD’s first top 10 entry on the album chart”.

The Japanese edition of the mini album ‘Hoot’ consists of SNSD’s hits such as ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, ‘Gee’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Oh!’, etc.

SNSD topped annual sales on Hanteo as SM artists dominated the music industry in 2010

2010′s music charts seemed to be dominated by SM Entertainment artists such as SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, BoA, etc.

According to album sales information site, Hanteo Chart on December 27th, SM artists were ranked very highly in the chart as they have shown their strength in terms of total album sales, singles sales, etc. this year.

SNSD who have released 32 albums and singles since debut in 2007, topped the chart with recorded total sales of 303,442 copies this year. Super Junior and SHINee came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. JYJ took the no.4 spot, followed by Beast in 5th.

This annual aggregate chart calculates the singles and full albums involving the artists in a particular year.

In terms of sales for a single album, Super Junior’s 4th album ‘Bonamana’ is the best selling album with 132,127 copies, followed by SNSD’s ‘Oh!‘ and ‘Hoot‘ in 2nd and 3rd spot respectively. SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ came in 4th while BoA’s ‘Hurricane Venus’ took the 5th spot. Again, all top 5 spots were occupied by SM artists.

SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ is the ‘Best Song of The Year’ on Monkey 3

SNSD‘s ‘Oh!‘ was selected as the most popular song which received the most love in 2010 on online music site, ‘Monkey 3′.

The ’2010 Monkey 3 Best Song 30′ was selected based on the number downloads and online streaming from January 1st to December 10th (90%) and also Monkey 3 user votes (10%).

From these criteria, SNSD emerged as the winner with their hit song ‘Oh!’. As soon as it was released, ‘Oh!’ recorded an ‘all-kill’ on various music charts and went on to take the no.1 spot for the first half of the year on these charts, including the ‘Monkey 3′ chart as well.

SNSD are indeed the most popular singer of the year as their hits ‘Oh!’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot’ dominated the charts as soon as they were officially released.

Through the scores calculated based on download and streaming figures from January 1st to December 10th on ‘Monkey 3′, ‘Best Artist’, ‘Longest Weekly Chart Winner’ and ‘Best Duet Song’ were also selected.

miss A’s ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ was awarded the ‘Longest Weekly Chart Winner’ as the promising newcomers took no.1 on ‘Monkey 3 Weekly Chart’ for 4 weeks in a row. For the ‘Best Duet Song’ category, IU and Im Seulong (2AM)’s ‘Nagging’ secured the no.1 spot. 2AM on the other hand, were selected as the ‘Best Artist’.

SNSD ranked 4th on ‘Pop Culture Power Leader Big 30′

Year 2010 is coming to an end. Media, panels of industry experts and professionals, in collaboration with Herald Economics have selected the ‘Pop Culture Power Leader Big 30‘ to acknowledge the influence and dominance in the broadcasting, films, performances, music and entertainment industry.

SNSD who were ranked 14th last year, went up 10 places to secure the no.4 spot this year, 2 spots behind the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Sooman.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Increasing concern over idols’ dangerous work conditions

With the recent injury of SNSD’s Tiffany, industry representatives have been raising voices of concern over the dangerous conditions idol singers are forced to perform in.

The majority of idols perform elaborate choreography on slippery stages while wearing clothing that distracts and gets in the way of safety measures. Female idols are especially prone to injuries, as they usually perform in 10cm ‘kill heels,’ increasing the possibility of an injury occurring.

Not only that, but their jam packed schedules and frequent dance rehearsals leave no time for rest, straining their bodies to work under high levels of fatigue.

Park Sung Jin, the director of Wellton Hospital, commented, “Injuries such as desmorrhexis are increasing amongst the youth due to intense workouts and carelessness. It’s difficult to treat damaged ligaments, and recovery takes a long time, so it’s important that injuries don’t happen at a young age.”

Santa SM to release ‘gift’ before Christmas

Yes, Christmas is near and SM Entertainment has a surprise ‘gift’ for you but it’s different from other gifts, mainly because it is not free. However, if you look at it as something to make your Christmas more meaningful then yes, it is a gift.

So, what is this gift we are talking about here? Ok, i’m not going to beat around the bush any longer. It’s the ‘소녀시대 The 1st Asia Tour “Into The New World” Live Album‘. It contains a total of 38 tracks in 2 CDs. Some fans are disappointed it’s not the DVD but hey, anything that has to do with our girls is worth every cent, right? Well, add this into your Christmas shopping list and hopefully our credit card won’t be hitting its credit limit so soon.

Here’s the album information and track list:

Release Date : 23/12/2010
Price : 19,900 won(Approximately $17.23USD) (Online Sales -16,000 won,approximately $13.85USD)
Label : SM Entertainment



01. Nine Angels
02. Tell Me Your Wish (Remix version)
03. Show! Show! Show!
04. Girls’ Generation
05. Beginning
06. It’s Fantastic
07. Etude
08. Ooh La-La!
09. Kissing You
10. One Year Later (Jessica & Onew)
11. Introduce Me A Good Person (Yoona)
12. Sunny (Sunny)
13. Umbrella (Tiffany)
14. Hush Hush (Taeyeon)
15. Chocolate Love
16. Honey
17. Dear. Mom
18. Forever

01. Day By Day
02. My Child
03. Barbie Girl (Jessica)
04. Santa Baby (Sooyoung)
05. Label: Suite “mirror” Article 4 “the morning song of a Clown”(?) (Seohyun)
06. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Seohyun)
07. Over The Rainbow
08. 1,2 Step (Yuri)
09. Into The New World
10. Be Happy
11. Way To Go
12. Gee
13. Touch The Sky
14. NaengMyeon
15. HaHaHa
16. Complete
17. Baby Baby
18. Oh!
19. (Bonus Track) Beautiful Girls (Feat. Yoo Young Jin)
20. (Bonus Track) Singin ‘In The Rain (Studio version)

Bonus : Poster

Are you ready? Let’s take out those plastic cards!!!

Oh! SNSD won 2010 Annual K-Chart Award

Awards keep flowing in for the girls! Today, SNSD were crowned with the 2010 K-Chart Award for their 2nd Album title track, ‘Oh!‘. In the first half of 2010, ‘Oh!’ consistently sat on the top of the K-Chart for 5 weeks in a row and for that, it was also chosen as the #1 song for the first half of 2010 on KBS Music Bank K-Chart.

With the win, the girls have won the Year-End K-Chart Award for 2 years in a row. In 2009, ‘Gee’ took the #1 spot for 9 weeks in a row and thus crowned as the winner for that year. To help you recall, here’s a photo from last year.

In today’s KBS Music Bank Year-End Special, out of the top 10 songs in 2010, SNSD have 3 entries. As mentioned before, ‘Oh!’ took the #1 spot, ‘Hoot’ in 4th and ‘Run Devil Run’ in 6th.

For those who missed the performances and the result announcement, here you go:

Oh! + Hoot

2010 K-Chart goes to……SNSD!!!

‘I Love You’ MR-Removed version: Tae Yeon praised for her awesome singing ability

Recently, the MR-Removed version of Tae Yeon’s ‘I Love You’ (the OST for SBS drama ‘Athena’) videos have surfaced on online entertainment forum sites.

For those who are not familiar with the term, MR means Music Recorded. So, for MR-Removed videos, basically, the music is taken out from the video and all that can be heard is the artist’s actual vocal ability. This method has been used to evaluate the vocal abilities of artists such as SNSD, IU, Beast, Sistar, Tiara and other idol groups.

From the MR-removed video of ‘I Love You’, one could only come up with a conclusion that Tae Yeon’s singing ability is near-perfect as there is only a slight 1% of voice wavering and the difference between the normal and MR-removed video (in terms of singing) could hardly be detected. Composer of ‘I Love You’, Ahn Youngmin even praised Tae Yeon for her great singing ability.

Netizens who heard the MR-Removed version gave their praises to Tae Yeon:

-”Powerful singing ability”
-”How is it possible that such voice comes from someone with a kid-like face?”
-”This is a really good song. Superb singing ability”

Check out the MR-Removed version of ‘I Love You’ and be amazed!

Meanwhile, SNSD will be attending the TBS Japan Record Awards in Japan on December 30th.

Arrow dance syndrome struck Kim Tae Hee

The trailer of the upcoming MBC drama, ‘My Princess’ was revealed on December 16th and Kim Tae Hee’s ‘Hoot’ dance as seen in the trailer has garnered much attention from the viewers. The new drama will be aired starting January 5th, 2011.

In the trailer, Kim Tae Hee sang SNSD’s ‘Hoot’ and cutely did the arrow dance, much to Song Seung Hun’s amazement. Ever since the trailer was released, it has gathered a lot of hot reactions from netizens.

Check out Kim Tae Hee’s version of ‘Hoot’:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Go Behind The Scene Of The Domino’s CF!

A couple of BTS photos as well as a making film from the latest Domino's CF has been released hot from the oven.

Check them out under the cut.

SNSD to appear on Japanese drama ‘Sazae-san 3′

SNSD will be making a surprise appearance on a Japanese drama.

According to Sankei Sports on December 16th, SNSD will be making an appearance on Fuji TV’s special drama ‘Sazae-san 3′ which is scheduled to be aired on January 2nd at 6.30pm.

According to the Japanese daily, SNSD had completed the recording for ‘Sazae-san’ in October, before Tiffany’s injury and thus, viewers would be able to see all the nine girls on the show.

The drama ‘Sazae-san’ was adapted from a Japanese comic strip created by Machiko Hasegawa which was first published on Fukunichi Shimbun on April 22nd, 1946. 23 years later, in October 1969, Fuji TV aired an animated comedy series of ‘Sazae-san’ and it is still in production
after 40 years.

In the drama, the girls will dress in cute golf costumes, revealing their slim figures. Also, this is the first time foreign guests are featured in the drama and SNSD was given that honor.

PD of the program, Asano Sumi said, “While I was looking for suitable guests for the show, I came across SNSD’s promotional video and i immediately wanted them on the show”.

SNSD commented, “We are really happy as we received lots of love from the Japanese people for our appearance on the show”.

Here’s the preview of ‘Sazae-san 3′ featuring SNSD:

3 more awards added to the trophy shelves

SNSD bagged 3 awards in the ‘2010 Bugs! Music Awards‘ where the evaluations were done from November 23rd to December 13th (21 days) by Neowiz Internet Music Portal, Bugs!

In the ’2010 Bugs! Music Awards’, there were 12 categories in total such as ‘Song’, ‘Pop Song’,'Drama OST’, etc. The selection of winners is based on 100% netizen votes. The 21 days voting period attracted participation from 110,000 Bugs! members. From these 3 categories, SNSD won the ‘Song of The Year Award’, ‘Music Video of the Year Award’ and ‘Idol of the Year Award’.

The focus was mainly on the ‘Song of The Year’ category where SNSD’s hit song, ‘Oh!’ emerged as the winner with a total of 29,744 votes, about twice the number of votes received by runner-up, 2AM.

The songs and artists who won the awards for each category will be given the ’2010 Bugs! Music Awards’ recognition icon for 1 year and the names of these artists will also appear in a separate dedicated Bugs! domain to acknowledge their achievements.

The official results of the ’2010 Bugs! Music Awards’ are available at its official website.

‘Oh!’ is the No.1 video on ’2010 YouTube REWIND’

SNSD’s videos were ranked 1st and 2nd on YouTube Korea’s ’2010 YouTube REWIND’.

SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ MV has been chosen as the most viewed music video on YouTube Korea, followed by ‘Run Devil Run’ MV. On the other hand, the MV for ‘Hoot’ which was released in October managed to secure the 9th spot despite the fact that it was just released about 2 months ago. ‘Oh! Dance version’ was ranked 10th and this means that there are 4 SNSD videos in the Top 10.

*Super Junior’s ‘Bonamana’ was placed 3rd, SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ in 4th while 2NE1′s ‘Can’t Nobody’ and ‘Go Away’ grabbed the 5th and 6th spot respectively.

SNSD bagged 4 at MMA, won Artist Award for 2 years in a row

DAEBAK!!! I do not know what other words to express the girls’ success. I’m lost for words so I’ll keep this really short and let the videos WOW you instead. If you’ve missed the award show earlier on, the girls won:

1. 2010 Artist Award
2. 2010 Top 10 Artist Award
3. 2010 Hot Trend Award
4. 2010 Best Dressed Award

Here are some videos of SNSD at the ’2010 Melon Music Awards’:

Red Carpet




2010 Melon Music Awards : Results

2010 Artist Award
Winner: SNSD

2010 Album Award

Winner: 2NE1 – To Anyone

2010 T-World Best Song Award
Winner: 2AM – I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die

2010 Newcomer Award
Winner: CN Blue

2010 Netizen Popularity Battle Award
Winner: Super Junior

2010 Hot Trend Award
Winner: SNSD – Hoot

2010 MBC + Star Award
Winner: Miss A

2010 OST Award
Winner: Lee Seunggi

2010 Rap/Hip-Hop Award
Winner: Supreme Team

2010 R&B Award
Winner: Gummy

2010 Trot Award
Winner: Jang Yoonjung

2010 Alternative Award
Winner: Hot Potato

2010 Music Video Award
Winner: Hwang SooAh PD – Irreversible (Ga In)

2010 Song Writer Award
Winner: Kim Ina/Lee Minsoo

2010 MBC Radio Singer Award
Winner: Jung Yeop

2010 Performance Culture Award
Winner: Psy

2010 Best Dressed Award
Winner: SNSD

Ahn Young Min commended Tae Yeon for her singing ability

Composer and lyricist Ahn Young Min has nothing but praises for Tae Yeon.

In a post entitled ‘Tae Yeon – I Love You (Athena OST)’ in his own minihompy, Ahn Young Min mentioned that he worked with Tae Yeon for the OST.

Ahn Young Min stated, “This is the second time I work with Tae Yeon and it’s amazing to see that she handled the song really well. I was worried that the song might be too matured for her but when she started singing, my tears started to fall”. The well known composer went on to praise Tae Yeon in terms of her singing ability as well as how she managed to put in her feelings and emotions into the song.

Tae Yeon’s ‘I Love You’ was officially released on December 13th, the same day as the first broadcast of SBS drama ‘Athena: Goddess of

List of performances and special stages for tomorrow's Music Bank

Here is the list of performances and special stages for tomorrow's Music Bank, 17 Dec 2010. (unconfirmed)

**Special Stage!!**

2010 Hot trend Ⅰ. The Center of Hallyu!

- SNSD : Oh & Hoot

- Kara : Lupin + Jumping

- Super Junior : Bonamana

**Special Stage!!**

2010 Hot trend Ⅱ. Hot Duet

- IU & Seulong(2AM) : Nagging

- Changmin &Lee;Hyun (Homme) : Still Eating Well

**Special Stage!!**

2010 Hot Trend Ⅲ. The golden generation of girl groups


- After School & Rainbow & Sistar & Girls Day & NS Yoonji

**Special Stage!!**

Orange Caramel Magic Girl Parody

- Mubank Caramel : SHINee & BEAST & Ze:A

**Special Stage!!**

2010 Hot TrendⅤ. Vocal line

- SG Wanabe & Super Junor & SHINee :My everything


- Sistar : Push Push + How Dare You

- Rainbow : A + Mach

- Miss A : Bad Girl Good Girl + Breathe

- CN BLUE : Love + I'm a loner

- Son Dambi : Queen + db Rider

- FT Island : Love Love Love

- BEAST & 4minute : Soom + Huh + Dance Performance

- Tiara & Secret : I go crazy because of you + Magic + Madonna + YA YA YA

- SHINee : Lucifer

- SG Wannabe : Sunflower

- 2AM : I can't let you you even if i die + You wouldn't answer my call

- 2PM : Without you + I'll be back

Monday, December 13, 2010

SNSD’s ‘Genie’ chosen as 2010’s ‘#1 Breakthrough Album’ on iTunes Japan

SNSD’s debut Japanese single ‘Genie‘ was recently selected by iTunes Japan as the #1 ‘Breakthrough Album of 2010′ on its ‘2010: Music, 2010 BEST‘ chart.

‘Genie’ – which many of you know was the Japanese version of SNSD’s hit, ‘Tell Me Your Wish‘ – received an explosive popularity since its release and even ranked as #2 on the Oricon Daily Single Charts.

iTunes also ranked the top 100 most-downloaded songs in their “2010 iTunes Top 100” chart, with KARA’s Mister ranking at 14th, and SNSD’s ‘Genie’ and ‘Gee‘ landing in 29th and 30th respectively.

CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa composes a song for SNSD’s Seo Hyun

CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa made a surprise reveal of a song he composed for his virtual wife, SNSD’s Seo Hyun, on this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.”

The episode focused on more footage of the couple’s vacation trip and continued where they left off last week where the couple had been enjoying dinner after a busy day.

After finishing their meal, Yong Hwa stated, “I have something I’ve been preparing for Seo Hyun. It’s going to be one of the greatest hits of the season. Honestly, it’s a song about Seo Hyun. The song’s about something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but haven’t. It’s about ‘informal speech.’”

On the spot, he revealed a bit of the song’s melody and, as if too shy to reveal the chorus, he murmured a bit of the lyrics, further increasing the curiosity of the viewers and Seo Hyun alike.

Much anticipation is being put on how the song will turn out and what message the lyrics will contain.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Superb fans prove it again,SNSD appeared in drama Mary Stay Out All Night!

I am totally impressed with fans with sharp eyes,it seems that they are looking for their idols anytime.

This time,some sharp eyes Sones spotted SNSD in KBS drama Mary Stay Out All Night,the girls were not really appearing in the drama,there was a TV broadcasting SNSD's HOOT during that time and it was just a 1-2 seconds cut but our sharp eyes fans managed to spot it.

This has also become a hot topic among fans on SNSD Baidu Thread,impressed with these people with sharp eyes?

SNSD to continue promotional activities in Japan with the release of "Oh!" Japanese version!

[TRANS] It’s a partial translation of Sports Donga news article regarding SNSD’s 3rd single in Japan.

Once SNSD announces a new single next year in February, they will aim for the top spot on Oricon weekly Chart.

SNSD will announce their 3rd single “Oh!” on 2/2/2011. The title song “Oh!” from their 2nd full album which was announced on January in Korea is a song with easy melody and has a lively rhythm that is similar to the J-Pop style, which is why the Japanese regard this song as their favorite SNSD song. According to SM entertainment, “Oh!” is the most popular song the Japanese fans tend to cosplay or cover on YT video.

Jessica - BoA bond sparks attention!

Some photos from Golden Disk Awards gained attention from fans.

BoA and SNSD attended Golden Disk Awards 3 days ago with both winning awards on the event.some photos of BoA and SNSD's Jessica gained attention from fans.

They were spotted standing close to each other after the event.

Some comments from fans:

"They are like twins during the event"

"SM Love"!

"Congratulations girls!"

Park Min Young Confirms Her Friendship With SNSD's Jessica!

Park Min Young recently expressed her affection for SNSD's Jessica.

On the 11th, Park Min Young talked about her friendship with Jessica during an episode of KBS 2TV 'Entertainment Relay'.

The actress proved her close friendship with Jessica after posting a photo of the idol on her Twitter. She stated, "It has been about 8 years since I have known Jessica."

Park Min Young caused laughter by adding, "Jessica is the prettiest in SNSD. After her is Yoona."

MBC WGM gagwoman Park Mi Sun is deeply immersed in YongSeo couple charm

MBC’WGM’ gagwoman park misun deeply immersed in ‘YongSeo’ couple charm

Park Misun said ‘it feels cute to watch Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun’. She stated happily showing how different Seo Hyun towards Yong Hwa at the beginning, slowly opening up her heart makes people happy’
Also, ‘all in the broadcasting room feel it is very interesting to watch Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun’s skinship. Even though they didn’t broadcast a lot in the show( I think she meant some scenes were cut.) How they express their own real feeling is delivered realistically.
Park Misun feels ‘Adam’ couple is like a friend because they spend a long time with this couple. ‘Goguma’ charmingly warm, ‘Winnie’ is romantic.

SNSD's Tae Yeon filming for Daum CF?

SNSD's main vocal Tae Yeon is rumored to be filming a CF for Daum.

However,what caught fans' attention is her hairstyle in these photos, fans totally love her apple-like hairstyle, do you like this hairstyle too?

Tower Records Ranks Best Selling Albums - SNSD #1

Tower record has recently released its 2010 bestselling albums list. The categories are Japanese music, western music and K-POP and anime.

This was tallied as of November 30, 2011. It includes imported albums, domestic albums, and digital album sales.

Tower Record 2010 Best

[Japanese Music]
1. Arashi – Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
2. Kimura Kaela – 5 years
3. Ikimonogakari – Ikimonobakari ~Members BEST Sellection~
4. Nishino Kana – to LOVE
7. JUJU – Request
8. Fukuyama Masaharu – THE BEST BANG!
9. Utada Hikaru – Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2
10. Tokyo Jihen – Sports

[Western Music]
1. Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
2. Oasis – Time Flies…1994-2009
3. Linkin park – A Thousand Suns
4. Ke$ha – Animal
5. Orianthi – Believe
6. Lady Gaga – The Remix
7. Maroon 5 – Hands All Over
8. Taylor Swift – Fearless
9. Sade – Soldier of Love
10. Justin Bieber – My Worlds

1. SNSD – Oh!: Girls’ Generation Vol.2
2. KARA – KARA BEST 2007-2010
3. Super Junior – Bonamana: Super Junior Vol.4
4. SHINee – Lucifer: SHINee Vol.2
5. 2NE1 – 2NE1 1st Mini Album
6. CNBLUE – Bluetory: CNBLUE 1st Mini Album
7. G-Dragon – Heartbreaker: G-Dragon Vol.1
8. CNBLUE – ThankU
9. OST – Ikemen Desu Ne – Japanese version Original Soundtrack –
10. KARA – Lupin: Kara 3rd Mini Album

1. Various Artists – ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST
2. Houkago Tea Time – Houkago Tea Time II
3. Various Artists – Hagane no Renkinjutsushi FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FINAL BEST
4. Mizuki Nana – IMPACT EXCITER
5. Lia & Tada Aoi – My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song
6. Houkago Tea Time – GO!GO!MANIAC
7. Houkago Tea Time – NO, Thank You!
8. Girls Dead Monster – Keep The Beats!
9. Houkago Tea Time – Utauyo!!MIRACLE
10. Sakamoto Maaya - everywhere

Friday, December 10, 2010

Most Popular Korean Girls Group (Stage 3)

Continue from Stage 1 & Stage 2

vote for your favorite korean band...

this poll will be ended on 18th December 2010

after that, stage 4 of the most popular korean girls group gonna be start... 

Kara vs 2NE1

SNSD vs F(x)

Group deserved to compete back...

MV for Tae Yeon’s ‘I Love You’ revealed

The music video for Tae Yeon’s ‘I Love You’ which is one the original soundtracks of SBS new drama, ‘Athena: Goddess of War‘ was released today, December 10th.

Taeyeon’s beautiful ballad ‘I Love You’ will be released as a digital single through various music sites on December 13th.

Enjoy the MV!

SNSD awarded for national contributions at ‘2010 Proud Korean Awards’ by Casper on December 10, 2010 at 1:08 am

Having just walked off with three awards from the ‘25th Golden Disk Awards‘ last night, the girls of SNSD girls added yet another prestigious award to their list of accomplishments.

Earlier this morning, the group was recognized by the ‘2010 Proud Korean Awards‘ for their contributions to national unity and their positive representation of South Korea to the world. They were awarded as winners of the ‘Art Category’ by the Journalists’ Association of Korea.

Members Hyo Yeon, Seo Hyun and Sunny were present to receive the honor.

Check out the event photos below!

SNSD endorses Domino’s Pizza

SNSD can now add yet another company to their long list of endorsements.

The girls have just inked a CF deal with Domino’s Pizza to advertise a new pizza with pork steak and veggies on it. In addition to filming, they also recorded a song for the CF.

Check out their new adorable CF below.

SNSD’s Tae Yeon leaves message of gratitude on official site

Having won the prestigious ’Disk Bonsang Daesang‘ award at this year’s Golden Disk Awards a couple of days ago, SNSD’s leader Tae Yeon left a long message on the official notice board of SNSD’s site to express her gratitude towards their fans.

Check it out below!

SONEs~~~ Hello~~~~ ^^

Finally!! I am leaving a message on our official site!! I was a little late wasn’t I ^^….

When the members were leaving messages one by one on here when we started out ‘Hoot’ promotions I thought, it must be my turn soon~

and waited a bit but because of our busy schedule!.. I was a big mess ^^;

But I like it better now that I get to leave a message to everyone during this meaningful time~~~~

First of all!! My congratulat

ions to you!! Both SNSD and SONE joined their strengths and finally! We won a huge~ award!!!! +_+

*clap clap clap clap*~~~ <3>

SONEs must have been really busy since it’s nearly the end of the year…

So thank you all for participating in polls or SMS messaging ^^

It feels like each and every one of them kept building up.. and it ended up creating such a happy moment for us!

Something like this.. requires a lot of interest and love…

SONEs… You must love us a lot don’t you????????????????????? kekekekekekekekekeke

Us SNSD also congratulated ourselves, hugged, laughed, cried^^…We were all really happy~~~

One regretful part was our Fany.. wasn’t with us together,

But she’s working really hard to get better in case the people around her get worried for her ^^

She monitors the members ve~ry o

bjectively as well ^^ Tiff-manager kekeke

Even though she wasn’t with us there, she was very noisy during our celebration~ We had a good time ^^

We’re real when we’re together as nine members kekeke

Anyway! I think it’s good to have people who are becoming more important to us and have people we can depend on~~

Both SONEs and our SNSD ^^

We will return back as much as you have gifted us these important moments, awards, memories..

and we will always be healthy an

d brightly!! show SNSD’s endless charms(?) kekekeke

There’s still a long way to go keke

So I hope to become a kind of close friend who isn’t embarrassing.. who sparingly takes care of each other ^^

Since it’s really the end of the year, I hope you wrap up your year well, and keep healthy in the cold weather!

(Always!!!! Wash your hands!!)

Let’s meet during the remaining schedules for the year everyone ^^~~~~~

I love you <3>

Ah.. and please give love to my Athena OST track ekkekekekekekekekkekekekekekekekekekekkekekekekkeke

Lets try to make an all-kill once ag-……..

SNSD eye 500k sales in Japan before year ends

SNSD who had just debuted in Japan in September 2010, are expecting to hit the 500,000 copies mark in terms of albums and DVD sales in Japan.

According to Oricon, SNSD who released 2 singles and a DVD, recorded a total sales of 318,736 as of December 9th. The DVD entitled ‘Girls’ Generation Torai – Commemorative Edition – New Beginning of Girls’ Generation‘ sold 81,034 copies as of the date mentioned, while First Japanese Debut Single ‘Genie’ which was released on September 8th, recorded sales of 112,724 copies. 2nd Debut Single ‘Gee‘ which was unveiled on October 20th added 124,978 copies to the tally.

The DVD still manages to fetch sales of about 2,142 copies in the 17th week of it’s release and it was ranked 6th based on Oricon Weekly Chart released on December 6th. Based on the Singles Weekly Chart (December 6th), ‘Genie’ and ‘Gee’ sold 2201 copies (13th week) and 4155 copies (7th week) respectively.

In addition to these, the Japanese edition of ‘Hoot’ which will be released on December 22nd is expected to boost SNSD’s annual sales in Japan and thus, surpassing the 500,000 copies mark. Japanese edition of ‘Hoot’ which comes in Regular Edition, Limited Pressing Edition and First Press Limited Edition is expected to fetch better sales than singles. With that, the goal of exceeding 100,000 copies for every music release will soon be realized.

Interview with the Disk Daesang winner

After ‘The 25th Golden Disk Awards‘ ceremony, our girls were interviewed by IS (일간스포츠). Here are the contents of the interview:

Reporter: What came to your mind when SNSD was announced as the Daesang winner?

SNSD: We were still in a shock. It feels like a dream. It was very much beyond our expectation as we only wish to enjoy the moments with our fans. Winning such a grand award…we felt thrilled and scared at the same time. We will never forget the moment when ‘Golden Disk Daesang SNSD’ were announced.

Reporter: The award, expected?

SNSD: Not at all. In fact, due to our anxiety, we seemed to make a lot of mistakes while performing on stage today. Usually before we get on stage, we will put our hands together and shout ‘Right Now, SNSD‘ followed by ‘Hwaiting‘ but today, everything just seems to be very hectic and we didn’t get to do it. So, while we were sitting around the table, instead of using our hands, we put our feet together and did the slogan.

Reporter: You girls must be missing Tiffany very much. At every winning speech, you mentioned Tiffany’s name.

SNSD: On the stage, SNSD will only be complete when there are all 9 of us. Because of her knee injury, the void left by Tiffany is huge. We thought about Tiffany a lot every time we receive the awards. It’s such a pity she couldn’t be here with us today.

Reporter: After receiving the ‘Newcomers’ Award’ in 2007, there seems to be some kind of a bond between SNSD and Golden Disk Awards.

SNSD: We are really grateful for the acknowledgements. The fact that the awards were decided based on the actual album and music sales made winning these awards more meaningful. All these will not be possible without our caring fans whom we are so thankful for.

Reporter: How about things that you will always remember during your trainee days?

SNSD: To be artists, we spent 4-6 years as trainees. As we looked back, we realized that our parents were very worried about us then. After becoming a singer, the most glorious moment is when we were able to stand on the stage, the feeling is really great. We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Lee Soo Man who made our dreams come true.

Reporter: Any words for your ahjussi (uncle) fans?

SNSD: We know they cheer for us like their own little sisters or nieces. As to not disappoint them, we will always try to give our best.

Reporter: Today, are you girls going to throw a party to celebrate the win?

SNSD: Really! Today, we never thought that we would receive the daesang. Not only us, but our family – BoA sunbae-nim, Super Junior sunbae-nims and SHINee, received many awards today so there will be a big feast. The party will be prepared by our agency, we have no idea about it. We will have to talk about it.

Reporter: What is your goal for the future?

SNSD: At this moment of glory, we have none but if there must be something that we should wish for, we truly hope that the 9 members of SNSD will always be together to the end.

The 25th Golden Disk Awards 2010 : Results

Disk Daesang
Winner: SNSD

Samsung YEPP Digital Daesang
Winner: 2AM

Disk Bonsang
2. SHINee
4. Super Junior
5. BoA

Digital Bonsang
1. 2AM
2. IU
3. Miss A
4. CN Blue
5. Lee Seunggi

Samsung YEPP Newcomers’ Awards
2. Secret
3. Sistar

Ceci Popularity Awards
2. SHINee

MSN Asian Popularity Award
Winner: Super Junior

Winner: F.T Island

Hip Hop Award
Winner: Supreme Team

Production Award
Winner: Hong Seungsong

Achievement Award
Winner: Park Choonsuk

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Golden Disk Awards

In another hour time,the long-awaited awards ceremony is finally kicking off! The red carpet is ongoing right now,however it will not be broadcasted.
Check out the ladies’ rehearsal photos and more live updates to come under the cut.