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Monday, November 8, 2010

SNSD releases special ‘Star Collection Cards Vol. 2.5′

Having released their first and second collections back in January and June of 2010, SNSD unveiled ‘volume 2.5′ of their ‘Star Collections Cards’ merchandise.

This card collection is from an undisclosed photoshoot that showcases heartwarming images of the girls. Due to its small size, fans have nicknamed the collection a ‘mini photoshoot spread’.

These mini-cards have been a huge success – their first collection received over 100,000 orders in the first week, while the second collection (of the girls supporting the Red Devils during the World Cup) received 500,000 orders in the first week. Perhaps a million orders for volume 2.5?

SNSD’s 2.5 collection will contain 7 different card sets, and are currently being sold on Gmarket.

Check out the card sets below!

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