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Friday, March 4, 2011

Kim Jeong Hoon : When SNSD appeared on TV….

Former UN (United N-generation) member cum actor Kim Jeong Hoon who was based in Cheolwon GOP is another witness of the Soshi effect in the army. At 8am KST on February 28th, Kim Jeong Hoon said, “I’m really touched to see my fans again after waiting for two years”.

He added, “After I joined the army, girl group power was on the rise. In Cheolwon, everytime SNSD appeared on TV, everyone disappeared from the hallway”.

Kim Jeong Hoon was enlisted into the army in April 2009 and since January last year, he has been serving at the National Defense Public Relations Division.

SNSD to cheer for Oryx Buffaloes in Osaka on Korean Day

SNSD will be meeting Park Chan Ho and Lee Seungyeob soon.

SNSD who are not only popular in Korea but also in Japan will be traveling to Osaka to cheer for Japanese Baseball team, Oryx Buffaloes and also top Korean players, Park Chan Ho and Lee Seung Yeob at the ‘Korean Day’ event match.

To add more excitement to the game, Oryx decided to invite SNSD. A representative of Oryx said, “We have contacted the relevant department in charged of SNSD on this matter. Since SNSD will be visiting the stadium on Saturday, April 23rd, a huge turnout can be expected”. In the event, SNSD will be singing the national anthem as well as throwing and hitting the first ball of the game.

SNSD and Kara are both popular among Oryx Buffaloes players, especially among the younger players.

Will Seo Hyun give her first kiss to Yong Hwa?

On MBC TV ‘We Got Married (WGM) Season 2′ to be aired on March 5th, there is a great interest among fans and viewers on whether the virtual couple would actually kiss on the show.

This episode features the shooting of the couple’s wedding moments. The YongSeo couple looks like a real pair of bride and groom where the handsome Yong Hwa put on in his tuxedo and the angelic Seo Hyun in her wedding dress.

Particluarly in one of the photos, Seo Hyun who put on a pink wedding dress with a headband and Yong Hwa who wore a black tuxedo with a pink bowtie, posed in such a way that Yong Hwa pushed a bicycle full of sweet potato with Seo Hyun holding on to his arm.(*I believe this would become the famous pose for future couples).

Meanwhile, 2AM member Im Seulong and MC Kim Nayoung visited the set of the shooting and while eating snacks with them she said, “Now, you need to gargle, don’t you?”,hinting that the two should be kissing after that and the YongSeo couple felt embarrassed upon hearing that remark.

So of the netizens commented, “Other than the sweet potato on the bicycle, I can’t see anything else”, “I hope the two of them really love each other very much”, “I want to see them kiss like Jo Kwon and Ga In”, “What a perfect match. I want to see more pictures”, etc.

SNSD unleased ‘girl power’ in Japan

SNSD who debuted in Japan September last year were ranked 2nd in Japan’s Girl Group Power Ranking, a sign that the craze for Korean Wave in the country is on the rise.

In the newly-released March Issue of Nikkei Entertainment, Japan’s Girl Group Power Ranking was published. The ranking was determined based on last year’s average album sales.

AKB48, dubbed by Korean media as Japan’s version of SNSD, took the no.1 spot. Based on Oricon’s Singles sales data, AKB48 sold an average of 670,000 copies from December 2009 to December 2010. SNSD, whose hit songs include ‘Genie’, ‘Gee’, etc recorded an average sales of 121,000 copies and the girls were ranked 2nd. 3-member girl group Perfume came in 3rd with an average sales of 109,000 copies while Kara came in 4th.

Meanwhile, SKE48 took the 5th spot with 100,000 copies, adult version of AKB48, SDN48DL in 6th, Morning Musume in 7th, Idoling in 8th, Berryz Koubou in 9th and Momoiro Clover grabbed the 10th spot.