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Friday, April 30, 2010

SNSD and 2PM go Baywatch for Caribbean Bay

Yesterday we brought you a little sneak peek into SNSD and 2PM’s upcoming CF for Everland’s Caribbean Bay. Now we have even more photos!

This time we have a few official photos of the two groups together and some behind-the-scene photos of the CF being filmed.

This joint collaboration between one of the hottest male and female groups definitely results in some sexy goodness as Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Chansung show off their muscular topless bodies while Seohyun, Yoona and Yuri flaunt their well toned figures in tight white t-shirts and shorts; creating a very “Baywatch” like theme.

The CF is expected to be released in mid May.

SNSD says goodbye with Oh! and Run Devil Run on Music Bank

With the naval ship mourning easing away, idol groups are finally returning to the stage. This time girl group SNSD returns with their hit Oh! and Run Devil Run on Music Bank!

Perhaps by performing both songs, this is SNSD’s way of making it up to the fans for not being able to promote appropriately due to all the live music programs being off air. This was unfortunately also their goodbye stage on Music Bank as well as they prepare themselves for overseas promotions.

This is quite the sight to see as we get a glimpse at the nine girls in sexy bright outfits but also in dark intimidating ones. Sit back and enjoy!.

1. Run Devil Run

2. Oh!

SNSD celebrates their 1000th day since debut

SNSD gave a special shoutout to fans on their official website to mark their 1000th day since debut. That sounds like so much and it technically is! It’s almost three years but not quite there yet.

On the 30th, the individual girls uploaded their thank you messages on their website with a lovable picture of themselves.

Taeyeon said, “It was a short time but it was more happy and I was more proud because I was with SONES. It has been touching days. It’s a new beginning. We have many days to spend together as well as days we need to. Let’s be more strong. We are our world’s reality.”

Jessica wrote, “I’m bad at expressing myself. I love you guys.” Sunny said, “I won’t rush the days in the future and enjoy them one by one. SNSD and SONES are one.”

Tiffany wrote, “You can’t easily go down from a place that was so hard to climb. I pray that we’ll be together until the end and until we reach the top.”

Hyoyeon said, “When it’s so hard to keep going, I think about the pink balloons SONES shake around. I work hard with the energy from SONES.”

Yuri messaged, “Thank you for sharing and going through the happy and hard moments. Some of them must have been hard to endure. Thank you and thank you.”

Sooyoung wrote, “I’m working hard to not take the fans’ love for granted. We will not forget our morals from Into the New World days and work our best.”

Yoona said, “There were many sad and happy things. I’m so thankful we could do all those together. SONES have the cheers. Don’t cheat on us.”

Maknae Seohyun “SONES are like the water to nine seeds. We will become the SNSD you are proud of. Let’s make more memories together.”

On the 30th, they will end Run Devil Run and Oh! promotions all in all.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

SNSD’s Jessica will be a regular on Happy Birthday

SNSD’s blondie Jessica has been chosen to become a permanent guest on KBS2TV’s Happy Birthday.

This will definitely be interesting since she’s not known to be the talker of the group on variety shows.

Happy Birthday’s PD Kim said, “Jessica has been chosen as a permanent guest. It’ll be interesting to hear a young person’s opinion on child birth and raising a kid.”

As you may have guessed already, the show is about pregnancy and the process of having a baby. They had their pilot episode in March and they received good reviews. It’s coming back for a season and even they decided to use the idol power.

The MC’s are Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Sung Eun and Kim Ji Ho. The first episode will feature a woman giving birth to triplets.

Jessica really likes to experiment with herself. Let’s wish her luck!

The episode airs on May 10th.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SNSD and 2PM’s Caribbean Bay CF sneak peak!

Last week, netizens confirmed that idol groups 2PM and SNSD have joined forces for a CF for Everland Resorts Caribbean Bay Water Park with several fan pictures. Lucky for you, some screencaps have been released recently and is already turning a lot of heads!

The members of 2PM and SNSD were recruited as models for Caribbean Bay, filming for the CF was done at one of their outdoor swimming pools recently.

This CF allows the SNSD girls to flaunt their proportionate bodies in hot pants and tank tops. Likewise, it once again gives Taecyeon 2PM another excuse to show off their chocolate abs, Baywatch style.

In regards to the ad, netizens said, “Both groups have really eye-catching bodies!” and “If I go to Caribbean Bay, will I really be able to see hot bodies like them?”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SNSD’s solo CFs for LG Cooky released

Earlier today, SNSD released the music video for their new LG Cooky endorsement. Now they released new individual CFs for Jessica, Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yoona!

With the same setting and colorful mood as the minute long music video, these solo CFs are pretty much the same deal but they only focus on a single member acting cute and peppy with the Hey Mickey jingle.

Jessica’s part is about the phone’s messaging capabilities and involves a short cameo with Sunny. Sooyoung watches dramas and other programs, while Tiffany listens to music and Yoona plays with the phone’s user interface. Smart advertising in tiny individual sweet packages; check them out below!

Hyoyeon and Seohyun :

Yuri :

Jessica :

Sooyoung :

Tiffany :

Yoona :

Stills of SNSD’s Soo Young, Tiffany and Yuri filming for Biotherm CF

A little over a month ago, we reported on a few pictures of SNSD’s Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yuri posing for Biotherm. Now even more photos have been released of the girls filming for their upcoming CF!

For the sake of their Run Devil Run promotions, SNSD made a transformation into dark and fierce bad girls so it’s refreshing to see a lighter side to the girls again in the given pictures.

Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yuri are smiling and making adorable poses for the camera in pure white clothing that gives an innocent and almost angelic look about them. Could they look any sweeter?

Check out the photos below!

SNSD releases remix version of Girl's Generation

Lee Seung Chul will be releasing a special album on May 3rd to celebrate his 25th year in the business. Besides including three new songs, the rest will be remixes of his past hit songs by young fellow artists.

Among the many singers who have contributed to the album, SNSD did a remix of their remake of Lee Seung Chul’s Girls’ Generation. The song Girls’ Generation had been used by SNSD as their title song for their first album in 2007 and now they have given it a whole new twist with this remix.

Tae Yeon’s final moments on Chin Chin Radio

After 2 long years, SNSD leader Taeyeon has finally stepped down from her role as the DJ on Chin Chin Radio. Even though she’s gone, she left one last gift for the fans as new photos from her final moments have been revealed.

April 25th marked the last day for Taeyeon but she definitely had support on her side as the 8 other members of SNSD joined their leader for her final broadcast.

And even though it was sad event, the girls still kept it cheery and took these photos together to remember the day.

2PM’s Jun Ho gives chocolate to SNSD’s Jessica

The netizens’ eyes catch everything! A clip of 2PM’s Junho giving what seems to be chocolate to SNSD’s Jessica was captured by fans and uploaded to bulletins online.

Someone with the ID of About boy uploaded the video and it has been gaining quite a lot of attention already.

The video isn’t too recent since the two are filming Dream Team 2 and the episode is from a long time ago. But still, who cares when it’s from because we all love news between opposite gender idols.

First, suspicions were raised between KARA’s Nicole and SHINee’s Key and now it’s these two. Junho gives Jessica the piece of chocolate and stands a bit awkwardly behind her. He must be interested in her because why would he choose her over the other female idols present?

Jessica is quite polite and accepts the chocolate. Maybe something is blossoming between the couple?

As expected, however, some fans have expressed their jealousy.

“I hope they are just friends.”
“I think Junho might like her…”
“Junho is just delivering the chocolate to Jessica on behalf of Jay.”

I’m probably reading too far into it, but since it’s my wish to see an idol couple soon, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for this pairing. Maybe this is what Jessica was referring to when she sang about Chocolate Love.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tae Yeon says her final goodbye on Chin Chin Radio

Girl group SNSD’s “kid leader” Taeyeon, has officially said her final goodbye as a DJ after two long years.
On the 25th of April, MBC Chin Chin Radio had their last broadcast. Taeyeon’s last broadcast however, was a very special one because of the many warm encouragements she had received from various stars.

The SNSD leader had special guests like comedian Jung Juri and singer Maybe, who gave her words of support. Bae Chul Su who broadcasted his MBC FM4U right before Chin Chin also encouraged the singer. Of course, fellow group SNSD came to visit Taeyeon as well. Fans even compiled their own voices singing SNSD’s I Want To Dream With You Forever.
From these warm gestures, the kid leader could not help but shed tears.

Also, actor Kang Dong Won, a famous Korean actor whom Taeyeon chose as her ideal type, left a recorded message for her.

SNSD’s Tae Yeon rehearsing for and promoting The Sun’s Song

Following in the footsteps of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu and fellow SNSD member Jessica, Taeyeon will be making her musical debut through The Sun’s Song, a Korean adaptation of a Japanese novel Midnight Sun.

Taeyeon has been cast as Kaoru, the main female lead who is diagnosed with a disease called Xeroderman Pigmentosum that makes her sensitive to sun exposure. Her character falls in love with a guy who practically lives under the sun because he loves to surf.

Taeyeon’s singing abilities have been proven time and time again; however, there is much anticipation to see how she will fare in the acting department.

A rehearsal clip capturing Taeyeon as well as the rest of the cast busily practicing a segment of the routine was released online. In the video, Taeyeon also promoted The Sun’s Song by asking for many people to come and watch the musical.

Hi, my name is Taeyeon and I will be playing the role of main lead Kaoru. The Sun’s Song will begin from May 7 – 29, so I hope many people come and enjoy the musical. Hwaiting!

Taeyeon’s last day on Chin Chin Radio

After a 2-year run, the day has finally arrived. SNSD leader Taeyeon is stepping down as DJ for Chin Chin Radio as of April 25th (KST).

But before she officially resigns, Taeyeon uploaded some photos of her last broadcast. In the photos are SNSD members Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, along with BEAST leader Doojoon.

Even though it’s a sad moment for the SNSD leader and fans everywhere, Taeyeon is still smiling and acting goofy in the photos. With a few random poses here and there, the three also did a couple mimicking the choreography of their respective group.

Uh Oh! SNSD’s Hyo Yeon takes a fall

SNSD’s Seohyun is definitely one who is known for making mistakes during Oh! because of the time she tripped, the time she almost fell and the time she messed up the choreography.

But Hyoyeon has joined the list.

Yes, SNSD’s dancing queen herself fell back and landed on her buttock while performing Oh! at Korea’s New World Super Concert on the 24th. SNSD came out for an encore performance and all was going well until Hyoyeon made a cute fall.

She seemed a bit embarrassed but Yuri came to the rescue and pulled her up immediately. You can see Sooyoung and Yuri holding in their laughter because who doesn’t laugh when their friend falls?

Check out the fall at 2:05:

BEAST releases Mystery MV featuring SNSD

BEAST is stepping into bigger career fields now.

The boys have transformed into directors for their self-made music video for their hit song Mystery.

Instead of boring fans with a typical music video, they decided to carry a comic theme for this one. This is quite a treat for fans since Mystery doesn’t have a music video in the first place.

On the 3rd episode of B2ST Almighty, BEAST decided to make their fans’ wishes come true as they had wished for a music video for Mystery. BEAST is singing about the type of curry that their old girlfriend had liked in this hilarious video.

There’s even a Bollywood concept in the middle of it which will probably crack up most of you guys. Dongwoon gets dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and does the head spinning Mystery dance. Yoseob plays the girl in this music video and I must say it is quite the cherry on top.

Junhyung wrote the script, Hyunseung directed proceedings, Doojoon was the cameraman and Kikwang took care of the lights.

And it just gets better as SNSD appear as guest stars!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seohyun teaches CNBlue some SNSD dance moves

It’s been quite a while since we saw a new episode of We Got Married so viewers were noticeably relieved that it was one of the few programs to have survived being canceled by their broadcaster for this week.Today’s episode saw the CNBlue members dropping by to visit Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun in the studio where Seohyun suggested to them that they should learn some dancing. She then proceeded to teach them moves from Tell Me Your Wish and Oh! which was kind of a difficult task for the CNBlue members who were obviously more at home with their instruments. They do looked awkward and reserved but soon warmed up to the task. It was really dorky and cute though!

SNSD’s Tae Yeon hides her tears on Chin Chin

Though SNSD’s Taeyeon was tearing up on her, what is now, old radio show, she hid her tears on one of her last days with her guests at Chin Chin radio.

On the 21st, she said farewell to her guests 8eight, MBLAQ’s G.O, Lee Joon and Mir. In the picture of her with her guests, she doesn’t seem too sad even though we all know she was probably crying inside.

It was as if she was making herself not cry. 8eight’s Joohee expressed how sad she was but Taeyeon refused to let herself tear again. Maybe it was because this time, she had guests on the show.

Her actual last recording is on the 25th.

SNSD’s Seo Hyun meets CNBlue members

The long-awaited We Got Married episode where the shy on-screen wife SNSD’s Seohyun of CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa meets her brother-in-laws will finally be aired after a long break due to unfortunate events.

She didn’t actually meet her husband Yonghwa’s brothers but she did meet his CNBlue members, who you could consider as brothers.

They surprise the couple by showing up to where the couple is just chilling out. The mission is to get closer to each other’s families so maybe SNSD will be next.

Seohyun only heard stories about her brother-in-laws so she was shocked to see them in person. They tried to embarrass Yonghwa and impress Seohyun at the same time. It did get pretty awkward, no surprise there.

The episode airs on the 24th.

SNSD’s 30 second LG Cyon Cooky Preview

Earlier in the week we reported that SNSD/Girls’ Generation would endorse LG Cyon’s upcoming Cooky phone. They released a very short teaser and left everyone eagerly waiting for more. Now there’s word that a full Music Video for Cooky will be released on April 26th.

If you can recall, LG Cyon had a hit on their hands late last year with SNSD & f(x)’s promotions of Chocolate Love and they hope to replicate that success with Cooky.

Earlier today a 30 second preview for the upcoming Cooky MV was released and it uses Toni Basil’s 1980’s hit song Hey Mickey but the word Mickey is replaced with Cooky. In the preview you can watch the girls having fun making cookies and dancing with very cute choreography. Thanks to smile4me for the tip and check out the preview below.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fans send heartwarming gifts to SNSD’s Tae Yeon

After bowing off from her long-lived DJ position of MBC FM4U’s Taeyeon’s Chin Chin, it seems like the SNSD leader is now being flooded with goodbye & celebratory gifts from her fans. Apparently, it’s been exactly a year since she’s become an independent host of the radio show, after the departure of her ex-cohost Kangin.

On the photo bulletin of Chin Chin’s official website, a post was uploaded by the fans titled ‘TangDJ, One Year.” The post was actually been posted by Taeyeon herself to express her gratitude, with photos of herself showing how happy she was over the gifts she received.

Among the piles of presents, Taeyeon revealed that she has enjoyed the short letters that were all compiled on a poster the most.

Although the gifts were supposed to celebrate her happy anniversary, fans still expressed of their sadness toward Taeyeon’s departure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SNSD teases for LG Cyon’s Cooky

In the past, the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation have endorsed LG Cyon’s Chocolate and Maxx phones, now it looks like they’re going to endore the Cooky. LG Cyon has released a very brief teaser for their upcoming CF (Commercial Film).

Looks like it’s going to be adorable, if you look carefully you can see the girls holding a white phone when they enter the kitchen. It also seems like Cooky is a wordplay on both Cook and Cookie as the girls are dressed up as Cooks, getting ready to bake some Cookies. I believe the phone and CF will be released on April 26th, so keep an eye out for it.

Hot & wet, photos of SNSD + 2PM’s upcoming CF

Last week we reported about rumors that 2PM and SNSD / Girls’ Generation potentially working together to do a CF (Commercial Film) for Everland Resorts Caribean Bay Water Park (World’s Largest Indoor & Outdoor Water Park). Well it seems that rumor has turned out to be true as a netizen has taken some photos while the two groups were filming for the CF.

SNSD and best friends turn up for Lee Soo Young’s new radio show

Singer Lee Soo Young celebrated her first radio show broadcast with SNSD and her closest friends, Jang Nara and Park Kyung Lim.

On the 19th, she recorded the first radio episode of Lee Soo Young’s Music Show and finally made the step up into becoming a DJ/radio host.

To congratulate Lee Soo Young, close friends showed up. They brought a cake and Park Kyung Lim made the whole crowd laugh with her humor.

Park Kyung Lim asked her ten questions and the boys Lee Soo Young wants to have as a DJ partner were MBLAQ’s Mir, SHINee’s Onew and 2PM’s Nichkhun.

Park Kyung Lim and Lee Soo Young also revealed a story about when they sat next to Nichkhun at a restaurant. He had secretly paid for their meal like a gentleman.

SNSD’s Sooyoung, Jessica, Sunny and Hyoyeon were the first guests on the show where they had an aegyo match. I’m sure that was entertaining.

Tae Yeon is looking sad on Chin Chin

The fact that Taeyeon will be leaving her radio program, Chin Chin, has already been revealed, and she has already expressed her sadness by bursting into tears while on air.

However, the tears seemed to have come and gone, because in the recent pictures she uploaded, she is back to her goofy self.

Better to go being happy than sad.

On Chin Chin radio’s photo guestbook, she uploaded a picture of herself acting sad with singer Hong Kyung Min and H-Eugene by her side.

This was the last airing for Chin Chin’s ‘Emergency Escape, Number Three‘ corner that Taeyeon shared with Hong Kyung Min and H-Eugene.

Fans of Chin Chin have left comments reading, “Don’t go Taeng Go,” “I hope that you will return someday,” and ”What fun will I live for now.

It’s okay fans. Although it won’t be the same as being able to listen to Taeyeon’s voice for hours straight, you will still be able to see Taeyeon through KBS’ Win Win and her upcoming musical, The Sun’s Song. But until her final goodbye, stay tuned to Chin Chin for as much as you can!

SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Yoona reveal a snapshot

On the 19th, a picture of SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Yoona surfaced on SHINee’s me2day.

During the SNSD Asia Tour concert, Key featured in one of the performances. Backstage, he played around with Yoona and took a shot to mark their memories.

The caption read, “A: Introduce me to someone good~ B: There is no one!!!!!” I guess that little conversation is the storyline of the picture. I think A is Yoona and B is Key. Just look at their faces!

Netizens commented,
“Their faces say it all.”
“Best storyline picture.”
“They’re so cute. Good setting!”
“Is that really Yoona?”

Are they a good match?

Tae Yeon sheds tears over leaving Chin Chin

After 2 years running, radio DJ and SNSD member Taeyeon shed tears during the recent broadcast.

On the 19th, Taeyeon went on air for the first time since her decision to leave MBC FM4U’s “Taeyeon’s Chinhan Chingu” radio program was revealed. During this show, tears she tried to hold in, burst out in a flood of emotion. Taeyeon tried to start off the show cheerfully, suppressing her feelings, but once the tears started falling, the wouldn’t stop.

Taeyeon started off the show with, “This week is really precious to me and you’ll know that I regret it very much.

I’m getting a lot texts and the like. They say things like, “Don’t go, where are you going, you can’t” and I’m getting a lot of these messages. To all the listeners and staff members here, my family, who are going to miss me, I thank you very very much. I’m going to regret this as much as you all. With this last week we have together, I want to talk a lot as well as listen a lot.

Chin Chin was a program that I thought I led, but really it’s just a place where I can talk freely, basically chat. I’m not a very open person; I don’t even have a minihompy or a personal blog to reach out to fans, so I cherish Chin Chin that much more. When I think about leaving, I’m filled with regret…” and she couldn’t finish her sentence as tears started falling.

She went on and cried a few more times during the program.

It was a raw opening of her emotions to the audience, and everyone is going to miss her sweet voice on Chin Chin. Thankfully, this won’t mean that we will be seeing any less of the kid leader as she will be taking up her role in her musical as well as continue group activities with SNSD.

We wish best of luck to Taeyeon as she moves on from this chapter in her extraordinary career as not only a music artist, but as a human being.

SNSD members were awkward with each other?

SNSD appeared on KBS 2TV’s Win Win and revealed a few intimate stories about tough relationships within the group.

Member Hyoyeon revealed, “Before we debuted, I didn’t get along well with Taeyeon, who was my age. Even when we ate together, it was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t tell if the rice was going in my nose or in my mouth.

In response, Taeyeon said, “It was the same with me. Even on radio there was a time when I said, ‘Hyoyeon is the most awkward.’”

Another relationship just as uneasy as Taeyeon and Hyoyeon’s was also present. Tiffany and Seohyun.

Tiffany said, “Seohyun was really a burden to me once. Before we debuted, I was put in a room with the overachieving maknae Seohyun. Because I was older, I felt the pressure of having to show a better image than her.

Tiffany continued, “I would show up late sometimes just to avoid the pure and proper Seohyun and prevent myself from ‘corrupting’ her.

The episode will be broadcast on April 20th.

Does Seo Hyun really like Yong Hwa?

Earlier, we reported that SNSD will be guests on Win Win, and now we bring you a bit of what’s to be expected.

On this episode, SNSD’s Hyoyeon revealed, “On the days Seohyun meets Jung Yong Hwa and comes home, she talks about her husband to the point where we can’t sleep.

It seems like they’re really dating.”

Then the wife herself stated, “Although at first I worried that it might be awkward, Jung Yong Hwa proved otherwise. He has a very nice personality and is very considerate, he adjusts to you.

Seems like Jung Yong Hwa might have earned some more sweet potato points from Seohyun! This episode will be aired on the 20th!

SNSD’s Tae Yeon couldn’t handle Gee’s cute concept

It has been revealed that Taeyeon had a hard time adjusting to the cute image that came with their hit song Gee.

On KBS Win Win, Taeyeon revealed, “It was hard for me to digest the cute concept as a 19-year-old when promoting Gee, because I thought it didn’t match me. I had thoughts of needing to show fans a different side of me, rather than the cute concept we always had. However, I saw the other members trying hard, and came to reflect on my immature thoughts.

To this, fellow member Yuri responded, “Being asked to sing in a voice that sounds like a rolling marble across when I have a husky voice was stressful.”

It’s good that Taeyeon decided to change her mind because Gee became a turning point in SNSD’s music career and has allowed them to reach where they are today. Isn’t ironic that Taeyeon, arguably the most adorable member of SNSD, couldn’t handle the cute and innocent concept of Gee?

For this episode, which will air on the 20th, Taeyeon stepped down as the MC and participated in the show with her fellow SNSD members.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

SNSD’s Tae Yeon to leave Chin Chin radio show

It was revealed on the 19th that SNSD’s Taeyeon will be leaving her radio DJ job of MBC FM4U Chin Chin.

According to a MBC radio official, Taeyeon’s official duties will end on the 27th and she will be working her last show on April 25th, this Sunday.

Taeyeon had been hosting the show since April 2008, and had Kangin as her co-host until he left almost exactly a year ago. Taeyeon then hosted the show on her own since but she will now be leaving the show as well a year later.

SM Entertainment expressed, “Taeyeon will be taking some time off after her radio stint and prepare herself for her musical and international activities with SNSD.”

Fans were often worried about Taeyeon and her health, particularly as she seems to be taking so many jobs simultaneously. But with her leaving Chin Chin soon, she will probably have a less hectic (?) schedule like before.

But fans would probably be missing hearing Taeyeon’s voice for two hours every night from next week onwards and uploading pictures like this.

Dream Concert 2010 performing artist line-up finalized

We reported earlier about the tentative lineup for the upcoming Dream Concert 2010 and the finalized list has been announced recently.

Dream Concert is undoubtedly an event of epic proportions for kpop fans – with nearly twenty of Korea’s hottest artists performing on one stage in front of an audience that’s 40,000 members strong. For 2010, Dream Concert has been scheduled to take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium next month on May 22nd, and will be taped for future broadcast by SBS.

20 performing artists have been confirmed on GMarket’s website and they are

Super Junior
Wonder Girls
Lee Hyori
After School

SNSD’s Soo Young wanted to be friends with Yoona

On the 17th, Y-STAR released another episode of Right Now Girls’ Generation. The girls talked about their online rankings made by their fans on this episode. In the rankings, the girls were ordered according to different categories such as popularity, singing ability, height, etc.

Sooyoung took first place for having the strongest aura/force.

The members commented, “Sooyoung has the strongest aura/force but we’re the strongest all together.”

Why did she win first place for this category? Because Sooyoung’s birthday is early. What? Yes, I was confused too. But it’s because she was born in February of 1990, she is considered the same age as the 1989-ers of the group and gets treated like an unnie by Yoona, who is only three months younger.

The weird thing is, there is an 11-month difference between her and Taeyeon, yet they’re considered the same age whereas her and Yoona aren’t. This is why the fans picked her as the one with the strongest aura/force. They thought because of her force, Yoona treated her to be older.

Sooyoung said, “When I first came into the company, I was in the same grade as the 89-ers. Three years later, Yoona came into the company. Since she was a hubae in terms of being a trainee and a student so she treated me like an unnie.”

She continued, “Then I went to Japan to promote as an artist. When I came back, I was in the same grade as Yoona so I told her to treat me as the same age. She said that it was okay and continued to call me unnie.”

She then said, “I never wanted to be an unnie to Yoona. I wanted to be her friend.”

Fans post a celebratory ad for SNSD Jessica’s birthday

n honor of SNSD blondie Jessica’s birth, fans gathered to post a celebratory newspaper ad on the 16th, two days before the actual birthdate. They decided that publishing the ad on a weekend will not allow students and businessmen, who would normally read the papers during the weekdays, to see it; hence, the early release.

The first time we met you was nerve-wrecking..
Your silky white skin and shining smile were angelic.

We hope that you will be able to achieve happiness, being jealous of nobody else.

April 18th…
We congratulate the birthday of the lovely Jessica, who always shines beautifully in our heart.

SNSD’s Naver Fan Cafe, Sisters.

Meanwhile, the birthday girl herself celebrated her birthday at the SM Entertainment building with her fans. All the members attended the party.

At the moment, all nine girls are in Shanghai, getting geared up for their next concert.

ZE:A gets close to SNSD’s Tae Yeon on Chin Chin

SNSD’s Taeyeon and the boys of ZE:A met each other recently on the radio show, ChinChin Radio.

On the 17th, the radio show’s bulletin board uploaded pictures of ZE:A posing with Taeyeon. Everyone seems very friendly towards one another. It almost looks like they’ve been friends forever under the same entertainment company or something.

Adorable Taeyeon and the rookie boys are making the peace sign and posing with bright smiles. I must say, Taeyeon looks beautiful with her new hairstyle.

The caption read, “Solo shots (of the members) with Taeng DJ. Don’t say that they look like friends. The friendliness is just a concept.”

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Happy Birthday to Jessica Jung...
18th April 1989...
22 years old...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Idol group leaders meet on Chin Chin

It was like a G8 leader summit on the April 14th episode of Taeyeon’s Chin Chin except that it was on the idol level instead of political figures.

F.Cuz’s Jinon, SHINee’s Onew and Secret’s Hyosung, all leaders of their own groups were guests this past Wednesday night. And together with SNSD’s Taeyeon, it was like a meeting of idol group leaders. But there was a party pooper in Sunny who was the other guest.

But there was something else in common, which was they all belonged to the 89 line which was pretty unusual in one location.

Tae Yeon is rehearsing for her musical

SNSD’s Taeyeon is rehearsing away for her upcoming musical The Sun’s Song. She is working with SaeJog Culture Hall’s Seoul musical crew.

The cast is practicing every move with extra effort. Taeyeon has a radio show, hosts on Win Win and is promoting with SNSD for Run Devil Run so I don’t understand how she’s handling all of this work. She said, “I have passion and I’m healthy so I’m energetic. But this is really hard mentally.”

She recently finished her first rehearsal. She continued, “This is the first time so everything is new. Musical dances are so different. There are so many actors so you have to catch up fast. It’s hard to talk as you sing.”

Because her character is a singer/songwriter, she is also learning how to play the guitar. It’s a bit difficult for her but she’s taking risks.

Taeyeon commented, “Two to three years ago, I saw Chicago. Choi Jung Won subae’s force was no joke. I dreamed of being a musical actress after having seen her. Same goes for Ock Ju Hyun and Bada sunbaes. They are my role models. When I see them perform, I feel so touched.”

She complimented the other actors, making clear that she wants to live as her character for the time being and wants everyone to come out and see the musical. I wish I could. Too bad I won’t be in Korea from May 7th to the 29th.

Nintendo DSi releases more CF’s featuring SNSD

Around two weeks ago the ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation were featured in a set of CF’s (commercials) for the Nintendo DSi. Now a new set of commercials have been released.

Nintendo’s Korean representative said, “I hope people look at SNSD and see that this is a game set that is enjoyable for all ages groups for boys and girls.”

Check out the girls playing with the Nintendo DSi below.

SNSD Yuri’s ‘realistic’ behind

Pictures of SNSD’s Yuri posing with her back towards the camera has resurfaced on a website recently, and they are garnering attention for Yuri’s realistic behind!

Netizens are saying, “Her back is realistic” “Yuri was human too” and other witty comments.

After seeing the members of SNSD always posing in magazines or performing on stage looking unrealistically gorgeous, it’s nice to see these pictures of Yuri and her behind looking, well, real!

SNSD are ambassadors for Incheon Airport Customs

Never a day goes by without seeing the girls in the news these days, which just shows how popular they are.

Ahead of their upcoming departure tomorrow for their Shanghai concert this Saturday, the girls minus Jessica and Taeyeon caused a stir this afternoon when they appeared at Incheon Airport.

The reason being that they had been appointed as ambassadors for the Incheon Airport Customs and they were being appointed today in a simple ceremony where Sooyoung received the certficate from the appointed representative.

Besides the ceremony, the girls also went through the various operations that the customs officials go through daily to maintain a safe and smooth airport experience for everyone. These include using the x-ray scanner, sniffer dogs, etc.

SNSD expressed, “We understand the importance of these custom officials who dilligently ensure a safe experience for everyone using the aiport. We will do our best to participate in their campaign policies as ambassadors.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SNSD’s Seohyun become ambassadors for…?

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun were present this morning on the 14th at the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education where they were appointed as ambassadors for a new health campaign.

The new health campaign is called Seoul Students 7560+ Exercise and seeks to promote health and fitness among students in Korea. They advocate that exercise should be done for at least 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

A campaign representative expressed, “Seohyun have a good image among the young generation and are good representatives in music. We hope that they can help to raise awareness of this campaign and help students realize that regular exercising is the start of a happy life.”