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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SNSD’s back with another Samyang Ramyun CF

Back in September the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation participated in a set of commercials for Samyang Ramyun. There was a bit of controversy because the commercial music sounded like the music from the popular 1980’s game Bubble Bobble. It was later revealed that the commercial makers secured rights to use the music, so that controversy disappeared but the commercials didn’t.

In November, Samyang Ramyun released a very cute winter version commercial. Many months have passed since then and the girls are back again with another commercial for the ramyun company. In the commercial, the girls are enjoying themselves in the countryside and set up a picnic eating Samyang Ramyun, check it out below.

SNSD & Super Junior for SPAO CF

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SNSD wins Song of the Year at 7th Korean Music Awards

The 7th Korean Music Awards took place on March 30th where nominees were nominated in 25 different categories, with the criteria solely based on music alone.

The awards ceremony is mainly geared towards indie musicians as seen in the many unfamiliar names being nominated in the different categories unless you are a fan of the indie scene in Korea.

There were however still some familar names from the world of pop where SNSD and the Brown Eyed Girls both came away with two awards each.

The Brown Eyed Girls dominated the Dance and Electronic categories with Abracadabra and Sound-G winning for Best Song and Album.

SNSD meanwhile were one of the big winners on the night as they snagged the Song of the Year award for GEE while also picking up the Group Musician of the Year voted by Netizens award.

We congratulate all the winners!

Album of the Year
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Song of the Year

Musician of the Year
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Rookie of the Year
Gukkasten and Apollo18

Best Pop (Album)
Lee Sora – 7th Album

Best Pop (Song)
Lee Sora – Track 8

Best Dance & Electronic (Album)
Brown Eyed Girls – Sound-G

Best Dance & Electronic (Song)
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Best R&B & Soul (Album)
Ra.D – Realcollabo

Best R&B & Soul (Song)
Jung Yup – You Are My Lady

Best Modern Rock (Album)
The Black Skirts – 201

Best Modern Rock (Song)
Broccoli, You Too? – A Universal Song

Best Rock (Album)
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Best Rock (Song)
Gukkasten – Mirror

Best Rap & Hip Hop (Album)
Drunken Tiger – Feel Ghood Muzik: The 8th Wonder

Best Rap & Hip Hop (Song)
Overclass – San E – Rap Genius

Best Jazz & Crossover (Album)
Park Joo Won – Time of Gypsy

Best Jazz & Crossover (Song)
Youngjoo Song Trio – Love Never Fails

Best Jazz & Crossover (Performance)
Check Kim/Jaeil Jung – The Methodologies

Best Film and TV Music (Album)

Committee Choice
Shim Sung Rak

Achievement Award
Cho Dong Jin

Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote

Female Musician of the Year Netizen Vote
Baek Ji Young

Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote
Jung Yup

SNSD for ELLE Girl

Two weeks ago, girl group SNSD made their long awaited comeback with their “dark trend” track Run Devil Run. Also, if you have an iPhone, you can see an early release of their new story music video.

Now that they’re back, it’s time for the endorsements and modeling gigs to start rolling in again. Previously we reported that the girls had modeled for the Nintendo DSi. Now the girls pose for ELLE Girl!

The girls will be appearing on the April issue of ELLE Girl and below you’ll be able to see four of the nine SNSD members posing in various types of clothing. We have Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Hyoyeon in the array of photos and many may notice that they look quite different.

Perhaps it’s the hair or the makeup but netizens were especially taken aback by Hyoyeon and Tiffany’s appearance. Admittedly, I did have to do a double take when I saw them. Take a look at the photos below and see for yourself!

SNSD releases story version of Run Devil Run MV on iPhone

Remember we reported earlier about the story version for SNSD’s new song, Run Devil Run?

Many of you were kind of disappointed that the Run Devil Run MV did not offer a continuation of the storyline that was teased at the end of the Oh! music video.

Well, SM Entertainment has finally acted and for those who have bought the SNSD iPhone application, you will be able to be one of the first to see this story version MV exclusively before anyone else. The story version MV and many other exclusive stuff not available elsewhere were uploaded on the 30th onto the paid application.

Check out this Tiffany and Jessica exclusive interview.

But for those without iPhones, don’t fret as the MV will be uploaded onto various portal sites tomorrow afternoon on the 31st.

SNSD commercials for Nintendo DSi

We reported earlier that the girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation would participate in a new advertising campaign for the Nintendo DSi. Well, you didn’t have to wait long as the commercials have been released.

The girls were seen playing around with the game system on set and you can see that reflected in the commercials. Nintendo’s Korean representative said, “I hope people look at SNSD and see that this is a game set that is enjoyable for all ages groups for boys and girls.”

Yoona and Choi Siwon for TV&Style

Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Yoona and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon have released new pictures for TV&Style.

The two have been doing a lot of work together recently after being paired up as a SPAO couple. Yoona is looking great here in her white vintage styled dresses and Choi Siwon is quite dapper in his white jackets and olive colored suit. Hope to see more of them together in the future.

Picture and a behind the scenes video below:

Monday, March 29, 2010

SNSD bemused by ordering of members by netizens

Netizens recently uploaded a sequence ordering of the SNSD members according to different categories such as popularity, singing abilities, television time, looks and more.

Each member won first place of a different category and the rankings revealed a lot about the members, or so they thought.

In a TV show called Story Show Music, they met with SNSD at the site of their music video and their first comeback stage with Run Devil Run.

SNSD commented on the ordering,

“We smiled while looking at it. The height arrangement and the order of when we joined the group are the only things that were correct. In reality, Tiffany has most leadership. Then it’s Seohyun followed by her is Hyoyeon.”

In the order the fans made, the fans put Taeyeon first for leadership. I guess the fans don’t know everything about the girls.

SNSD endorses Nintendo DSi

It was announced on the 29th that SNSD will be fronting the new advertising campaign for the Nintendo DSi.

The girls of SNSD showed off their great commercial skills while filming for the newest ad for the DSi.

They even played around with the new game set which even has a camera that goofs up your face. The camera even has a feature called “look-a-like camera” which announced that Yuri and Seohyun are basically twins.

Taeyeon, Yuri and Seohyun also recorded their voice, replayed it and altered it around which made them enjoy themselves with their new gadget.

Nintendo’s Korean representative said, “I hope people look at SNSD and see that this is a game set that is enjoyable for all ages groups for boys and girls.”

Their commercial will begin airing from the 30th.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seo Hyun throws the opening pitch for Doosan Bears

Black Soshi doesn’t just dominate the stage, they also dominate the pro baseball mound!

Changing gears from Oh! to Run Devil Run, the girls of SNSD started off the baseball season right by attending the opening game with the Doosan Bears vs Kia Tigers on the 28th.

The charming, innocent, and now enormously popular Seohyun had the honor of throwing the first pitch. Batting against Seohyun’s pitch was Yoona.

Of course, what would a baseball game be without a singing of the national anthem? And who better to sing it than SNSD’s lead vocalist and kid leader Taeyeon? Well, that’s exactly what she did, belting out Aegukga like the professional she is.

To cap it all off, SNSD also gave a performance of Oh!.

SNSD will make the opening pitch for Doosan Bears

Even though SNSD’s Yuri won the idol pitcher poll, fellow member Seohyun will be pitching for the Doosan Bears vs KIA Tigers second baseball match on the 28th.

However, Seohyun is not the only SNSD member that will be making an appearance for this game. While Seohyun pitches, YoonA will be the first batter, and leader Taeyeon will sing the national anthem.

Then, the three will be reunited with the other six members for a special performance.

On another note, SNSD is currently promoting their song, Run Devil Run, and is capturing the hearts of many men with their ‘Black Soshi’ concept.

Friday, March 26, 2010

SNSD’s Run Devil Run on Music Bank!

The 9 beautiful girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation are back again with their repackaged album title track Run Devil Run!

Although the girls seem to be having a few difficulties off the stage (forgetting makeup, fatigue, falling wigs, or even just plain boredom), they still rock out their sexy Black Soshi concept on the stage and the fans love it!

Hopefully we’ll be able to see some of those other new songs from the repackage album on stage as well!

Check out the performance below:

SM Entertainment releases paid version of SNSD iPhone application

Remember the news about SM Entertainment releasing an iPhone application at the same time where SNSD returned with their repackaged album for Run Devil Run?

The application was free and allowed iPhone users to view HQ concept photos of the girls plus the teaser MV for Run Devil Run. There was a menu item for the full MV which was grayed out and unavaliable, raising hopes that a future update might solve that. Well, you can cast that hope away now.

The application was updated in the iTunes appstore on March 26th and it looks like SM Entertainment has decided to make some money off it. If you check out the application here (requires iTunes) or search for “Girls Generation” or “SNSD” with the AppStore application in your iPhone, you will see that there is a lite and paid version.

The paid version (166mb) costs a whopping 7.99 USD and they promise you full tracks, HD music videos (including old ones) and HQ concept photos (including old ones). The free version (60mb) only comes with the music video, 30s tracks and limited images. And this will be made available simultaneously in 79 countries worldwide.

Jailbreaked iPhones won’t work as it requires 3.1.3 firmware.

This is SM Entertainment’s first step into tapping the iPhone market and there are plans to do likewise for Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) and other artists in future.

Choi Siwon and Yoona look good together

Earlier in the month Super Junior’s Choi Siwon got together with SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Yoona to become the SPAO couple. Recently a lucky fan was granted access to a photo shoot where the two came together once again. No word on what specifically this is for but it’s probably not for SPAO as the clothes look different from their style. Regardless for whatever it’s for, they look great together.

KARA is jealous of SNSD’s Yoona?

Of her no-makeup face that is.

Girl group KARA picked SNSD’s Yoona as the girl with the prettiest no-makeup face.

On tvN’s Taxi, KARA ranked girl groups with Lee Young Ja and Gong Hyun Jin. Nicole said, “Yoona has the best no-makeup face.” Jiyoung added, “She usually doesn’t wear makeup but still looks gorgeous.”

Then they picked a girl group member they would want to date if they were boys. Gyuri picked f(x)’s Sulli. Gyuri reasoned, “You can just stare at her and she’s lovable.”

Then they went on to talk about some boy drama. They admitted that they’ve been hit on by guys through phone calls. Gyuri said that if she had a boyfriend, she’d want to go to the beach with him. The rest of the members also revealed their perfect dates.

The episode airs on the 25th.

SNSD’s Tiffany forgot her makeup?

One detail that recently caught the eyes of SNSD fans when the group made a comeback as Black Soshi with Run Devil Run was the aesthetic transition to a smokey look. Before, they either wore natural color or bright makeup looks, but this time around, the eyeliner around the eyes definitely brought on their sex appeal.

However, SNSD’s Tiffany was left alone with no-makeup while all of the other members were rocking the eyeliner look. On Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night radio show, SNSD came on to promote their newest song. All the members came in their Run Devil Run makeup and hair, except Tiffany.

After seeing Tiffany’s no-makeup face people commented, “Her no-makeup face is shining,” “She’s so pretty still,” “Why is she the only one without makeup? Did something happen?” and “Her no-makeup face wins.”

She does look just as gorgeous as the other girls, right?

SNSD’s Tae Yeon is bored

SNSD’s Taeyeon sure knows how to make the headlines by just being herself. Pictures of Taeyeon are taken on her radio show, Chin Chin and the next thing you know, it’s turned into a story. It makes sense because her pictures are so cute, who wouldn’t want to look at them?

In a recent recording of the radio show, she was seen getting a bit bored. She surfed the web a little, dazed off a little, whistled a little and even yawned a little lot.

You can’t blame her because she probably gets 2-3 hours of sleep a day. Nonetheless, she looks so adorable so why would anyone get mad at her for being bored at work?

Netizens commented, “She looks like a jobless man at an internet cafe,” “She’s even pretty when she yawns,” and “I want to go entertain her.”

Yoona laughs her wig off

On March 19th, SNSD visited Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Night Radio. As seen through footages, the girls seemed to have had a lot of fun during their visit. In fact, even the netizens enjoyed watching SNSD!

Don’t get me wrong, the girls of SNSD are always fun to watch. But recently, netizens have found a specific scene from SNSD’s visit to Starry Night Radio that they enjoyed watching.

There was a footage of Taeyeon and YoonA engaging in a discussion. Suddenly, YoonA burst out laughing, lifting her head backwards. At the same time, the wig of her bangs also flipped back, erupting the two girls into even more laughter.

The netizens and fans who have seen this enjoyed it as well, as they commented things, “It’s cute and “YoonA is the only one who is beautiful even when her wigs are flipped.

Check out the cut below.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tae Yeon leaves Win Win recording due to sickness

On the beginning of March 23rd’s episode of KBS 2TV Win Win, MC Kim Seung Woo and 2PM’s Wooyoung revealed, “Taeyeon came to the recording set, but because she was sick with cold and fatigue, she had to leave.

After the two revealed about SNSD Taeyeon’s absence, the show revealed a footage of Taeyeon leaving the set looking really sick.

As seen in the footage, she was even seen crying.

Hopefully, Taeyeon is fully recovered as soon as possible!

Jessica to become Elle Woods again in Daegu

The musical, Legally Blonde, held its final curtain call around a week ago, but it seems like its not over yet!

The musicals held in Seoul may have ended, but they will now go on stage in another big city, Daegu.

The musical will be held from May 1st to 9th.

However, SNSD’s Jessica will not be performing for all of these dates. She will only participate for the four shows held on May 2nd and 4th.

The shows where Jessica is performing is expected to sell out quickly once it goes on sale on March 24th.

Jessica wishes for a special kiss

On SBSStrong Heart, Jessica had stated, “There’s a special kiss that I want to really want to try sometime.

So what kiss is SNSD’s Jessica wishing for?

As a member of an idol girl group, there are times when you have to act coy, but to be honest, I’m more on the truthful side,” she stated, “I daydream about the ’scarf kiss.’

In response to this, MC Lee Seung Gi confessed, “I want to try the ’scarf kiss’ with Jessica in a different way.” As soon as his confession was stated, the two reportedly got to re-enact the kiss scene of course.

Monday, March 22, 2010

SNSD releases a new song, Echo + R&B version of Star Star Star!

SNSD’s repackaged album Run Devil Run is already under promotions with a title track of the same name, but people seem to have forgotten that there are a total of three new tracks on the repackage album!

One of the two songs that were still unreleased is now out and available. It’s called Echo and sounds great! It’s not exactly a “sexy” song but it isn’t exactly the cutesy SNSD that we’re all used to either.

Give it a listen below:

Furthermore, the acoustic, R&B version of Star Star Star has been released as well:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SNSD makes comeback performance on Inkigayo!

The girls of SNSD finally made their return to the k-pop scene as they entered the “dark” trend with their latest and hottest music video. After a powerful comeback debut stage and a smoking hot performance last night, the girls wrap up a successful comeback weekend on SBS Inkigayo with their killer track Run Devil Run!

With their new “i-won’t-take-no-lip-from-nobody” attitude and matching bad girl outfits, SNSD goes from cheering oppas on to making them run for their lives. Watch as the girls run and run onto the stage with their last comeback performance for the weekend.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yong Hwa gets personalized messages from SNSD

The SNSD members have sent some messages to Seohyun’s TV husband Jung Yonghwa

with regards to their sister’s make-believe marriage with him.

On the latest episode of We Got Married shown on March 20th, Jung Yonghwa had received an autographed copy of SNSD’s latest album, Oh! with personalized messages inside from the SNSD members.

Yoona: “Our Seohyun has never been with a man until now. It feels like I’m giving my little sister away.

Tiffany: “Seohyun is very fussy so you have to work extra hard to make her happy. Also, if you make her cry we will hate you.

Jessica: “I hope you will be better than the sweet potatoes Seohyun likes so much.

Hyoyeon: “I feel like my little sister is getting married. I think that if she washes her hands, that 2000 won couple ring you bought her will become rusty.

Seohyun reassured Yonghwa in her own message to him by telling him that even though it might be awkward between them now, she really appreciated his efforts for making her feel comfortable and that they were making important memories.

Yonghwa responded in kind, “I have never had any direct business with SNSD but whenever we see each other at a music program, they always smile at me. I think when I look in their faces, they are saying (indirectly) ‘Are you taking good care of our Seohyun?’ So I will always do my best.

Yonghwa and Seohyun have fun in the studio

During MBC’s We Got Married, the Jung Yonghwa - Seohyun couple attracted attention with their amazing harmony.

Jung Yonghwa asked Seohyun to play the piano while they were relaxing at Yonghwa’s studio. Seohyun is known for her piano playing skills, but she usually plays classical Beethoven-esque pieces.

Instead, Jung Yonghwa gave her sheet music to his favorite song ever, Falling Slowly from the Once OST. While he played guitar and sang, Seohyun played along on the piano and harmonized her voice with his.

After a truly beautiful performance, the couple went out to buy Seohyun a guitar. They went to multiple stores and surprisingly two of them offered Seohyun hot pink guitars. The couple had fun experimenting with the instruments that they played in elementary school; Yonghwa with his ear splitting Clarinet and Seohyun with her awkward violin. They eventually decided on buying a mini guitar as the store owner laid down a smooth line saying, “This is the first time a customer has been prettier than the guitar.

What age groups are SNSD members in charge of?

SNSD is once again on fire due to the extreme attention that they are getting from their new song, Run Devil Run. They have many fans all over the nation and there isn’t one person who hasn’t heard of them. Their fan’s are mixed into various age groups, and apparently, each member is in charge of one specific group.

On the soon-to-be aired episode of KBS Star Golden Bell, members Sooyoung, Jessica, Yuri, and Hyoyeon were guests. The members were asked, “You must have different fans from every age; What is the age group that the majority of fans are in for each member?”

Sooyoung answered, “I am in charge of the uncle fans.” She then explained, “In fansigning’s, the fans say things such as “I like Yuri!”, “Jessica noona! My brother likes you!”, “Hyoyeon noona, our sister really likes you.”, and “Sooyoung noona, our dad loves you!”

Hyoyeon then explained her gratitude for having many female fans.

The full jist on this will be revealed on the 2oth, so stay tuned!

SNSD makes comeback performance on Music Core!

After much teasing, SNSD released their latest hot music video as they finally joined in on the “dark” trend. Now the girls make their long anticipated comeback on Music Core with their sexy new title track Run Devil Run!

The girls throw their pom poms out the window and put on sexy tough outfits as they go from loving oppas to telling them to run for the hills. Watch below as they run and run onto stage with their sexy new comeback.

Which SNSD member gives Lee Joon the goosebumps?

During a recent filming of KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell,’ MBLAQ’s Lee Joon engaged in an open discussion about SNSD / Girls’ Generation and how his fellow group members feel about the power of nine.

MC Jeon Hyun Moo asked Lee Joon, “Which SNSD member does MBLAQ talk about the most?”

The hottie with a body replied, “When we watch ‘Invincible Youth,’ all the members agree that Yuri is very pretty. Also, when we do radio broadcasts with Sooyoung, she is always fun and talkative. We are touched by how well she treats us.”

However, Lee Joon seemed to have a crush on one SNSD member in particular.

He said, “Hyoyeon dances really well. Whenever I see her, I get goosebumps.

Apparently, Lee Joon isn’t the only one feeling this way. Since the release of SNSD’s Run Devil Run MV, Hyoyeon has charmed viewers with her powerful dancing and sexy aura, instantly converting fans left and right in her favor. Always the underrated member, Hyoyeon seems to finally be receiving the attention she deserves.

Whether you are a fan of hers or not, orange you just glad he didn’t say Yoona?

The episode will air on the 20th, but in the meantime.

Black Soshi returns with Run Devil Run on Music Bank!

The time has come for SNSD / Girls’ Generation to cast off their oppa-loving cheerleader look and put on the makeup and sexy for their Black Soshi concept on Music Bank!

With the release of Run Devil Run this week, there were high hopes for this debut stage and the girls sure delivered.

I know you guys can hardly wait, so without further ado, check out the interview and performance below:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Black Soshi SNSD is going white for their comeback stage

In contrary to many expectations, it seems like the Black Soshi won’t be so black after all! A picture taken on the set as a sneak peek before the actual broadcast has been tweeted by the producer of Music Bank a few minutes ago, showing the nine girls dressed in silky white uniforms.

Make sure to tune into allkpop tonight to catch SNSD’s first comeback stage for Run Devil Run and other thrilling stages!

SNSD gets another all-kill on music charts

As expected, SNSD’s new song, Run Devil Run, has reached the number 1 spot on all music charts!

Right after it’s release on the 17th, the song claimed the number 1 spot on sites Dosirak, Bugs, Soribada, and more. The group is reliving their glory, as their previous song Oh! which dominated the charts immediately after it’s release and is still faring pretty well today.

What an achievement for this group; their first comeback song was very successful, but to think that they would get another all-kill in such a short amount of time!

They’ve got a performance on Music Bank later today, so stay tuned on mggl!

SNSD’s new tracklist & jacket photo figure revealed!

Today, SM Entertainment officially revealed SNSD’s jacket photo of their second repackage album, Run Devil Run.

As seen below, the jacket photo reveals a female wearing tight black clothes expressing a charismatic pose. Many of you have probably been wondering who this mysterious figure is. According to a representative of SME, the female in the jacket photo is, as some of you might have guessed, YoonA! Rather than exhibiting her usual cute and fresh image, she is seen with a completely different concept.

Along with Run Devil Run, it’s been announced that two news songs will be added into their repackage album. The first one is titled Echo, and it will have fresh melodies and rhymes. The second track really isn’t new because it is an acoustic R&B version of their track Star Star Star.

Fans who purchase their repackage album will receive special gifts as the album will include each of the members’ posters.

Stay tuned to their repackage album which is scheduled to be released on the 22nd, and also SNSD’s story version MV of Run Devil Run. And don’t forget to catch their live performance on this week’s music programs, starting with KBS Music Bank!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun unable to avoid fans during cinema date

In an upcoming episode, Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun will be going for a cinema date for We Got Married.

The popular YongSeo couple had gone to watch the popular 3D movie, Avatar as a mission after the production team got to know through their interviews that they wanted to see the movie very much.

Because of their busy schedules, both Yonghwa and Seohyun had no time to go to the cinemas so they were very happy to be given this mission.

But their happy date became a rather troublesome one as they were spotted by eagle-eyed fans. Despite picking a pretty late timeslot to avoid crowds, fans still spotted them and uploaded pictures/videos of their date onto the internet.

PD Kang expressed, “Fans would swarm around them as soon as they appear in public. Because of their status as top idol stars, fans would naturally show more concern for them. Be it at the bookstore, Insa-dong or amusement park, fan-taken pictures of their dates would surface almost immediately on the internet.”

But PD Kang also praised the newest couple on the show, “It’s a beautiful sight just seeing them together. Seohyun is someone who would always make you smile regardless of what she says. Yonghwa would then go along with her by trying his best to accomodate her and lead her during their dates.”

SNSD vs Kara : Who’s got the better run dance?

SNSD’s gotten everyone talking with their new Run Devil Run music video release, but it’s not just the dramatic concept switch that’s grabbing the attention of many – kpop fans have also noticed that SNSD’s ‘catch me if you can’ dance is evolving into their new hit track’s trademark move, very much like fellow gal group Kara with their emergency exit dance for Lupin.

Of course, both moves are unique in their own rights in the same way both groups have dark concepts with distinct differences – Kara’s move is obviously extremely similar to the iconic emergency exit symbol we see everywhere, whereas SNSD’s move seems like something you might see in a Bollywood dance.

SNSD's Run Devil Run MV out!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiffany and Yoona : best saved for last?

Concept photos of SNSD’s “Black Soshi” concept have been revealed throughout the past week. First came Yuri, then Taeyeon and Seohyun, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, Jessica and Sunny, then lastly Yoona and Tiffany. The pictures were just a way to tease us for the new song Run Devil Run.

The order of the picture release initally seemed meaningless to me, but it turns out there was a reason why Yoona and Tiffany’s photos were released last.

SNSD’s visual director team stated that Yoona had the most drastic change for Black Soshi. She was the one to take the big step and do something completely new to her hair, and get thick front bangs. She’s never had bangs since she’s debuted so this is very new.

I’m not really loving the bangs on Yoona but I’m sure many fans do, since it makes her face look even smaller than it already is.

The team continued to talk about Tiffany’s hair. They said that in Oh!, Tiffany’s hair had an innocent and fresh feel to it, but this style is more mature. Funny how the same cut can work both ways in terms of concepts.

SNSD’s MV is set to come out tomorrow, and their comeback performance will be held this week on Music Bank!

SNSD claims #1 on real time charts in Monkey3!

We just reported about 2AM grabbing #1 on the real time charts in Monkey3 with their latest track I Did Wrong. But now, SNSD has beaten 2AM with their track Run Devil Run which was just released just recently!

Monkey3 stated:

SNSD was able to claim #1 because most of the people have been anticipating their change. Run Devil Run shows a 180 degree transformation of SNSD, and fans have been satisfied with it. It looks like SNSD and 2AM will have quite a battle going on for a while.

After Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die and Oh!, it’s now round two of the SNSD-2AM battle. It looks like this one’s going to be tense. We’ll have to see who’ll win this one!

Will SNSD’s ‘catch me if you can’ dance be a hit?

By now, we should all know that every hit track comes with a hit dance move, as proven by Brown Eyed Girlssaucy hip dance in Abracadabra and Kara’s butt dance in Mister (and now their emergency exit dance for Lupin. But we also can’t forget about SNSD, which had infectious choreography moves for Gee and Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).

Well on the 15th, SNSD released their teaser video for their upcoming ‘Black Soshi concept‘ track titled Run Devil Run for their repackage album. Although it was only 23 seconds long, netizens have found specific parts of the choreography from the clip which they anticipate to be the next hit dance move.

Netizens have already given the move a nickname, calling it the ‘catch me if you can‘ dance, because the members’ running motion seduces you to go and catch them.

Aren’t you guys excited for their live comeback? Stay tuned to this week’s Music Bank for their performance!

SNSD’s Run Devil Run track released!

The SNSD girls have been teasing us since January with their “Black Soshi” concept, and the official track has been released – it’s officially called Run Devil Run, and we already know it’s got hit single status!

With tracks like T-ara’s I Go Crazy Because of You and Kara’s Lupin, the femme fatale concept is definitely taking over kpop, but with its infectious chorus and SNSD’s especially dramatic image change, Run Devil Run will undoubtedly S♥NE’s off their feet and probably lure in some new fans in process. There’s also a lack of autotune, something you don’t see very often amongst kpop dance tracks these days.

It’s said that this track was composed by Busbee (Boom Boom Bang), Alex James of Blur, Kalle Engstrom (contributed on Lindsay Lohan’s Speak album) and more.

Furthermore, popular American artist Ke$ha (you know, the one that brushes her teeth with jack) recorded a guide track (thereby unofficial) version, which was leaked onto Youtube in 2008. However, SNSD’s track is the official version of this production.

So the music video won’t be out for a bit of time, but I’m sure this will more than satiate y’all for now; feast your ears on Run Devil Run

SNSD to debut their new black concept on which show?

This is definitely an exciting week for S♥NES as SNSD / Girls’ Generation will be releasing their new music video for their upcoming single Run (or possibly Devil) in a few hours! But that’s not all! KBS Music Bank has just announced that SNSD will be debuting their new black concept on stage this week via Twitter.

Music Bank tweeted,

“Yes, Girls’ Generation will be stage debuting their new Black Concept!…This week on KBS Music Bank: Daeguk Nam-ah, Outsider, Tiara, Supreme Team, Girls’ Generation, Brian, BEAST, KARA, and many more!”

Are you guys excited for this week’s Music Bank? I know I am! And don’t forget about Brian Joo’s duet with American R&B artist Jason Derulo on Music Bank as well!

Stay tuned as we bring you SNSD’s new music video and highlights from Music Bank this week!