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Sunday, November 28, 2010

SNSD’s Seo Hyun discusses her first drinking experience

The innocent maknae of SNSD, Seo Hyun, recently divulged about her first drinking experience with the other members since she turned of age.

During a recording of KBS 2TV’s night variety show, ‘Nocturnal Habits’, SNSD began the story by explaining that at the time, they were at their dorms in Japan when the group celebrated Hyo Yeon’s birthday party. When the members were playing drinking games, Seohyun had to drink alcohol as punishment for losing.

However Seo Hyun refused to drink, and the members purposely sounded annoyed and asked her why she even joined in on the game if she wasn’t going to drink. It was when Seo Hyun suddenly stood up and stormed off into her room by herself that the members began to worry whether their joke “went too far.”

At that moment, Seohyun suddenly burst out of her room crying, downed the whole glass in one shot, and went back into her room. Soo Young imitated what Seo Hyun did on set, which made the whole cast burst into laughter.

The full episode, scheduled to broadcast on November 28th, will continue explaining the reason why Seo Hyun did not want to drink.

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