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Monday, August 30, 2010

TRAX reveals ‘Oh My Goddess’ teaser starring Seo Hyun

TRAX has revealed the teaser for their upcoming track, Oh My Goddess, which features SNSD’s Seo Hyun.

They’re not an idol group, but they’ve been gaining just as much attention due to Seo Hyun’s feature.

TRAX performed the song at SM Town Live, and the song has been well-received by fans.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Seo Hyun in a wedding dress? The teaser feels like a CF!

SNSD’s Tae Yeon and Seo Hyun attend ‘Superbad’ press conference

SNSD’s Tae Yeon and Seo Hyun shared their thoughts on their first experience with dubbing a movie.

Both Taeyeon and Seohyun were present at the Superbad press conference held at the CGV in Seoul on August 30th. There the two members shared their feelings regarding dubbing for the Korean release of Despicable Me (Superbad) next month.

Seo Hyun said, “Initially, I was very worried because the character (Edith) was much younger than me, and at first it was awkward and I didn’t know what to do…However, after getting immersed in the movie, I gradually got confidence that I would be able to do well. I think I really had fun doing it.

Tae Yeon, who took on the role of Margo, added, “At first, I thought that I would do well with desire alone. But [I realized that] matching the timing [with the video] was very difficult.

On the other hand, while it may be easy to assume that Tae Yeon wore glasses at the press conference to match her character in the movie, she explained, “I didn’t wear glasses because of my character in the movie, but rather because I have an eye infection, and so I inevitably had to wear glasses.

Superbad will be released in Korea on September 16th with both 2D and 3D versions.

SNSD’s Yoona releases ‘Innisfree Day’ song

SNSD’s Yoona has been quite busy lately, not only with Japanese promotions with her fellow members, but also with her duties for cosmetic brand, Innisfree.

The idol recently released a cute and bubbly song for the brand, titled, Innisfree Day, and it shows off her singing skills and lets fans hear something new.

If you recall, Yoona also took part in a CF for the brand, specifically for the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask back in July.

Be sure to check it out below!

YongSeo couple gets intimate at the Incheon Korean Wave

Not only was the Incheon Korean Wave an eye-catching event filled with top K-pop stars, but YongSeo couple fans have something else to rave about.

Right after CNBlue performed their hit song “Love“, Seo Hyun joined her virtual husband Yong Hwa on stage, and the couple had a dual stage performing SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” and CNBlue’s “Love Light”.

Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa shared intimate gestures toward one another throughout the performance, and eventually held hands at the end.

Fancam from the performance:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Red Carpet

It’s August 29th, and if you didn’t know, top K-Pop stars will be rocking Incheon tonight for the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave.

The concert, which is being held at the Incheon World Cup Stadium, will see a list of top acts like Super Junior, SNSD, BoA, 2PM, Se7en, Taeyang, KARA, SHINee, Supernova, SG Wannabe, U-Kiss, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEAST, Son Dambi, and After School. The concert will be hosted once again by the team of Oh Sang Jin, plus Yuri and Tiffany from SNSD.

The organizers expressed, “We hope to make this a long-term annual event, with top stars coming to Incheon and encouraging local and foreign fans to join us for the party. We want to make it be known as a representative K-pop music festival in Asia.”

Check out the pictures of those who walked the red carpet.

Super Junior

SNSD/Girl's Generation





After School

SNSD’s Seo Hyun in a wedding dress for TRAX

SM Entertainment rock band TRAX (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on Xmas) is scheduled to release a new single titled 오! 나의 여신님 Oh! My Goddess on September 6th. To help promote this upcoming single, a promotional poster featuring SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Seo Hyun looking lovely in a wedding dress was recently shared by a netizen on DCInside's BBS.

I’m sure CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa would approve these photos. TRAX also performed this live last week at SM Town Live 10.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yong Hwa gets jealous seeing Seo Hyun with Jung Shin

The make-believe couple, Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun, decided to visit CNBLUE’s dorm on the August 28th’s episode of We Got Married as a little gift for the three boys in the band.

Jungshin, the bass player in CNBLUE, asked Seohyun to make a meal for the hungry members. Already prepared, Seohyun gladly accepted the favor and began to cook her signature cream spaghetti and everyone went shopping together for the ingredients. After shopping, Jungshin then volunteered to help out with her cooking.

The atmosphere between Jungshin and Seohyun began to get slightly romantic, releasing the inner jealousy inside Yonghwa. Annoyed at their “romance,” Yonghwa shouted to Seohyun, “Watch what Jungshin’s saying and tell me everything that he tells you.”

The relationship of the two is definitely going strong.

The truth behind ‘We Got Married’ casting decisions

News about the behind the scenes casting process that MBC’s We Got Married uses has recently been revealed to the public.

“Yongseo couple” was a different case. SNSD’s Seohyun didn’t have anyone in particular that she wanted as her partner. Similarly, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa didn’t have anyone in particular that he wanted as a partner either. As a result, they were “stuck” together.

Yoona promotes the use of ECO handkerchiefs

SNSD’s YoonA was recently chosen to become the model for a new Eco-handkerchief campaign.

This Eco-handkerchief campaign was part of Innisfree’s 10th anniversary celebrations, and it seeks to pass on the message of reducing the use of paper tissues, and asks people to use handkerchiefs instead to save the earth. With YoonA being the main model for Innisfree, and a widely recognized celebrity in Korea, there was no better person than her to promote this.

Through a series of promotional photos, YoonA demonstrated the use of the campaign’s handkerchiefs in 10 different scenes that would happen in daily life to everyone. For example, you can use a handkerchief after you wash your hands, wrapping a handkerchief around your drink, using it to wrap your gift, and as a fashion accessory in place of a paper-related material.

YoonA expressed, “With this little action of using handkerchiefs in place of paper, we can save the environment and cut down on the number of trees being felled. I hope that by me actively participating in this campaign, I can help to get more people to join in and save the earth.”

An Eco-handerchief exhibition will be held from 28 – 29th of August where 16 different handkerchief designs will be on display, and they have been designed by YoonA herself together along with four other designers. A handkerchief will be presented to those who visit this exhibition. There will also be a sale for these handkerchiefs in Innisfree stores, and online in limited quantities from September onwards.

CNBLUE and Seohyun form a band for Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival

The YongSeo Couple“, who are receiving a lot of love as a college student pairing in reality show We Got Married, will give fans a surprise as they create a temporary band together.

On the 29th, the two will perform together as a band for the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival. Yonghwa and Seohyun will each choose a representative song from their respective idol groups and alter the songs to create a “YongSeo Couple” feel. For this special stage event, not only Yonghwa will appear, but also the rest of CNBLUE members are practicing hard to show fans something refreshing!

This anticipated stage of Seohyun and the four CNBLUE members will be revealed at the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave taking place at Incheon’s Cultural Arts Center.

Meanwhile, this event, which includes top K-pop idol stars, including BoA, Se7en, Taeyang, 2PM, and Kara, can be viewed through Music Core on September 4th, which is next week!

SNSD’s Japanese PV for Genie released!

Earlier today the pretty ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation held a successful Premium Showcase Live at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. Last week the girls revealed a video teaser for Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and now the PV (Promotional Video) has been released!

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) is scheduled to be released in Japan on September 8th.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SNSD’s Japan debut performance is a success!

Yesterday, Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation (Shoujo Jidai in Japan) had a Premium Showcase Live at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

They performed five songs at the live, including their Japanese debut single, “GENIE”, which goes on sale next month. All nine members of SNSD danced in unison, showed off their long legs by wearing short shorts, and wore white shirts that revealed their navels.

About 7,000 fans showed up to the group’s debut show, and Sooyoung, who is the most proficient in Japanese, said, “Seeing so many people at our first Japanese live makes me really happy.”

Since this was a ticketed event that was earned by purchasing their DVD, an estimated 22,000 fans are expected for the girls’ three performances.

The other four songs performed at the event were, “Oh,” “Run Devil Run,” “Into the New World,” and “Gee.”

There are three versions to their debut single, a first press limited edition, limited edition and regular edition.
First press limited edition includes “GENIE” in Japanese and Korean, with an instrumental. It comes with a DVD that has the “GENIE” music video (Japanese ver.) and dance ver. For those lucky enough to get this version will get in it a “special package,” photo book and 1 of 9 trading cards.

The limited edition has the same tracks as the first press, but the DVD only includes the music video and as an added bonus, a post card.

The regular version is the CD only, which includes the three tracks of “GENIE,” Japanese, Korean and instrumental, with an added bonus of a post card.

SNSD reveals a sneak peek of Japanese version of Genie

Ahead of their trip combo of showcase performances at the Ariake Coliseum today in Japan, a sneak peek of their debut Japanese track, Genie, has now been revealed online.

The over 1 minute long audio teaser has increased anticipation among SONES, especially after they couldn’t quite get enough of the MV teaser that was released earlier last week.

Check out the Japanese version of Genie below even if its just a sneak.

SNSD’s Taeyeon and Seohyun with their Superbad characters

A few months ago, we reported that SNSD’s Taeyeon and Seohyun would be dubbing the 3-D animation movie Superbad, otherwise known as Despicable Me in the US.

Despicable Me was a box office hit in the US, grossing over $230 million as of August 22nd. Photos of Taeyeon and Seohyun standing beside their respective animated characters, dressed in similar outfits, have become a hot topic.

SNSD’s Taeyeon has taken on the role of Margo, the oldest of the girls in the movie. Margo is a smart and spunky girl that initially isn’t too fond of Gru. However, as the story progresses, she opens her heart to Gru and begins to show understanding. Taeyeon is very much like Margo in that she is SNSD’s leader and takes care of her members, just as Margo takes care of the younger girls in the movie.

On the other hand, Seohyun has taken on the role of a girl who is rather different from herself. Seohyun is voicing the role of the shy, yet off-the-wall, Edith. Seohyun’s image transformation surprised many of the production staff.

Superbad will be released in theaters in Korea on September 16th.

Check out the photos below!

BONUS! Here’s a super short clip of the Taeyeon and Seohyun recording their parts.

SNSD chosen as #1 celebrity to be with on deserted island

Arguably the most popular girl group, SNSD was chosen as the #1 celebrity to be with when stuck on a deserted island.

In order to celebrate the launching event of Lost season 6, television channel CGV held a survey that asked the public to choose the celebrity they want to be with on a deserted island. On the 24th, results showed idol group SNSD as first place in the survey that started on the 10th through CGV's homepage. Furthermore, it was shown that approximately 2,068 male netizens and 2,211 netizens participated in this survey so far. Although this survey continues until September 8th, SNSD seems to be taking the lead by a long shot, as they received 49.3% of the male votes.

Netizens who voted for SNSD commented, “If I’m with cute and bright SNSD, even if I’m stuck in a hot and deserted island I think I have fun.” Following SNSD’s first place was sexy icon Lee Hyori with 416 votes (20.1%). Lee Hyori, who is receiving all the males’ love and interest through her quirky, tough and sexy personality, proved her popularity through this survey. One of the males who voted for this diva expressed, “Because Lee Hyori is good at cooking and has strong living skills even if I’m stuck on a deserted island with her I don’t think I’ll die from starvation. Also with the remaining time we could play games, dance and sing so I think I’ll forget that I’m on a deserted island.”

Meanwhile, among females, So Ji Sub, who is receiving great popularity for his charismatic “hot” role in drama Road Number One, was chosen as first place. Among the female votes the actor received 49.9% of their ballots. Following close in second place was adorable female’s “forever romantic ideal” Lee Seung Gi, who took 574 votes (26%). After them, two other celebrities, including Rain and 2PM’s Taecyeon, placed third and fourth place respectively.

Yuri and Tiffany will partner with Oh Sang Jin to host Korean Music Wave festival again

announcer Oh Sang Jin, along with SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany, will host the upcoming 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave

festival taking place on August 29th.

Last year, these three MCs showed their skills to the 2009 Incheon Korean Music Wave festival, receiving lots of love from the audience.

Therefore, the three have been chosen to host this year’s event as well. Despite Tiffany and Yuri’s busy schedule in Japan, the two girls still made room to host this year’s festival, and plan to show a great performance as SNSD members on stage as well.

This festival will feature many famous Asian stars, including, SNSD, Super Junior, BoA, Se7en, Taeyang, , 2PM and more. It sounds like a blast, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

SNSD’s Tiffany injures her ankle

It’s been recently revealed that SNSD’s Tiffany injured her right ankle during SM Town's concert that was held in Seoul on August 21st. She is currently wearing a cast, and according to SM Entertainment, her injury fortunately is not serious.

Through a phone call with Newsen, a representative of SME stated:

To protect her ankle, she had to wear a cast. She injured her ankle during SNSD’s performance during the concert. Due to the upcoming Japanese showcase, we thought it was the best choice to make her wear a cast. … Her injury will not affect SNSD’s upcoming showcase. … The girls on the 23rd left to Japan to prepare for their Japanese promotional activities.

The girls of SNSD, who are making their Japanese debut with their single Genie on September 8th, will have a showcase in Tokyo, Japan’s Ariake Colosseum on the upcoming 25th.

Someone was able to take a photo of Tiffany at the airport, and here is a fancam that caught the scene of Tiffany’s injury.

SNSD’s arrival in Japan

SNSD / Girls’ Generation debut Japanese single, Genie, is scheduled to be released on September 8th. Before that happens, the girls are holding promotional campaigns and are scheduled to hold 3 showcases in one day on August 25th at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum. Earlier today, the girls made their arrival to Japan through the Haneda Airport. Reportedly, around 200 fans patiently waited for the girls.

“Received news that SNSD was arriving at the Haneda airport around 2PM, so decided to get there a little early around 11AM. While waiting for SNSD (soshi), a group called BIGBANG also came out of the airport. Since everyone was waiting for SNSD no one was really screaming for BIGBANG. After BIGBANG, some Korean group named SMASH came out but unfortunately no one knew who they were… but I have to say that there were some good looking guys in the group. Finally, SNSD came out of the gate and everyone went crazy. The guards told everyone that they will meet & greet everyone and told people to go outside but I got to stay inside. I got to see them up close and personal and they’re so pretty! They have small faces, super nice legs and are so cute.

Fancam of SNSD’s Genie 3D MV revealed at SMTown Live!

With fans still excited over the MV teaser for the Japanese version of Genie, fans of SNSD were in for another surprise at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium this afternoon.

Fans who were attending the currently ongoing SMTown Live 10 were delighted to find a Samsung 3D televison booth, which apparently showed a new 3D version of SNSD’s Genie MV. The footage (not in full) was recorded by a SNSDCHINA fan and it spread like wildfire on the internet, with many liking it compared to the original version. You don’t need 3D glasses for this.

Friday, August 20, 2010

SNSD reveals teaser for Japanese version of Genie

The 9 ladies of SNSD have a busy schedule in the coming days, starting off fresh with 3 different showcase in one day, and that in itself is crazy! However, fans have also been anxiously awaiting news on their Japanese music.

Wait no longer, Universal Music Japan recently uploaded the music video teaser for Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), and the setting has definitely changed from their ever so popular military outfits to a carnival-like theme.

SM Entertainment also made use of flow-mo technology once again, as seen in music videos for BoA and SHINee, making the visual effects more enticing.

Check out the 33 seconds of pure eye candy below, and stay tuned for the full release on MGGL!

Hee Chul is as pretty as Yoona and Seo Hyun

On August 19th, a photo of SNSD’s Yoona, Seo Hyun, along with Super Junior’s Hee Chul was revealed through an internet community site.

The trio from SM Entertainment, known to be close friends, all have their faces close-up in the photo. However, one thing that has caught the eyes of many netizens was Heechul’s beauty.

Regardless of his gender, Heechul showcases a pretty boy image amongst the two girls, almost looking like a girl himself.

Netizens shared their opinions such as, “Kim Hee Chul looks the prettiest!,” “When Hee Chul applies his girl makeup on, he looks even better,” “His beauty doesn’t fall back amongst the SNSD girls” and “There are other photos where Hee Chul is even more pretty.

Although some complimented Heechul’s beauty, other netizens replied back, “Of course SNSD, being the girls, look more pretty~ Kim Heechul is handsome.

CNBLUE and Seo Hyun volunteer for charity work

Recently, CNBLUE and SNSD’s Seo Hyun took some time off from their busy schedules and volunteered to do some charity work together.

A post titled ‘Seohyun who participated in volunteer work with CNBLUE after filming We Got Married’ was posted on an online community website. In the post, there was a photo of CNBLUE members and Seohyun amidst a group of volunteer workers. This charity organization (most likely the Make A Wish Foundation based on the poster behind them) arranged for CNBLUE to meet with children who have incurable diseases. That day, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa had his virtual wife Seohyun make a surprise appearance.

Netizens who saw the post complimented the We Got Married Yongseo couple saying, “Although it’s an imaginary relationship, it’s good to see this couple“, and “Whatever this couple does seems so warm.”

Recently, CNBLUE and SNSD’s Seohyun took some time off from their busy schedules and volunteered to do some charity work together.

A post titled ‘Seohyun who participated in volunteer work with CNBLUE after filming We Got Married’ was posted on an online community website. In the post, there was a photo of CNBLUE members and Seohyun amidst a group of volunteer workers. This charity organization (most likely the Make A Wish Foundation based on the poster behind them) arranged for CNBLUE to meet with children who have incurable diseases. That day, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa had his virtual wife Seohyun make a surprise appearance.

Netizens who saw the post complimented the We Got Married Yongseo couple saying, “Although it’s an imaginary relationship, it’s good to see this couple“, and “Whatever this couple does seems so warm.”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yoona hailed as Japanese fans’ favorite SNSD member

We always knew YoonA had always been the queen of the group SNSD in Korea, but how about in Japan?

Apparently, Korean and Japanese share the same tastes in women! It turns out that most of SNSD’s Japanese fans favor YoonA over other members as well, as the girl has been voted number 1 for Japan’s favorite SNSD member.

To prove this once and for all, a survey result has been posted on a community website under the title, ‘Popularity Ranks of SNSD Members in Japan‘.

YoonA won 34.9% of the votes, with 5,819 people. Second place was taken by Yuri, who got 2,627 votes, and third place was taken by Tiffany, who got 2,462 votes. Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon were ranked in that order after the first three.

SNSD to have 3 showcases in one day in Japan

Now officially joining the Hallyu field, girl group SNSD will be having their very first showcase on August 25th, at Tokyo Ariake Coliseum. This extravagant event is expected to unite over 20,000 fans, almost 10 times as big as other typical fan showcases.

Although the agency initially planned to hold the showcase once, the demands were so high that they had to add 2 more shows for the hour long event on the same day.

SM Entertainment expressed, “Because of the high sales volume of SNSD’s DVD (Oricon charts) and the immense attention showered on SNSD by the media and fans, its an amazing feat to have to increase the number of shows just for their first showcase. With the estimated 20,000 fans in attendance, its sufficient to say that SNSD is already the best girl group in Asia.”

SNSD’s debut Japanese single, Genie will be released on September 8th while the MV will be released first through Universal Music Japan Youtube channel on August 20th. The SNSD girls are currently busy preparing for SM Town Live ‘10 this weekend before their showcase next week.

SNSD for Cosmopolitan

Amidst preparing for their upcoming Japanese debut, the girls of SNSD were the cover models for September’s issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

As it is Cosmopolitan’s 10th anniversary, September’s issue of the magazine will be published covers for SNSD.

SNSD’s Japanese debut album cover revealed

As we await for SNSD’s Japanese debut single Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) scheduled for release on September 8th, the album covers of their single have been recently revealed!

The first album cover photo (above) is the ‘first press edition’ version while the second photo (below) is the ‘limited edition’ version. The two album covers are exactly the same except for the ‘GENIE’ text that is placed in different places.

Meanwhile, SNSD debuted at #2 on Oricon's DVD chart with their special DVD titled 少 女時代到来~来日記念盤~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation(完全生産数量限定盤) / Girls’ Generation Arrival~Arrival in Japan~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation .

Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun bet on a game of pool

On the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on the 14th, couple Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun went to go play a game of pool.

If you didn’t recall, in the previous episode, Yong Hwa had admitted that he had a traumatic experience with pool, but he had only went because Seo Hyun kept insisting.

At the pool place, Yong Hwa taught Seo Hyun how to properly play, and after watching her do surprisingly well for her first time, he brought up a bet.

The bet stated that the loser had to piggyback the winner. In this round of pool, Seo Hyun had sadly lost, so Jung Yong Hwa had the honors of getting a piggyback ride from his wife.

Yong Hwa then revealed his true reason to why he didn’t want to go play pool.

He stated, “I don’t want to show a girl that I’m not good at something. So I don’t want to do a dance that I can’t even do well and play pool in front of you, Hyun.

Seo Hyun stated regarding her loss, “It’s okay if you win, husband. It seems as if you lost a lot while playing pool, so I don’t think Yong’s heart would be well if you lost to a beginner like me.

SNSD’s Tae Yeon, Tiffany, and Jessica tease concert album

Even though SNSD has been busy working on their promotions in Japan, some teasers from Tae Yeon, Tiffany, and Jessica were recently posted online, grabbing the attention of many.

The audio teasers were posted on a Korean website that had no further information on what the teasers were exactly for. It can be assumed that they are for their live concert album.

Each teaser lasts around 20 seconds, with Taeyeon singing Hush Hush (The Pussycat Dolls), Tiffany singing Umbrella (Rihanna ft. Jay Z), and Jessica singing Barbie Girl (Aqua).

All of them are sung in English, and they sound quite amazing! Check them out below.

SNSD + Super Junior for SPAO Fall/Winter collection

Back in November of 2009, both SM Entertainment groups SNSD/Girl's Generation and Super Junior endorsed clothing for E. Land Group’s clothing label, SPAO. They’ve been working together since on endorsing the brand since then and now they’re back endorsing the upcoming Fall / Winter collection.

SPAO has recently released the 2010 Fall Winter Making / Behind The Scenes film. The themes in the video include Family Hood, Harvard Yale, Best Wool, Star Fit Down, Romantic, Girlish, Friendly, Sporty, Preppy, Biker Leather and more. Many thanks to blueman2 for the tip and check out the video below.

Taeyeon is chosen as girl group member with the best vocals

Netizens chose SNSD’s Taeyeon as the girl group member with the best vocals.

The community portal site, DC Inside, held a poll for about a week to determine the girl group idol with the best vocals.

Taeyeon took first place with 10725 (64.5%) votes, and that’s not a surprise since she pulls off any song she covers effectively. Second place went to f(x)’s Luna, who took 1,784 (10.7%) votes. She’s only 17-years-old in Korea, yet she can belt all kinds of Whitney Houston hits.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea came in third, which was also expected after seeing videos of her on music shows, as she is one talented leader. Then followed 2NE1’s Park Bom, Seeya’s Kim Yeon Ji and more.

Photos of SNSD in airport on their way to Phuket

SNSD / Girls’ Generation were recently spotted at an airport preparing to depart to the island of Phuket, Thailand for a photo shoot.

These photos, taken by a netizen, were revealed on the 10th through an internet portal site and they have garnered a lot of interest from the fans and netizens regarding the girls’ airport fashion.

The girls are seen with sunglasses and hats along with their comfortable regular clothes, yet they give off a scent that they are indeed stars.

Some of the netizens who have seen the photos gave their positive opinions regarding the girls’ fashion sense as they commented, “That’s SNSD! So pretty,” “They wore their clothes comfortably” and “Because they have great bodies, their clothes look great as well.