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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tae Yeon’s hairstyle caught attention again

Tae Yeon’s new bob hairstyle has become a hot topic of discussion.

Recently, SNSD who released their 2nd Japanese Single “Gee” appeared on a Japasese TV show where the performed “Gee” on that particular program. The video was uploaded to the Internet and have caught the attention of Korean netizens and the main focus seemed to be on Taeyeon’s bob hairstyle.

Regarding Tae Yeon’s change of hairstyle, netizens commented:

-”It’s cute”
-”It looks really good on her”
-”She looks cuter now”
-”This, for real?”

Tae Yeon’s change of hairstyle never fails to be a hot topic among fans. Last year, Tae Yeon was seen in a wavy hairstyle at a broadcast of an on-stage performance and it became a top agenda among fans. The same happened recently after she made the transformation to the bob hairstyle.

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