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Friday, September 24, 2010

Lee Teuk denies rumors about being in a relationship with Tae Yeon

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk denied on the September 23rd airing of “Radio Star” regarding the rumors of him in a dating relationship with SNSD’s Tae Yeon.

He opened up to the MCs and fellow guest on his recent “couple earring” incidents.

To the “pestering” questions from the MC, he replied, “I personally bought those bunny earrings. In fact, I was the first to buy it. It was purely coincidental that she wore an identical piece.

Shin Dong added a spice of humor by stating, “If MC Kim Gura wore the earrings, such rumors wouldn’t have popped up.

Preview of SNSD’s Tiffany OST for Haru

Earlier today, the long awaited ominbus drama “Haru (One Day) An Unforgettable Day in Korea” featuring top stars such as U-Know Yunho, Big Bang, and Kim Bum was releases.

Well it seems the Korean Tourism Authority also recruited some big names for the OST (Soundtrack) as a preview for a track titled ‘반지 / Ring’ by SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Tiffany was revealed.

Thanks to rapha24mt for the tip and for sharing. Check out the preview for the track below.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SME on SNSD’s Japanese success and future plans

SNSD has certainly taken Japan by storm, garnering over 22,000 fans in their first showcase last month on the 25th. Top broadcasting companies have cast their spotlights on SNSD, who have headlined ‘NHK News Watch 9′ and landed on the pages of various major newspapers such as ‘Yomiuri‘ and ‘Sankei Sports.”

Their first single, “Genie,” even managed to rank in the top 5 of Oricon’s daily chart, competing with other popular stars like Arashi and GLAY. Not only that, but “Genie” showed continued signs of success, steadily climbing the charts into the 4th position on the 2nd day of its release, and reaching 2nd by the 11th day. The single has managed to sell 45,000 copies as of last week, making it the most debut singles a foreign female artist group has ever sold in Japan.

Representatives of Oricon commented, “With many K-pop girl groups entering the Japanese market this year, the true stars of the phenomenon have been leading a good start.

There’s also been talk in the Japanese media about SNSD making a possible appearance at “NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen,” a music program run by NHK every year on December 31st, inviting only those that best represent that year. SNSD is even a nominee for the ‘Excellent Pop Artist 2010′ award at the ‘Billboard Japan Music Awards.’

Pop culture critic Lee Moonwon reasoned, “It’s because SNSD is expensive. The Japanese recognize the high quality of Korean music and SNSD has managed to capitalize on that.” He continued, “SNSD entered Japan with high quality marketing tactics used by other Hollywood top stars such as Mariah Carey and Madonna.

The representative of SM Entertainment Japan, Nam Soyoung, revealed, “The majority of Japan’s mass public considers SNSD as artists. They are not just figures of interest but of admiration. Standard Japanese girl groups target the male otaku fanbase and focus on cute concepts. SNSD, on the other hand, has gone for the more luxurious image. About 80% of their Japanese fans are female, and Japanese females stand at the center of their mass culture. Because of such reason, the popularity of SNSD will continue to rise.

Meanwhile Kim Youngmin, a representative of SME, stated, “We were able to make such a decision because we knew that SNSD’s popularity had reached Japan through internet sites such as Youtube.”

Regardless, there’s also been talk that SNSD was taken over to Japan because their image was already exhausted in Korea. Regarding this, representative Nam Soyoung stated, “No, we waited for the right time. Korea was used as the base in order to form that luxurious image out of their popularity. We waited for it to ripen before we took them overseas.”

She concluded by hinting, “Should everything go accordingly, SNSD will be able to start a country-wide tour in Japan next year.”

If SNSD are able to appear on Kōhaku Uta Gassen and win an award at Japan’s Music Awards, a tour concert seems like a reasonable long-term goal. The girls are set to release “Gee” in Japan on October 20th.

SNSD to be the first stars on ‘gift certificates’

There’s a first time for everything in Korea’s entertainment world. SNSD has expanded the horizon of advertisements by being the first stars to feature on ‘gift certificates’!

These certificates are more like travellers’ cheques, as the carrier could use it anywhere in Korea and are not limited to only one store or department.

The bills will be sold in a set of 10, with nine individual prints and one group print. The value of each certificate is valued at approximately 10 dollars each.

Printing certificates for other stars in the future may become plausible, however it depends on the reception of the SNSD gift certificates in Korea and in major overseas markets like China and Japan.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A new girl group union is created: UG (United Girlgroups)

A new girl group union has emerged named the UG (United Girlgroups). The union includes the representative names of this generation of girl groups such as SNSD / Girls’ Generation, After School, f(x), Rainbow, 4Minute, T-ara, miss A, and Secret. The members all came together in a special interview celebrating Daily Sports‘ 41st anniversary.

With all of the trendy girl groups invited in one room, what kind of questions revealed their dreams and what events made them cry? Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Journalist: Congratulations on becoming a UG member.

SNSD Sunny: I had no idea Daily Sports was this old. I always thought it was a newer newspaper company… Daily Sports and SNSD has many unforgettable memories together such as us dominating the first page last year when we won the Golden Disk Award. It was such an honor, I have it saved.

T-ara Eunjung: The first thing I think of is ‘drunk talking.’ I had to solve a few current event quiz questions while drunk. Haha.

Journalist: Let’s start the discussion for real now. There’s a lot of rumors saying that the girl groups aren’t close to one another and that there’s a bit of tension.

Rainbow Jaekyung: That’s absolutely not true. We’re all people, you know. Out of everyone present here today, I’m the closest with Hyosung (Secret). We began talking after we started using the same waiting room. We even created a meeting called the ‘Secbow.’

4Minute Hyuna: I’m very close with miss A’s Suzy since we’re both JYPE trainees. We may be competing but I’m always glad to see her whenever we bump into each other at events.

Journalist: Then what about your own team members? What was the most recent fight you had?

SNSD Sunny: The members wanted to go bowling the other day but I said I was tired so I skipped out. They kept nagging at me because of it.

Secret Hyosung: We fight over the littlest things as well. This afternoon, I got upset because I wanted to eat Korean food when we were deciding our lunch menu but the other members wanted Western. I really, really wanted a nice warm stew with rice.

While we’re on the topic of food, let’s talk about diets for a second. What do girl groups eat?

4Minute Hyuna:
You may not believe it but my nickname is pig. I last through the day with food.

miss A Suzy: I eat a~ lot as well. I eat three meals a day on top of nonstop snacking. When we have a schedule that requires a lot of traveling, I really never stop snacking.

Secret Hyosung: Wow~ I’m envious of that. I get a lot of stress because of my weight. My diet meal plan consists of bananas, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, and chicken breasts. I also exercise vigorously with my instructor at the fitness center.

T-ara Eunjung: I also follow a meal plan set up by my trainer. I have to keep it at a maximum of 1,200 calories a day.

Journalist: SNSD’s meal plan was also highly popular as well.

SNSD Sunny:
It was false. We never received a meal plan like that. Normally, we eat a lot but go into a sudden burst of dieting right before music video filmings. All of us in SNSD eat well so please don’t worry.

Journalist: You all do have something you don’t like about your physical appearance, right?

SNSD Sunny: My petite height, haha. I recently earned the nickname of ‘Grave Height,’ which basically means that I’ll be short until I die. If I say it like this, I feel like people will search for it so I’ll just explain it here. On KBS 2TV’s ‘Sketchbook,’ I greeted the audience after Yoona. The camera suddenly dropped when it got to my part.

After School Nana: My skin makes me worry. I’m very jealous of f(x)’s Sulli’s clear skin.

4Minute Hyuna: I’m jealous of Nam Jihyun unni’s skin as well. Her no make up face is the best.

Journaist: It’s getting boring, isn’t it? We’re only talking about boring things. Was there ever a time you got angry at your company’s CEO?

4Minute Hyuna: I was sick one day and got in trouble because I couldn’t dance well. I was so upset, I started crying. Still, I love our Hong Seung Sung Cube CEO. Daddy, don’t be mad, hehe.

Secret Hyosung: I rehearsed all day long and was so fatigued but our CEO walked in and kept saying I needed to rehearse more. I held it in, though.

miss A Suzy: I worked really hard on a recording but producer Park Jinyoung graded it a zero.

T-ara Eunjung: Our Kim Kwangsu CEO always nags at us to diet and then takes us out to eat at a really delicious restaurant. Exactly how does he expect us to lose weight…

Journalist: You all have a lot of older male fans as well, yes? When do you begin dividing the difference between an ‘oppa’ and an ‘uncle?’ And how much older are you willing to accept dating wise?

miss A Suzy: An old man, I consider 40 years old? And dating wise, I don’t think age matters but I’m willing to go up to 12 years my senior. Three years younger than me works as well, too.

Rainbow Jaekyung: If they’re not married, I consider them an oppa. If they are, they’re not. And I don’t think age matters as well.

SNSD Sunny: I think style is more important than age. There are a lot of young people that look old..

Journalist: Then what’s your most recent dating experience?

All: Hm… It’s been a while since we’ve dated. (Moment of awkward silence)

Journalist: Please reveal your ideal male celebrity. You cannot name foreign stars.

miss A Suzy: Kang Dong Won. Kang Dong Won no matter what.

Secret Hyosung: Ah! I’m a Kang Dong Won fan as well. Just hearing his name makes my heart flutter. I’ll be able to meet him one day, I hope.

SNSD Sunny: Wonbin for me!!! My man~ I’m going ot marry him some day. Hahaha, I’m asking to be terrorized, aren’t I?

T-ara Eunjung: When I was younger, I liked people with a warm charisma like Park Haeil. I like smaller eyes as opposed to larger eyes as well. Someone that’s good at rap… Ah! I like Big Bang’s T.O.P senior.

Journalist: When was the day you cried the most after debuting?

f(x) Luna: The day we debuted. I began thinking of my trainee years and sat in the waiting room, crying.

4Minute Hyuna: Same for me. I made a comeback with 4Minute after withdrawing from Wonder Girls. A lot of people anticipated a lot from me, but I was so upset that I couldn’t do as well as I wanted to.

Suzy, Nana, Eunjung: The day we won 1st place. We all thought of the pain we went through, and also felt a bit empty.

Journalist: Do you feel happy living life as a girl group member? Have you ever regretted your debut?

Secret Hyosung: I get depressed when I can’t eat delicious food but I’m always happy and excited when I stand on stage.

SNSD Sunny: I want to go hang out with my friends and date so it does get depressing when I can’t. Still, it’s a thrill to hear the support of our fans when we’re on stage.

f(x) Luna:
Same for me. I’m sad that I can’t meet my friends but every day is filled with delight.

Journalist: If you could go back in time to before you became a celebrity, what would you do?

SNSD Sunny:
I’d like to work part time at a restaurant or cafe. It’d be fun to see such a diverse group of people.

T-ara Eunjung: Me too… I want to observe how everyone lives. I debuted at 16 so I don’t know too much about the outside world.

Rainbow Jaekyung:
I want to date as much as I want. And I want to run away from home one day as well.

4Minute Hyuna:
I want to go to an amusement park and hang out until I get sick of it.

Journalist: What kind of dreams do girl groups have?

f(x) Luna: To become the world’s best diva.

T-ara Eunjung: Asia’s best Miss A.

After School Nana:
I’d like for all of the citizens in Korea to know my name.

SNSD Sunny: A worldwide S! N! S! D!

Could you please say something in representation of the girl groups?

SNSD Sunny:
I feel that a girl group special interview being included in celebration of Daily Sports’ 41st year anniversary is proof that the level of influence of girl groups have risen drastically over the years. I’m extremely glad to be a part of this girl group union and will work hard around the world in representation of our country.

During the interview, the members were hesitant to answer many questions as they were being eyed by fans and their agency representatives. The following are a collection of the questions and answers that were given while under such observance.

Journalist: Which girl group is the prettiest?

All: Our group! (Points to their own group)

Which present was the most awkward to receive?

All minus Sunny: The love of our fans are put in the presents, how can they be awkward?

Sunny: Garlic juice.

Were you ever hit on by a male celebrity?

All: You’d think that we’d get hit on often, but never.

Journalist: How much do you have in your bank account?

All: Our parents manage it so we have no idea.

SNSD lands a spot on FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World

With their Japanese debut being a great success, SNSD / Girl's Generation has taken a step toward international fame. However, it seems like the girls are already being recognized all over the world, as they managed to get a spot on FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Although nothing is found about the group on FHM’s official site, a video recently surfaced on the web from XIN MSN that proved they were a new entry (#99) on the list.

Check it out below (start at around 40 seconds)!

Monday, September 20, 2010

SNSD Girls Award Performance Overwhelms the Venue

Asia’s representative girl group SNSD performed at the National Yoyogi Stadium on the 18th for a fashion event called “Girls Award JAPAN 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER” (Girls Award).

SNSD did their arrival to Japan commemoration live at Ariake Coliseum on August 25th. This is their first live in front of Japanese fans since the release of their Japanese debut single “GENIE”.

The 9 girls’ fashion on stage was of a military rock taste. They had black military-like jackets that were open. Inside was a lame tank. [Note: lame is a cloth made from gold or silver thread, in this case gold.] For bottoms they had black short pants and for shoes they had enamel knee high boots.

Their first song was “Run Devil Run” and while the girls were dancing and singing, the audience which was filled with girls shrieked out cheers of joy.

Following that was “Gee” with a catchy phrase and cute choreography which overwhelmed the venue at once.

During the music break they MC’d and broke out into smiles. They greeted the venue with lovely Japanese, “Good evening, everyone!”

Last, they performed their Japanese debut single that was released September 8th and became a big hit, “GENIE”. The 9 members fascinated the audience with their sexy choreography, doing steps with their great legs.

One member said after the performance had finished, “We’re happy to be able to participate in the fun Girls Award, which focuses on fashion and music. We also love fashion.”, They then sent a message to their Japanese fans, “We will be releasing our 2nd single on October 20th. Please give it a lot of love and listen to it, okay?”

Set List
1. Run Devil Run
2. Gee (Korean ver.)
3. GENIE (Japanese debut single)

They announced the release of their 2nd Japanese debut single, “Gee”
On September 8th, they released their Japanese debut single “GENIE”. It was a big hit and broke a record and entered ORICON at rank #4. SNSD, who has fulfilled their Japan advance, will release their second Japanese single “Gee” on October 20th.

This will be the Japanese version of their hit song “Gee” which placed 1st on Korean music charts for 9 consecutive weeks. On the 18th, they displayed the Korean version of “Gee” at Girls Award.

In Korea Shoujo Jidai is known as “So Nyuh Shi Dae” or “SoShi/” for short. Not just in Korea, but in other countries as well, many people call them by their initials “SNSD”.

SNSD's Genie become Hot Airplay in Billboard Japan Charts

SNSD already released japanese version of Genie.

According to the chart on the 15th, SNSD rose to 4th place on the Oricon Single Weekly Chart and also broke a record (debut single of overseas female artists solo/group) by selling a staggering 45,000 copies of their “Genie” in only a week – a feat that now makes SNSD record-setters.

Now, SNSD place top of the chart for Hot Airplay in Billboard JAPAN Charts

Japanese version of SNSD’s ‘Gee’ leaked!

Earlier today, MGGL reported that SNSD would be releasing their song, “Gee“, as their second Japanese single. Just recently, the full single has been leaked on Youtube, and although it’s low quality due to the song apparently being recorded on a cellphone, it’s still clear enough to hear what the track sounds like in Japanese.

Click after the jump to listen in!

SNSD’s Seo Hyun didn’t want to kiss ‘The Trax’

The Trax recently featured a true goddess for their comeback mini-album - SNSD’s Seo Hyun was chosen as the model for their album cover and music video. Members Jay (vocal) and Jung Mo (guitar) revealed behind-the-scenes details about the filming through an interview with Sports Korea:

I was extremely embarrassed at first because we had a kiss scene planned for the movie, but she continued to reject it. She’s a very polite girl and I’ve known her since we were little, so I guess she felt awkward about it. It’s not like I can force her to do it (laughter). We just kept joking it off, saying it’s because of hubby Yong (CN Blue’s Yong Hwa).”

SNSD Special airs on MTV Japan + nominated for award at Billboard Japan Music Awards

SNSD / Girls’ Generation is currently concentrating on the Japanese market and MTV Japan recently aired a special on the girls. The special basically chronicles SNSD’s entrance into Japan and their recent activities including their Premium Showcase Live at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo.

In addition, SNSD has been nominated for the TOP POP ARTIST 2010 award at the Billboard Japan Music Awards.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SNSD’s Jessica has a staring contest against Aoi Yu

A photo of SNSD’s Jessica having a stare down with a poster of Japanese star Aoi Yu was recently released.

On the 16th, singer Ok Joo Hyun tweeted,

Sica having a staring contest with Aoi Yu ke

Ok Joo Hyun is known for having close relations with the girls of SNSD. As a former member of one of K-pop’s original girl groups, Fin.K.L, Ok Joo Hyun is somewhat of a mentor to SNSD.

They apparently met up at a bookstore in Japan.

Netizens have commented, “Jessica is so cute“, “Looks like that are trying to see who’s more beautiful“, and “Jessica is cute no matter what she does.”

SNSD’s Tae Yeon voted queen of aegyo

SNSD’s Tae Yeon has been voted as the idol girl group member with the most aegyo.

Internet community, DC Inside, conducted a survey titled, “Female idol that will melt your boyfriend’s heart with her overflowing aegyo” from September 7-14. A total of 16,801 people participated in the survey, with Taeyeon coming in 1st place with a total of 10,211 votes (60.8%).

Netizens responded, “Tae Yeon is aegyo” and “I’d like to melt the heart of Tae Yeon’s aegyo.

Following behind Tae Yeon in 2nd place was SNSD’s Sunny with 2,891 votes (17.2%). Lastly, 2PM Nichkhun’s “We Got Married” wife, f(x)’s Victoria, came in at 3rd place with 2,424 votes (14.4%).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SNSD reaches 4th on the Oricon Weekly Chart, setting a new record

SNSD continues to sweep the Japanese Oricon Chart with their debut single, “Genie”.

According to the chart on the 15th, SNSD rose to 4th place on the Oricon Single Weekly Chart and also broke a record (debut single of overseas female artists solo/group) by selling a staggering 45,000 copies of their “Genie” in only a week – a feat that now makes SNSD record-setters.

KARA were the previous record holders with their Japanese debut single, “Mister”, which rose to a prominent 5th place on the chart. KARA’s debut single sold 29,000 copies in it’s first week of release and has sold an accumulation of 63,000. Now, SNSD has broken KARA’s record.

Prior to SNSD’s Japanese debut, news about a packed audience of 22,000 at their first showcase garnered a lot of attention. Their high ranking on the Oricon Chart has left fans anticipating their future activities even more.

SNSD to release Japanese version of Gee in October?

There’s rumors floating around that Shoujo Jidai (SNSD / Girls’ Generation) is scheduled to release a Japanese version of their hit Korean single ‘Gee’ on October 20th. As many of you know, the girls released the Japanese version of ‘Genie’ last week and achieved second place on the Oricon Daily Charts.

The source of the rumor is the same source that released information about Shoujo Jidai’s initial release of Genie. So although there’s no official announcement, the likelihood of this rumor being true is pretty high.

The rumor also states that there will be 3 versions of the Single release:

1. A Regular Edition costing around 1100¥ (around $13) which includes the CD with 3 tracks: 1. Gee (日本語 Ver./Japanese Ver.), 2. Gee (韓国語 Ver./Korean Ver.) and 3. Gee (Without Main Vocal).

2/ A Limited Edition costing around 1400¥ (around $14) which will also include a bonus DVD PV of GEE.

3. A First Press Edition costing around 1800¥ (around $21) which will also include the DVD PV of GEE but also with a bonus PV of GEE Dance Version. In addition, the First Press Edition will include a Photo Book and one random photo card (out of a possible 9).

SNSD rises to 2nd on daily Oricon charts

Although it has been three days since SNSD released their Japanese debut single “Genie“, their album sales ranking has continued to rise.

On the 8th, SNSD debuted at 5th place, but according to the Japanese Oricon charts on the 11th, SNSD’s “Genie” rose to 2nd place on the daily singles chart.

Although their Japanese debut wasn’t necessarily explosive, their sales have continued to rise nevertheless.

Tiffany’s eye-smile melts the hearts of Japanese men

After a recent broadcast of Fuji TV’s Sakigake“, Tiffany’s eye-smile has become a popular topic. Tiffany’s trademark killer eye-smile, her doll-like hairstyle, and sharp jaw-line have captured the hearts of many men, even in Japan.

Netizens who have seen the pictures commented,

‘Tiffany’s eye-smile is also very cute’
‘You became prettier after coming to Japan, keke. It seemed fun on stage.’
‘Legendary eye-smile ‘Fany.’

Recently, SNSD has achieved the #2 spot on Oricon charts with their Japanese single, ‘Genie‘.

Yong Hwa & Seo Hyun met and failed to recognize their idol

It appears that CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seo Hyun have only got eyes for each other.

On September 11th’s episode of “We Got Married”, the Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun couple visited a sushi boat restaurant.

Ueno Juri, who came to Korea to promote the sequel to her hit film “Nodame Cantabile“, appeared as a sushi chef and met with the couple.

Yong Hwa had picked Ueno Juri as his ideal woman on radio, and Seo Hyun is known to be a passionate fan of hers also.

Ueno Juri, wearing thick-rimmed glasses, seemed to notice them and tried not to reveal her identity.

However, the couple did not recognize Ueno Juri for a long time. Seo Hyun made her nervous when she appeared to have discovered something and said, “I saw it now“, but she was just looking at the price of sushi.

Ueno Juri then removed her glasses and started serving tea, but the couple only recognized the Japanese actress after the owner of the restaurant notified them.

Ueno Juri put on a good act, saying, “Thanks for saying I look like an actress.” She expressed her sadness, saying, “You should have recognized me a bit earlier. It took too long.

Yong Hwa commented in his interview, “I couldn’t believe my eyes even after I found out it was Ueno Juri.

Tae Yeon voted 1st place for making rice cakes?

SNSD’s Tae Yeon was voted as the female who looks like she makes the best rice cakes. “Song pyun” is a rice cake steamed on top of pine needles, and it’s notorious for being difficult to mold into the perfect half-moon shape.

The poll ended yesterday after starting on August 5th, and the Girls’ Generation leader managed to come out on top.

Fellow member Yoona came in second, and Sulli of f(x), Hara of Kara, Ji Yeon of T-ara, and Uee of After School claimed third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

SNSD’s debut performances in Japan

Earlier in the week, the gorgeous ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation finally made their Japanese fans wishes come true by making their long awaited debut in Japan with the release of their single, “Genie“. This single placed 5th on the Oricon Charts.

Earlier today, the girls made their debut performances of “Genie” on both “Tokudane!” and “DON!”.

Tokudane! airs on Fuji TV and is a morning weekday news program. DON! is a variety music program that airs on Nihon TV.

Back in July, DON! MC Hideyuki Nakayama was gushing over the girls and singing their praises.



YongSeo couple gets a surprise visit from Juri Ueno

Earlier this month, we reported that the Japanese actress Juri Ueno was going to pay a visit to the YongSeo couple. On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, CNBLUE’s Yong Hwa was able to meet the girl of his dreams…while he was with his wife. How awkward is that?!

Juri Ueno appeared disguised as an assistant chef at a sushi bar. Both Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seo Hyun never imagined that Juri Ueno would be in a small local sushi bar, and so although she was boldly approaching them, they didn’t recognize her until much time had passed.

Afterward, the YongSeo couple invited Juri Ueno to the home. However, she continued to surprise them, as she was already familiar with CNBLUE and SNSD, and even knew their names and their songs.

So was Yonghwa able to hold his position as husband in front of his ideal girl? What was Seohyun’s reaction to her husband’s response? I guess we will have to wait to see.

SM Entertainment denies Tae Yeon and Lee Teuk are dating

It was revealed earlier that SNSD’s leader, Tae Yeon, was sporting the same earrings as Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk, which then spiraled into dating rumors.

SM Entertainment quickly stepped in to deny the fact that the two are in any sort of romantic relationship.

Lee Teuk was spotted wearing the earrings during the press conference at SM TOWN LIVE ‘10, which took place in Los Angeles just a few days ago. Tae Yeon sported the same pair of earrings when she attended a red carpet event for the animated film, Despicable Me.

An official from SM Entertainment stated, “It’s just a matter of pure coincidence. I’m honestly at loss for words.”

Tae Yeon and Seo Hyun attend ‘Superbad’ premiere

Having just got off the plane from Los Angeles yesterday, it was back to work for SNSD’s Tae Yeon and Seo Hyun this evening. They attended the VIP premiere of the film, Superbad (Despicable Me), for which they did dubbing of the lead characters,

Besides looking pretty in their dresses, the two girls were also presented with a bouquet of flowers by little boys. While boy A got down on one knee to give his flowers to Tae Yeon, Seo Hyun’s boy B couldn’t resist the urge to give her a hug instead.

SNSD unveils Japanese promo pictures

Well it certainly seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but SNSD has finally granted our wish! Their Japanese promotion photos was recently revealed and the girls are as charming as ever.

And with them using Genie as their debut Japanese single, it was no surprise that this wave of promotional pictures wants us or our eyes to focus on their legs.

Warning, image-heavy!

Which SNSD member would Kim Tae Hee set up with her brother?

During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win”, actress Kim Tae Hee was asked which SNSD member would she set up with her actor-brother Lee Wan?

Her response? “Because she can sing well and seems like she has a good personality, I think it would be nice to introduce Tae Yeon to Lee Wan.”

The actress will disclose the siblings’ charming childhood stories on the upcoming episode of “Win Win”, scheduled to be aired on the 7th.

SNSD releases dance version of ‘GENIE’ Japanese PV!

To further build the hype in Japan surrounding these charming ladies, SNSD recently released a dance-only version of their “GENIE” PV.

SNSD’s Yoona & Super Junior’s Si Won release SPAO 2010 CF

With the 2 idol groups, SNSD and Super Junior, already coming together for the SPAO 2010 Fall/Winter collection, Yoona and Si Won are back with a 30 second CF for fans to enjoy.

It starts off with Siwon writing ‘Big Hit, Warm Heat‘, which is the collection they’re endorsing, followed by short messages and some pictures of the idols sporting some fashionable clothes from the collection, featuring Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk.

Check it out below.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

‘GENIE’ the theme song for ‘Girls Award Japan A/W 2010’

SNSD fans will need no further evidence that their idols have become a smash sensation in Japan – their debut song, ‘GENIE’, was selected to be the official theme song for the Autumn/Winter Girls Award Japan 2010 show!

‘Girls Award’ is the largest fashion show in Japan, attended by many famous fashion models and designers. Yet the show also attracts many musical artists, as there are performances laced intermittently throughout. Immensely popular, the event is held in Yoyogi Stadium, which houses a massive 10,000 seats. The purpose of the event is to spread Japanese pop culture to the rest of the world.

CN BLUE and SNSD’s Seo Hyun special stage at 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave!

In place of the regular weekly broadcast of MBC’s Music Core, the concert extravaganza, 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave was shown in place of the music show.

During the concert, a special stage involving CNBLUE and SNSD’s Seo Hyun was shown.

We all got to see the photos and fancams of the YongSeo couple getting intimate during their performances, but now we finally get to see them in action on tv!

The boys of CNBLUE along with Seo Hyun performed SNSD’s hit track Run Devil Run as well as their own track Love Light, check it out below!

SNSD snags #1 on the Oricon DVD Chart

The girls of SNSD have finally reached the summit: #1 spot on the Oricon DVD Chart!

Less than a month ago, SNSD treated their Japanese fans with the release of their DVD called New Beginning of Girls’ Generation. Upon it’s release, the DVD quickly rose to the #2 spot on the Oricon DVD Chart, receiving hot reactions from fans.

As of September 2nd, SNSD’s DVD now stands at the prominent ranking of 1st place on the Oricon.

What makes this accomplishment particularly special for SNSD, is the fact that their official Japanese album hasn’t even been released yet. On September 8th, SNSD’s Japanese debut album, Genie, will officially drop and mark the start of their activities.

SNSD wins the Singer Award at the 37th Korean Broadcast Awards

SNSD received the Singer Award at the 37th Korean Broadcasting Awards held on September 3rd in KBS Hall.

However, because SNSD members were heading to LA for the SMTOWN LIVE ‘10, they were unable to attend the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to the winners and of course to SNSD, for having yet another award under their belt!