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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lee Jong Seok's interview about Yoona & Hyoyeon

He became close to many trainees while he was training to become an idol. He has friends in pretty much every group. In particular he has a close friendship with SNSD's Hyo Yeon and Yoong.

"I met Hyo first through a close hyung(older friend) when SNSD just made their debut. I then got to know Yoong through Hyo Yeon." [ I omitted this part out-non SNSD related]

Q: What does Lee Jongseok do when meeting up with SNSD friends...?

"Like everybody else. We go to a cafe to drink coffee and chit chat. We also go to board game rooms. In Hyo's case, she likes to walk, so I walk with her often wearing our caps really low."

In Yoong's case, she is more of a prankster then he thought. He has been frustrated before b/c she is quite different from the clean image that she appears on TV.

"When I would call Hyo, suddenly someone else would pick up the phone. Yoong would play a joke on me by imitating Teacher Jun Wonjoo. At first, I was duped and it was hard to accept, but nowadays, it's ok."

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