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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiffany will be wearing cast for 4 weeks

Tiffany’s knee injury has raised the concerns of various parties that it might affect SNSD’s activities.

On November 17th, s representative from SM Entertainment said, “In the evening of November 14th, Tiffany took a fall while performing ‘Hoot’. Due to Tiffany’s injury, SNSD will resume their activities with 8 members for the time being”.

Tiffany was brought to hospital on November 15th (morning) to receive treatment for her injury. Due to the fall, her left knee was diagnosed with posterior cruciate ligament injury. Tiffany will be wearing a cast for 4 weeks to protect and improve the condition of her knee.

A Staff in charge of SNSD added, “Tiffany will be taking a break from her activities until she is fully recovered. Except Tiffany, the other 8 members will continue with the schedules”.

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