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Thursday, November 18, 2010

SNSD becomes muses of high fashion for ‘W’

The ladies of SNSD challenged themselves by shooting an interesting pictorial for fashion magazine, ‘W‘. For this shoot, SNSD took on the role of iconic muses of high fashion.

In order to show the individual charisma of each member, the magazine brought in a team of their best editors, wardrobe coordinators, hair and makeup stylists, and photographers.

Each girl was assigned a different fashion icon element, and it was reported that both the staff and the girls were very pleased with the results.

The editor confessed, “We were surprised by the members’ understanding of high fashion.

Tiffany revealed, ‘Even though I don’t have a lot of experience wearing red lipstick, it was fun getting a new look for this shoot.

Although the girls have got their hands full with their Korean and Japanese promotions (as well as adjusting to a recent injury), they were able to complement each other well throughout the photoshoot and created a warm atmosphere on the set.

The photoshoot will be revealed in its entirety on the December issue of ‘W’.

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