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Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD’s point on winning today is one of the Top 10 Music Bank Highest Points

As we know, SNSD won this week’s Music Bank K-Chart with 20,516 points and it is another new record for SNSD and also Music Bank!

Check out the Top 10 Music Bank Highest Points!
1위 소녀시대 Oh! 23,077점 (2010/02/05)
2위 소녀시대 Oh! 22,689점 (2010/02/12)
3위 GDragon Heartbreaker 21,322점 (2009/09/04)
4위 소녀시대 Run Devil Run 21,223점 (2010/04/02)
5위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,549점 (2010/02/26)
6위 소녀시대 Hoot 20,516점 (2010/11/12)
7위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,284점 (2010/02/19)
8위 GDragon Heartbreaker 18,995점 (2009/09/11)
9위 소녀시대 Tell Me Your Wish 17,995점
10위 소녀시대 Hoot 17,285점 (2010/11/05)

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