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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SNSD gives us a glimpse of concert stage on Music Core

There was a surprise on the February 27th episode of Music Core as SNSD revealed their encore concert stage.

The girls will be having their encore concerts this weekend at the Seoul Olympic Park’s Fencing Stadium and a sneak preview was offered this afternoon and explains why the stage was much bigger than what we are used to seeing on Music Core.

Their encore concerts will be their first major concert after their comeback with Oh! and thus new songs from their new album will also be performed on stage.

Friday, February 26, 2010

SNSD wins Music Bank K-Chart with Oh! for the 4th time

SNSD has done it again!

Although the boys of 2AM took a surprise win on M! Countdown yesterday, the girls took the win with 20,549 points on the February 26th episode of Music Bank with their title track Oh! for their 4th win since their comeback. SNSD’s competitors were the same as before but they prevailed against CNBLUE and 2AM.

Of course, another stellar performance ensued with their new gold outfits and with their album sales reaching the 200,000 mark, I’m sure the girls are enjoying all the recent success they’ve had. Congratulations to them once again!

Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa bring a new image to We Got Married

A character that we haven’t seen before, now on We Got Married.

That’s how Jung Yoon Jung, the PD of We Got Married described the new Jung Yonghwa – Seohyun couple.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD gal Seohyun’s first episode will be broadcast on the 27th. At 20 years old and 18 years old, the two make the youngest couple in We Got Married history.

PD Jung said, “Although they are a young couple, when they met, I saw a man and a woman. The two of them really bring a character that really hasn’t been seen in ‘We Got Married’ before.

Regarding Seohyun, Jung said, “Lots of people were curious as to what Seohyun’s image would be. Because Seohyun is at the young age of 18, she can show the audience a fresh image that wasn’t there before.

PD Jung expressed his opinion on Yonghwa, saying, “He’s a cool and charming guy. As expected, although he is young, he plays the role of oppa to Seohyun and plays it well.

PD Jung wants to make this couple successful going into the future. “The two of them are the ones making the relationship. Our job will be to create missions that aren’t too extravagant as to not irk the viewers.

Seo Hyun & Yong Hwa Video

Big Bang’s Seungri and SNSD’s Yuri attend Chung-Ang University entrance ceremony

We reported in October 2009 that Big Bang’s Seungri and SNSD’s Yuri had been accepted to Chung-Ang University for 2010 as freshmen and the day has finally arrived.

Despite their busy schedules, both managed to find some time to attend their college entrance ceremony on February 26th. They will be majoring in theatre and acting for which they had qualified amidst tough competition, at a ratio of 23 to 1. We wish them all the best in their studies.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SNSD’s Yoona films her latest cosmetics CF

Pictures of SNSD’s YoonA filming her latest cosmetics CF for innisfree have been released! YoonA is seen putting on her makeup and getting her hair done while she prepares for the filming.

A representative from the scene stated,

“Currently in the advertising business, the hot issues are ‘Yuna vs YoonA.” 200,000 copies of SNSD’s second album being sold is as much of a hot issue as Yuna winning the olympics between the people in the advertisement market. We are anticipating how YoonA’s endorsement will effect innisfree’s cosmetics.”

Check out the photos below!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SNSD’s album is on its way to sell over 200,000 copies

The popular girl group SNSD has sold over 100,000 copies of their last three albums, impressing many music listeners. With their latest album, they surpassed 100,000 mark by far!

The song Oh! has been winning the #1 spot on music charts and programs. The album itself has sold over 150,000 copies already and they are expecting it to pass the 200,000 mark soon.

It’s rare for an artist to surpass the 100,000 mark, let alone the 200,000 mark. We can definitely say that SNSD has reached the top in terms of popularity and sales.

An associate said, “SNSD’s sales are Korea’s best. They are a national representative so I think they will break more records.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SNSD’s Seo Hyun at Dongguk University entrance ceremony

The smart maknae of SNSD who recently graduated from high school is growing up and has now upgraded to college!

Dongguk University, the university Seohyun now attends, had its entrance ceremony today. All the incoming freshman gathered in the gym in Jungju, Seoul to be officially welcomed into the world of college.

There was a bit of bad news for the maknae though. With her long list of activities which We Got Married, at least two performances on all music shows (Oh! for SNSD and TRAX), and many other things, she has been so busy lately that her schedule was all filled up!

Thankfully, a representative from SM Entertainment gave fans some good news:

“Because of Seohyun’s busy schedule, she wasn’t going to be able to attend, but we made some space to make sure that she attended her entrance ceremony.”

Congratulations to Seohyun and we wish her the best of luck in her studies!

Also on the same day, Seohyun was spotted on the streets of Insa-dong with her make-believe husband, Jung Yonghwa.

More info on Jung Yonghwa & Seohyun’s couple rings, additional photos of CNBLUE

Many people were speculating if CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Seohyun were wearing a couple ring when they were seen wearing the same rings on the February 12th edition of Music Bank. Well it seems the speculation was correct as DongA News recently reported that the We Got Married couple revealed that it is indeed couple rings. One of the missions assigned by We Got Married is for the couple to wear the rings outside of the program. In the article, Yonghwa also mentioned that Seohyun was really cute.

The first episode featuring Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun for We Got Married is scheduled to air on February 27th, you can check the preview here. Hopefully Yonghwa is fully recovered from his accident, so he can continue his filming.

Artists attend Gaon chart’s grand opening celebration event

Gaon Chart, titled the Korean version of Billboard, had their grand opening celebration event on February 23rd at Seoul Joong-Go Westin Chosun hotel’s grand volume. Gaon is build up with 2000 music professionals who use precise data to make up their music chart. Six of Korea’s top music portal sites (Melon, Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada and Cyworld) has come together to build Gaon. So to say, Gaon will be Korea’s certified music chart.

During this event, SNSD won the digital music award with Gee while Super Junior won the album award with Sorry Sorry.

Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon attended the event as the representative of SNSD. Taeyeon commented, “I want to thank all the people who love music and who download the music legally. There are many artists who are against illegal downloading, so we are looking foward to your attention.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fans delay SNSD fan signing?

Popular girl group SNSD held a fan signing event for their second album Oh! on the evening of the 21st. The event was held at the Time Square in the Yeongdungpo district, Seoul.

Almost 1000 fans showed up for the event which was organized by Gyobok Library Hot Tracks, but the mob of fanboys couldn’t be controlled! There was lots of pushing and shoving with the fans up front screaming. The situation was so dangerous that the girls couldn’t even enter the building!

The event was delayed for 30 minutes while the commotion was put down, but eventually everyone got their albums signed peacefully although it wouldn’t be a complete set. Only 5 out of the nine members were present, with Taeyeon, Yuri, Seohyun and Sooyoung at another fan signing.

At this rate, the girls might have blood at their hands at one point! The power of beauty is astounding isn’t it?

SNSD’s “Into the New World” hits #1 on charts!

Yesterday on Music Core, several artists went back to their humble roots on a special segment called Back to the Debut in which they performed their debut songs. Among those artists, the talented SNSD girls once again performed their debut song, Into the New World. However, just two hours after this performance SNSD hit number one on the music charts again (and not with Oh!).

Last night’s Music Core episode seemed to have revived old feelings for SNSD as Into the New World hit number one on MelOn’s realtime chart. Their performance definitely was something of a flashback and it did make me long for the good ol’ days, but who knew the song would top charts once again?! By this rate, I’m sure SNSD could resell all their songs and still make a more-than-decent living!

SNSD wins 2nd consecutive mutizen on Inkigayo!

The 9 lovely ladies of SNSD celebrated Valentine’s Day with their sweet first victory on Inkigayo last week. After heating up the stage with performances of their hits Oh! and Show Show Show, the girls went on to grasp yet another Mutizen award for this week’s Inkigayo. The competition for this week’s for Take 7 pretty tough, but the girls pulled through. Check out their performances and victory below!


Show! Show! Show!


Yuri and Sunny talk about their first loves

On an episode of MBC’s Quiz to Change the World broadcast on the 20th, SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny talked about their memories of their first loves.

Yuri revealed that her first love was her brother’s friend. She stated, “That oppa was every female student’s adoration and trophy, a legendary figure.”

Yuri also made the male guests jealous when she revealed, “I still see that oppa these days. He still has his same old good looks.

In this episode, Sunny also revealed her first love’s identity. She shared that her first love was singer Shim Shin, who was famous for his Kwon-Chong dance. As soon as she revealed his identity, Jo Hyung Gi stood up and started dancing Shim Shin’s choreography.

On another note, the ratings for this episode his 23.7% and held the show’s spot as the #1 weekend show for the 8th week.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

SNSD’s Oh! is number 1 on Dosirak for 4 weeks straight

SNSD / Girls’ Generation’s new title track Oh! has now topped online music charts at the number 1 spot for 4 weeks.

According to the music portal from the 3rd week of February (14th-20th) an analysis of the weekly chart shows SNSD’s Oh! at the number one spot.

In second place is 2AM’s Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die which has held the 2nd place spot for 3 weeks. In third is 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me which is obviously a great accomplishment for a CF song.

4th-6th places are held by CNBLUE’s I’m a Loner, Min Kyung Hun’s It’s Love because it Hurts and 4men’s I Can’t Do It respectively. Close behind are SNSD’s Star Star Star, Lee Seung Gi’s Love is Taught by Alcohol and 2AM’s I’m Sorry I Can’t Smile For You.

SNSD, SHINee, and more come together for The Blast!

Popular K-pop idols MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, 2AM, SNSD / Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and Lee Seung Gi got together earlier today for Super concert The Blast. They performed at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics stadium to celebrate a news agency’s success in garnering 500,000 members! MCs were absent from the stage, so these performers were the primary focus of those attending.

A representative from the planning committee stated, “We wanted to plan this Blast super concert so teens can gain new hopes and dreams as the upcoming school year approaches.”

1> Oh!

2> Genie

3> Girl's Generation

SNSD's Seo Hyun & CN Blue's Yong Hwa preview in We Got Married (WGM)

SNSD's Seo Hyun & CN Blue's Yong Hwa preview in We Got Married (WGM)

SNSD, KARA and After School are Diva Legends on Music Core!

The craziness that is the 200th episode of Music Core continues with a fanboy’s dream!

Three of the top girl groups in the k-pop industry got together to perform an ensemble of sexy songs.

The crab-walking, leg flipping girls of SNSD / Girls’ Generation, the butt shaking girls of Kara, and the sexy detention divas After School, teamed up to perform Lee Hyori’s U Go Girl, Boa’s My Name, and Son Dambi’s Crazy!

Woah, just thinking about it has my head swimming!

So without further ado, check out the Diva Legends Stage below:

SNSD – U Go Girl

After School – Crazy

KARA – My Name

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yuri and Daniel Henney’s Biotherm CF

Two weeks ago we reported that SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Yuri was pairing up with Korean American actor Daniel Henney for Biotherm. Biotherm is a well-known cosmetic and skin care brand in Korea.

This is a cute and short commercial, you don’t see the two together in any scene… maybe the longer versions will include that. Daniel’s Korean has gotten a bit better as well.

Yoona becomes the ‘Axe girl’?

During the the filming for the first episode of SBS’s upcoming Family Outing Season 2, strong>Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Yoona earned the nickname “Ax girl” because of her axing skills.

The filming took place in January at Kangwondo’s Gombaeryung, where the members attempted to ax some firewood. At first, it seemed like Yoona failed because the ax was too heavy, however on her second try, she succeeded.

When she gained the confidence and experience, she began axing very diligently. The staff who saw this gave her the nickname, “Ax girl.”

When asked about the first filming, Yoona said, “I think it was a new and fresh experience because I was able to show sides of me that I’ve never shown before, like my face without makeup. It was very cold and tiring, but the environment was very fun. We hope the viewers support us.”

The first episode will air on the 21st, so stay tuned for it.

Seo Hyun will be a virtuous wife and CL a career woman?

In a recent survey on girl group members about their inclination towards marriage, SNSD’s Seohyun was top of the poll for being a possible virtuous wife while 2NE1’s CL was more towards being a career woman.

In a release by marriage information agency, Wedian on the 19th, with idol girl group members as the target, the agency’s managers had used a series of marriage quotient tests on their individual personalties and information to derive the results.

From the results, Seohyun (97 points) was chosen as the classic ideal wife of modern Korean society, who can aid her husband and be a virtuous wife.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha was second with 94 while 2NE1’s Park Bom came in 3rd with 91. Others include Jewelry’s Eunjung (87), 4minute’s Jiyoon (83), SNSD’s Taeyeon (81), SNSD’s Yuri (80), Kara’s Hara (76) and Gyuri (75), Davichi’s Minkyung (75), SNSD’s Jessica (74), SeeYa’s Soomi (73) and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in (72).

As for 2NE1’s CL, she topped the poll with 98 points for being a likely career woman, who doesn’t rely on her husband and would continue to be active in society.

Others include SNSD’s Sunny (97), 2NE1’s Sandara (95), SNSD’s Yoona (94), 4minute’s Hyuna (94), T-ara’s Hyomin (88), Kara’s Seungyeon (85) and Nicole (84), SNSD’s Sooyoung (83), After School’s UEE (81).

The results were derived from the public profile information (personality, blood type, education, age, etc) available while opinions from the agency’s managers were also taken into consideration. What is your opinion of the results?

SNSD charms with Oh! and wins 3rd K-Chart on Music Bank

Oh em Gee, SNSD alert!

The nine cheerleaders have once again made the oh, oh, oh, oppas smile! On tonight’s Music Bank, SNSD has donned themselves in their amazingly tight cheerleading costumes again, performing their undoubtedly infectious track, Oh!. Currently suffering from yet another SNSD fever, I shall add this performance to my collection as well… seriously, it’s the best one so far!

To no surprise, the girls claimed the glory of first place for the 3rd week in a row against regular rivals, CNBlue and 2AM with 20,284 points. Will Oh! be able to beat Gee’s seemingly unbreakable record of nine wins? We’ll have to see.

Yong Hwa & Seo Hyun stay faithful with couple rings

We Got Married may just be a show, but it looks like CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun are taking their “love” outside of filming. A few observant netizens recently pointed out that both idols have been seen with their couple rings outside of WGM filming, specifically on a number of music shows.

On last week’s episode of Music Bank, which aired on February 12, both idols were clearly captured with their couple rings on their fingers:

SNSD, 2PM, SHINee and more to Rock stage on Music Core!

On the February 20th broadcast of MBC’s Show! Music Core, 2NE1 will be having a special stage for Music Core’s 200th episode. This special episode of Music Core will also include SNSD / Girls’ Generation, CNBLUE, 2PM, Kara, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, Baek Ji Young, After School, and Lee Eun Mi.

The 200th episode will include a special stage for all the idol groups, with each group performing their debut songs.

2NE1 will be performing Fire, SNSD will sing Into the New World, 2PM will rock out 10 out of 10 and SHINee will make noonas go crazy with Noona is so pretty (Replay).

For this momentous occasion, regular MC’s Tiffany and Yuri of SNSD have called in a little backup from CNBLUE.

2PM and SHINee will also have a special dance battle stage titled ‘Dance History.’

In addition, SNSD, Kara and After School will have a joint special stage performing Lee Hyori’s U Go Girl, Boa’s My Name and Son Dambi’s Crazy.

This jam packed episode will be broadcast on February 20th so be sure to come back to MGGL for full coverage!

SNSD to make a cameo appearance for Choi Siwon

SNSD / Girls’ Generation will be supporting Super Junior member and fellow SM Entertainment family member Choi Siwon by making a cameo appearance on his upcoming drama.

As many of you know, Choi Siwon is starring in a new SBS‘ drama coincidentally with an Oh! in the title, titled Oh! My Lady. It’s a romantic comedy about a normal woman (ahjuma) who becomes the manager of a top celebrity (Siwon). The current plan is for SNSD to make their cameo appearance in the show for a concert scene.

This is Choi Siwon’s first role as part of a drama’s main cast and it’s good to see fellow family members supporting him for it. Evermore, SNSD’s popularity is through the roof and the group has never made any drama appearances together as a group, so the team behind Oh! My Lady is hoping SNSD’s cameo will peak interest and help the ratings.

Oh! My Lady will premiere on March 15th.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNSD’s Tiffany & Yuri to host Music Core with CNBLUE

SNSD’s Tiffany and Yuri are currently hosts on MBC Music Core and will be joined by indie rock band CNBLUE, to host and celebrate the very special 200th episode of the show!

Not only that but a special segment called Dance History will feature 2PM and SHINee with Park Hyun Bin collaborating with Hong Jin Young to put on a special trot medley.

This episode will feature many of our favorite idol groups like SNSD, CNBLUE, 2PM, SHINee, Kara, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, Baek Ji Young, After School and many more, so be sure to stay tuned to MGGL!!!

Kangta thanks SNSD upon his military discharge

Kangta is a former member of H.O.T., which was one of the most popular idol groups of all time. Back in April of 2008, he entered the military, which is mandatory for all Korean males. After serving for nearly two years, he’s finally being discharged. After being formally discharged from the military he thanked SNSD / Girls’ Generation.

On the 19th, Kangta met with reporters and had a nice relaxed interview in which he talked about his life in the army. Of course, after two years of service in the military, having the paparazzi in your face again would be somewhat of an annoyance, but Kangta rolled with the punches and responded very kindly to the reporters.

He stated, “I still feel awkward being in front of cameras again, but I’ll soon be adapted again.”

But why did Kangta feel the need to thank the girls of SNSD? Kangta said, “SNSD came to visit me once and my unit went crazy. It was so bad that it would have been rude of me to ask them to come again. The girls asked their manager to take a polaroid photo of them and they gave it to me… after that my popularity went straight through the roof.”

He continued, “In my unit, I was of course a SNSD fan. Many girl groups were my energy throughout my army life. Thank you. Now I’ll try my best to be a helpful sunbae (senior).”

Of course, Seoul has been turned into a winter wonderland in the past month and although temperatures were below freezing, some 300 fans waited from as early as 8 in the morning to see Kangta. He expressed his gratitude to the dedicated fans who showed up, “Even though it’s cold and snowing, I am very thankful to all my fans who showed up.”

And of course, who could think of the Korean army without thinking of countless nights of ramen and all around Asian junk food? Kangta shared his favorite barrack foods with the reporters as well. He stated, “Out of all the food I had in the army, the most delicious would have to be Tang Su Yuk (sweet and sour pork). Right now I really want to eat pig feet.”

SNSD’s Seohyun is receiving lots of love calls

We all know Seohyun’s been receiving love calls from her new husband Jung Yonghwa, but that’s not all. Ever since SNSD returned with Oh!, the youngest member of the group has been completely stealing the spotlight and it’s about time.

Seohyun who was always quiet and overshadowed is now quite the popular one, she’s been receiving love calls from various drama producers. A representative stated, “she has received offers for many different projects.”

The rep also stated, “Different from the other SNSD members who are well known to the public, it’s actually an advantage that Seohyun is low key. She’s still young and we know she has enormous room to grow, therefore the broadcast studios have been highly anticipating what she has to offer.”

Seohyun’s quiet personality and pure innocent looks are finally being recognized by fans as well as the industry. Jung Yonghwa is a lucky man, or is it the other way around…

SNSD makes a surprise entrance on the Oricon charts

SNSD/Girls’ Generation had another hit comeback with their second album, Oh!, as many of us know. In fact, it was so successful that it surprisingly entered on Japan’s Oricon charts!

The chart stated that SNSD’s second album was at the #54 spot for the second week of February. Although this number may seem low on the ranks, it’s quite an achievement considering the fact that the group did not have any promotions or appearances in Japan at all.

A representative from SM Entertainment said,

“We are surprised that SNSD’s comeback album got on the Oricon charts without any promotions. The album is also famous in many other Asian countries like China. There were rumors going around about SNSD’s possible promotions in the Japanese music market. We haven’t decided on this yet. However, the album is selling very well in Japanese stores.”

It looks like k-pop really is dominating all over Asia. Let’s just hope that we can get more attention in the West, and then we’ll be global!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SNSD’s Seohyun and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa spotted dating

As many of you know by know, SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Seohyun and CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa will become a married couple on the hit show We Got Married. Earlier we wrote about what happened, now you can see what happened.

Filming for the new couple has already begun and they were spotted earlier today at Lotte World, a large amusement park similar to Disney World. I can’t wait to watch this couple on the show, it should be very interesting! Check out some of the photos and fancams below, thanks to XDSuJu for the tip.

SNSD’s Seohyun is number 1 in…?

On the 16th, the online music site Box held a poll asking “Which singer do you want to receive a graduation present from?” The poll was went from the 8th of February to the 16th and had 3911 responses during that 8 day span.

Recently graduated Seohyun of SNSD got an overwhelming 44.46% of the vote! That’s 1739 people who would want the soon-to-be-wed maknae to give them a gift.

Netizen comments included, “If Seohyun came to my school, I think the aura would become heavenly,” and “If Seohyun handed me a graduation gift, I think it would be the world’s best graduation.”

In second place was 2AM’s Seulong who received 21.45% of the votes (839 votes); MBLAQ’s Lee Joon came in 3rd with 14.93% of the votes.

The other poll options included Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung and T-ara’s Hyomin.

It looks like people want Seohyun all to themselves & don’t want her hanging around Jung Yonghwa!

Yoona & Taecyeon confront each other about couple ring scandal

Although the couple ring situation between SNSD’s YoonA and 2PM’s Taecyeon was promptly clarified by Taecyeon via Cyworld back in January, it looks like the duo in question didn’t speak to each other about the issue until recently. It’s been revealed that YoonA and Taecyeon tied up loose ends during the filming for the first episode of SBS Family Outing.

For the first episode, the cast traveled to Misari Regatta, a park & boat racing track about twelve miles from Seoul. To get to the shooting location that early morning, YoonA and Taecyeon got on the same car.

The car ride was reportedly awkward at first, until YoonA brought up the topic of the couple ring matter. YoonA showed Taecyeon her ring, explaining that it was an SNSD member ring. In response, Taecyeon explained that his parents had gotten him his ring. With that, the atmosphere brightened and the duo enjoyed the rest of the drive.

This episode is set to air on February 21. The anticipation has been building for a few weeks now, so stay tuned for the broadcast!

Taecyeon & “hottie” Tae Yeon perform Genie on Win Win

KBS2’s latest idol talk show Win Win is still new on the block, but it’s already gathering attention for its impressive MC line-up and 2PM’s guest appearance on the February 16 episode. Although, many viewers had their hopes up about 2PM’s promise to answer fan-generated questions on this show, fans were left disappointed when Kim Seung Woo revealed that 2PM was forbidden to speak on the matter.

Fortunately, the episode itself wasn’t gloomy at all; in fact, Taecyeon and SNSD’s Taeyeon performed Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) for the crowd. Although the performance was only forty seconds long, it’s definitely a performance that S♥NEs & Hottests can’t pass up.

Watch the TaeTaec duo in action here!

Heechul thinks Sunny still has a long way to go…

On the next Invincible Youth, the G7 girls invited their close star friends over to their “open-house” filming.

Kim Shin Young unsurprisingly left the G7 girls in stitches after using honorifics during a phone call with Super Junior’s Heechul, even though they’re good friends and the same age.

Heechul joked around by using different voices and referring to Kim Shin Young as a “cold-hearted woman.”

The main event was when Heechul created waves of laughter after saying to SNSD’s Sunny, “You still have a long way to go in reality shows.”

The episode will air on February 19.

What did Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun do on their first date?

The newest couple on MBC’s make-believe reality show, “We Got Married,” SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun and CNBlue’s leader Jung Yonghwa had their anticipated and heart-pounding first date.

The two met on the 17th at the Seoul Jamsil Bookstore and started off their first date by browsing through a couple of books. Seohyun and Yonghwa then headed on over to a cafe and affectionately shared a slice of cake together.

The couple also paid a visit to Lotte World, which is one of Korea’s most popular amusement parks. The two really showed their cute side when they bought headbands with cute animal ears attached.

One of the staff-members said, “At first, we didn’t know what to do with the two but after time passed, the couple were receiving compliments from people here and there saying ‘how they seem fit for each other so well.’”

Pictures of the two on their first date started floating around on various sites and have gotten enormous amounts of attention from netizens.

Excited fans of the couple left comments such as, “I’m already anticipating this so much because pictures are already up” and, “I’m so curious about not only how awkward it must have been for the two but also how pretty it was.”

Although many SNSD and CNBlue fans will be left heartbroken, one could also expect a ton of “awws,” right? A couple of fan-taken pictures have certainly turned the tide with more for than against the new couple now.

The first date is scheduled to air at the beginning of March.

Battle of the ratings: Yoona vs Seo Hyun

Girl group SNSD recently made their comeback with their 2nd album but Yoona and maknae Seohyun will be joining the weekend reality programs, and many are wondering who will have the best rating for their debut episode.

SNSD’s Yuri and Sunny are already cast members of Invincible Youth, but fans are now more gaining an interest in two other members, with Yoona joining Family Outing Season 2 and Seohyun tying the knot on We Got Married.

Although the shows are on different days of the weekend, their airing dates are so close that people can’t help but compare the show’s ratings.

Yoona participated in her first shooting of Family Outing last month on the 25th as she joins idol group members, 2PM’s Taecyeon and 2AM’s Jo Kwon among others for a brand new Family Outing Season 2.

Seohyun has just graduated from her high school not too long ago and it looks like she’s already tying the knot with CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa, having completed their first filming session on the 12th where they dated at a theme park, cd store and eating sweet potatoes at a cafe.

Season 2 of Family Outing will be airing on February 25th with Seohyun’s We Got Married episode airing sometime in March. But I guess SNSD fans will be the happiest lot. Besides seeing the girls performing on music shows, you also get a consecutive dose of the SNSD girls on variety shows from Friday to Sunday through KBS, MBC and SBS respectively. Strangely enough, even the music shows happen in that order, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo!

So who do you think will get the higher rating?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SNSD’s Soo Young cornered in a public toilet stall

On the February 16th broadcast of Strong Heart, SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung confessed about an incident involving a toilet.

The members of SNSD understandably don’t get much vacation time for themselves, but Sooyoung had a rare chance to spend some time with her family so she did.

The family was at the Seoul subway stop when some fans took notice, Sooyoung who wasn’t all decked out in her stage apparel and makeup, ran into the bathroom to hide (she was afraid someone would write that she doesn’t look that good in person).

I noticed these two girls staring at me and whispering to each other. So I went to the bathroom to hide when I heard knocking on my stall door. So I tried to just keep quiet, but then I heard a girl say, ‘Sooyoung unni, are you there?’. I just stayed silent, hoping they would go away, but then the girl said, ‘Unni can you sign something for me?’.

And so the story went on with the girls persisting that it was Sooyoung who was in the stall. Eventually, Sooyoung had to deny that it was her, telling the girls, “I’m not Sooyoung sorry,” multiple times. Of course, just as the girls were losing hope, Sooyoung’s mother yells into the bathroom, “CHOI SOOYOUNG! ARE YOU POOPING!?

Of course, with her identity confirmed, no fan would just leave. Sooyoung said, “They slipped a piece of paper under the stall door and I just took it and quickly signed it. They eventually went away and I was finally able to get out of the bathroom!

Cornered in a public toilet stall and embarrassed by mom publicly, who could possibly complain?