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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Send Your Message To KBS To Win Autographed Cd!

This week’s K-Chart Number 1 nominees are “Huh Gak” & “Girl's Generation (SNSD)”~!!

Send us your ideas on the encore performance,
and get the K-Chart winner’s autographed CD!

It would be great if you come up with something that our two MCs can participate in~~!!

The message will be on air and the K-Chart winner will fulfill your request on Music Bank LIVE~!!

* Example of a Request *
[Huh Gak] If you win this week, please jump as high as possible with two MCs~! (Mindy / Seoul)

** PLEASE DO NOT SPAM YOUR MESSAGES! Our staffs DO READ every single message. We wouldn't count the overlapped messages. **

** Your name & country has to be included in the message <- IMPORTANT!! **

** The request has to be types of “actions” that the singers can do while they are singing. **

We'll be collecting your messages through KBS World Twitter ( until Friday Noon (KST, UTC+9)

We’ll be contacting each of the winners through Twitter Direct message.
Please be our follower when you participate in the event, so that we can contact you individually.

The event winner will be announced this Friday (Nov 19, 2010) on LIVE Music Bank~!

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