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Friday, November 26, 2010

Soo Young revealed SNSD’s reactions towards medicine

Soo Young revealed some peculiar incidents about the girls.

Recently, during the recording of KBS 2TV’s late night variety show ‘Night Star’, Soo Young confessed that she helps SNSD members to organize their roundworm medicine (for prevention purpose) once in every 6 months.

Soo Young said, “As there are so many of us, I often get confused about who’s taking the medicine and who’s not. Therefore,I would carefully write down their names next to the medicine”. Soo Young also revealed that among the members, Tae Yeon and Jessica hate taking the roundworm medicine the most. According to her again, to ensure that they really take the medicine, one will have to watch them closely from the moment they have the pills in their hands, with a glass of water up to the moment they swallow the pills.

Jessica on the other hand, would come up with excuses not to take the medicine. Sooyoung explained that other members would take their medicines when they catch a cold but not Jessica. Once, she refused to take the tablet and said, “I’m only this sick. It would eventually go away”.

Want to hear more stories about the girls? Make sure you catch them at KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” on November 28th at 11.15pm KST.

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