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Friday, November 12, 2010

SNSD Sunny's Name Was Misspelled!

On KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” which will be aired on November 11th, Sunny rev ealed some interesting stories while performing in Japan. Sunny said, “While performing on stage in Japan, I noticed some interesting messages on the placards heldby the Japanese fans”.

According to Sunny, there were some mistakes made by the Japanese fans when they wrote the messages in Hangul. Some of these mistakes were:

- 결혼해줘 (Romanization: gyeolhonhaejwo/ Meaning: Let’s get married) which was written as 걸혼해줘 (Romanization: geolhonhaejwo)
- 사랑해 (Romanization: saranghae/ Meaning: I love you) which was written as 서랑해 (Romanization: seoranghae)

Sunny thought that it was really fun to see these spelling mistakes. She added, “Seeing my name “써니 (Sseoni)” being written as “싸니 (Ssani)” gave me a heartache”. Upon hearing Sunny’s explanation, the crowd burst into laughter.

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  1. wow.."ssani" unnie!
    btw,happy besday,yuri.I am yuri lover^,^