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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shin Seung Hoon was nervous when “Gee” clinched #1 for 9 weeks in a row

Recently, during the recording of tvN’s interview show, “Baek Jiyeon’s People Inside”, veteran singer Shin Seung Hoon looked back at his 20 years’ singing career and revealed his love stories and untold grievances.

While talking about his 2nd album “Invisible Love”, Shin Seung Hoon admitted that SNSD’s achievements made him feel nervous. He said, “When I saw SNSD took #1 for 9 weeks in a row, I was feeling a bit nervous”. He then explained that the reason for being nervous was because one of his hits “Invisible Love” made it to Korea’s record book for taking the #1 spot on a music program for 14 weeks in a row.

He added, “I hope my record will not be broken. Nowadays, the music industry moves rapidly. If a hit song only survives for a week, it will be forgotten very soon”.

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