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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Psy is a big fan of which SNSD member…?

Singer Psy expressed his fondness recently for a certain member from SNSD.

On this week’s “Entertainment Relay-Guerilla Date“, Psy walked through the streets around Hongik University with his interviewer and pedestrian fans.

He talked a little about his job as a songwriter, and how people seemed incredulous of his abilities. “When people find out that I wrote Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Because You’re My Woman,’ they don’t want to believe me, nor do they actually believe me.”

He continued, “Recently, I got asked by SNSD’s Taeyeon to write a song for her. I felt more proud of her recognition than any other songwriters’ recognition. I would write her not just one song, but ten songs!”

It’s sweet to see how attached Psy can be to those who recognize his talents.

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