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Thursday, November 18, 2010

SNSD performs Hoot + Genie at 8th Republic of Korea Film Awards

SNSD and actress Song YoonA’s opening performance as well as some ‘unique’ captions by the organizer at the 8th Republic Of Korea Film Awards have become the recent topic of interest.

The 8th Republic of Korea Film Awards was held at 7.00pm KST on November 18th at the Sejong Cultural Centre Auditorium. SNSD and Song YoonA kicked off the award ceremony with a joint-performance of “Tell Me Your Wish”. Some media jokingly mentioned Song YoonA as the substitute for Tiffany who is nursing her knee injury at the moment.

Before SNSD’s performance, MBC put up an interesting caption on the screen which stated “Please watch SNSD’s performances with a smile on your face“. It was believed that the caption was put up due to the criticism by the public on an incident which happened at the 47th Grand Bell Film Awards on October 29th where SNSD performed in front of actors and actresses who showed very little or no expression on their faces.

This time, the girls received loud applause, unlike the somewhat gloomy and cold atmosphere at the 47th Grand Bell Awards. SNSD responded to the supports received with their ever-impressive performances of “Hoot” and “Tell Me Your Wish”.

Here are the performances:

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