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Sunday, November 14, 2010

SNSD to perform at the prestigious 2010 FNS Music Festival in Japan

SNSD will be participating in a year-end music festival in Japan.

Come December 4th, SNSD will be making their appearance on 2010 Fuji TV FNS Music Festival. The FNS Music Festival is one of the major year-end music festivals in Japan where it features performances from popular artists in the country.

On November 15th, Fuji TV had released the list of the performers who will be participating in the 2010 FNS Music Festival via their official website. In the announcement image/banner, the name “少女時代 (SNSD)” was placed in the 3rd row, alongside popular Japanese singers.

Besides SNSD, this year’s FNS Music Festival this year features popular artists like Arashi, V6, Kinki Kids, Ken Hirai, EXILE, AKB48, SMAP, TUBE, Mai Kuraki, JUJU, Kubota Toshinobu, Noriyuki Takihara, etc.

The fact that SNSD are the only Korean artists listed as one of the performers in this year-end festival has caught the attention of many. Following the released of their first Japanese debut single “Genie” and then, the 2nd Japanese Single “Gee”, SNSD are enjoying massive popularity in Japan and they have contributed to the rise of Korean girl group craze in the country.

The FNS Music Festival which will be held on December 4th, will be aired LIVE for 4 hours starting 7.00pm (Japan’s local time).

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