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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which careermen would be most suitable as husbands for SNSD?

A recent poll held by wedding information company, Docs Club, revealed some interesting results for the SNSD members.

They asked 71 “couple managers” from various wedding planning companies about which careers would best fit the future husbands of the SNSD ladies. The top four results were: legal, financial, politician, and someone working in the management field.

74% picked member Seo Hyun as someone would be most compatible with a busy legal professional, because she portrays an image of the ‘classic dutiful wife’.

Because Sunny is known for her cute image, she was chosen to fit best with a financial professional, locking down 39% of the votes. With 41% of the votes, Yoona was selected to be most compatible with a politician husband because of her spotless reputation.

Finally, with 51%, Leader Tae Yeon is said to match with a CEO because of her strong image.

What do you think about these results, or even this poll? Let us know through your comments below!

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