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Thursday, November 4, 2010

SNSD share their thoughts on the “YongSeo couple”

The SNSD members cried “Jealous~” in unison as the topic of “YongSeo Couple” came up in their interview on November 2nd, causing Seo Hyun to blush in red.

Seo Hyun stated, “It seems like my unnies are interested more than me. They monitor the show often for me. Their attention must be due to the uniqueness of the relationship, right? Unnies keep telling me to take his hands. I’m embarrassed.”

The SNSD members elaborated on Seo Hyun’s change after the marriage. Tiffany said, “This album has tracks where her changed vocals really shine, she really improved. I guess there is emotion behind her voice? Her vocals and feel improved. I told them, ‘We have all got to date’.”

The romantic teasing did not stop even as Seo Hyun shoot her hands in denial. In fact, Seo Hyun turned redder with each shout of “Oh!!“, “Really?” and “yoohoo“.

Tiffany continued, “Truthfully, this has never happened for our maknae. These changes are really funny to us. She’s changed. She’s changed.” Tae Yeon stated in her softest voice, “I was married too (to Jung Hyung Don), but forcefully divorced”, cracking up her members.

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