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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yuri & Tiffany battled for “Mistake”

SNSD’s latest track on their “Hoot” mini-album, “Mistake,” earned much attention after its release for being written by member Yuri herself.

The members revealed in a recent interview that Tiffany and Yuri had to battle one another in order to get their lyrics included in the album. The members stated, “They both battled until the very end, although Yuri won. Yuri’s lyrics about a heart breaking crush must’ve fit better with the song than Tiffany’s lyrics about never ending love.”

Yuri stated, “I’ve always wanted to personally contribute to the album. Lyrics that I had already written up fit well with our new song, so it was a great chance and opportunity. It was very different watching us perform a song that I wrote, as it almost made me choke up.”

When asked whether her lyrics stem from personal experience, Yuri shook her head before answering, “I have a habit of writing down things on a memo while reading. These lyrics were influenced by some notes I took from a book.”

Member Tiffany added, “I like writing as well. Should I receive another opportunity, I will take it and go with something stronger.”

The remaining members expressed their desire to participate in their next album production as well. Taeyeon has been busily studying about writing music, while Seohyun has been taking lessons on jazz piano.

The group claimed that their goal was to produce an album with nine different songs written and composed by each of them. The title track will be decided by a game of rock, paper, scissor.

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