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Thursday, November 4, 2010

SNSD’s Hyo Yeon still has a crush on a mysterious male idol

On November 2nd, Hyo Yeon confessed during a SNSD press conference that she still harbors a crush on the male idol that she mentioned in May.

To refresh, Hyo Heon revealed that she had a crush on a male idol during an episode of ‘Strong Heart‘. She said,

I have a one-sided love with a male idol group member. I think of him every night before I go to sleep and he even appears in my dreams. He doesn’t have double eyelid and has a good sense of humor.

At the press conference, Hyo Yeon was asked whether she still had a crush on the male idol. She responded truthfully,

Yes. It’s still the same. I like to see people who work hard. If by any chance anyone has an interest in me, if you show me that you are hard working, I’ll like you.

Fellow SNSD member Sunny explained, ”When Hyo Yeon sees people work hard on stage she says, ‘Wow, so hard-working. I wonder how much you had to practice to do that.’

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