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Thursday, November 4, 2010

SNSD Soo Young’s Former Japanese Unit’s Pictures Are A Hot Topic

Former pictures of SNSD member Soo Young have become a hot topic online, with the title “The History of Soo Young’s Appearance Change”.

We go back to 2002 to the beginning of her appearance change. Soo Young debuted in the Korea-Japan unit “route0” in 2002 during the time of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Soo Young, whom didn’t really look like a 12 year old, rapped in Korean in their Japanese songs. She seemed mature for her age back then, as well as now.

The second image is from 2006 when she VJ’d on Mnet’s “Live Broadcast Hello Chat”. Her plump cheeks and large eyes were striking. Netizens have said they think it’s good that Soo Young has returned with a sexy image in “Hoot”, but the lively pure and innocent Soo Young is also good.

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