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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jessica’s 100 irresistable aegyos revealed!

Jessica has joined Sunny and Tae Yeon and the three shorties are in the “aegyo team”.

Through online forums, “Jessica’s 100 irresistable aegyos set” was revealed to the public. The compilation portrays Jessica’s charming smiles with cute poses.

“Cute”, “pure” and “sexy” are the words to describe the naturally-beautiful Jessica’s look and smiles.

Netizens who saw the compilations commented:

-”Jessica’s aegyo would definitely melt uncles’ hearts”
-”Jessica’s aegyo is unbeatable. She’s perfectly cute”
-”She has the best aegyo”

If you’re still wondering about it, here’s the video clip and let Jessica kill you with her aegyo!

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