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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The face that Korean moms wish their child will have?

SNSD Seo Hyun and 2PM Nichkhun’s looks have been chosen by Korean pregnanct moms as the look that they wish their child would have.

On 29th Oct, a pregnant woman centre in Seoul conducted a survey for 224 pregnant woman, asking them [Whose looks in MBC’s WGM would they want their child to have]. 2PM Nichkhun and SNSD Seo Hyun have gained superior results as the first place for the male and female category. Seo Hyun had 107 votes (47.8%) at first place, below her was Nichkhun’s wife Victoria who had 69 votes (30.8%), Gain gained 14 votes at third place.
On the male side, Nichkhun gained favour of 148 pregnant woman, putting him at first place. At second and third place are Yong Hwa and JoKwon who had 39 votes (17.4%) and 6 votes (7.1%) respectively.
Not long ago, Nichkhun had obtained first place in Nate’s survey [The idol singer who can protect his lover], the Chinese-Thai Nichkhun’s popularity in Korea cannot be looked down upon.

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