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Friday, December 3, 2010

Choi Jin Hyuk’s computer is full of Yuri Players

On SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart – Royal Family Special’ aired on November 30th, actor Choi Jin Hyuk confessed that he is a big fan of Yuri.

On the show, Choi Jinhyuk said, “Honestly, I’m a big fan of SNSD‘s Yuri. My computer’s desktop is full of Yuri Players (a fan-made video player of which a set of favorite videos of an artist are compiled and edited) and thus, it is difficult whenever i try to look for something on my desktop”. The participants of the show were surprised after hearing Jinhyuk’s confession.

He added, “To me, Yuri is like a goddess. Besides her beauty, Yuri also seems to be a very sweet woman. I like her ‘Jjanggu (Crayon Shinchan) dance‘ in particular”. Yuri then did her fan service by performing the ‘Jjangu dance’ and fanboy, Choi Jinhyuk could not hide his excitement.

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