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Friday, December 17, 2010

Increasing concern over idols’ dangerous work conditions

With the recent injury of SNSD’s Tiffany, industry representatives have been raising voices of concern over the dangerous conditions idol singers are forced to perform in.

The majority of idols perform elaborate choreography on slippery stages while wearing clothing that distracts and gets in the way of safety measures. Female idols are especially prone to injuries, as they usually perform in 10cm ‘kill heels,’ increasing the possibility of an injury occurring.

Not only that, but their jam packed schedules and frequent dance rehearsals leave no time for rest, straining their bodies to work under high levels of fatigue.

Park Sung Jin, the director of Wellton Hospital, commented, “Injuries such as desmorrhexis are increasing amongst the youth due to intense workouts and carelessness. It’s difficult to treat damaged ligaments, and recovery takes a long time, so it’s important that injuries don’t happen at a young age.”

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