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Friday, December 10, 2010

SNSD eye 500k sales in Japan before year ends

SNSD who had just debuted in Japan in September 2010, are expecting to hit the 500,000 copies mark in terms of albums and DVD sales in Japan.

According to Oricon, SNSD who released 2 singles and a DVD, recorded a total sales of 318,736 as of December 9th. The DVD entitled ‘Girls’ Generation Torai – Commemorative Edition – New Beginning of Girls’ Generation‘ sold 81,034 copies as of the date mentioned, while First Japanese Debut Single ‘Genie’ which was released on September 8th, recorded sales of 112,724 copies. 2nd Debut Single ‘Gee‘ which was unveiled on October 20th added 124,978 copies to the tally.

The DVD still manages to fetch sales of about 2,142 copies in the 17th week of it’s release and it was ranked 6th based on Oricon Weekly Chart released on December 6th. Based on the Singles Weekly Chart (December 6th), ‘Genie’ and ‘Gee’ sold 2201 copies (13th week) and 4155 copies (7th week) respectively.

In addition to these, the Japanese edition of ‘Hoot’ which will be released on December 22nd is expected to boost SNSD’s annual sales in Japan and thus, surpassing the 500,000 copies mark. Japanese edition of ‘Hoot’ which comes in Regular Edition, Limited Pressing Edition and First Press Limited Edition is expected to fetch better sales than singles. With that, the goal of exceeding 100,000 copies for every music release will soon be realized.

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