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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SNSD's Yuri is very close to all SHINee members except Onew due to...?

Recently, SNSD were guests for KBS2 "YaHaengSung" (Night Star Variety Show).

For a section of the show, SNSD's Yoona started to say something she is proud of. She said that she was proud of herself for going to see SHINee's Onew musical, "Rock of Ages" and went to support him even though she was really tired.

Host Jong Shin asked Yuri if she goes to musicals and Yuri replied honesty that she is not very close to Onew. Yuri continued by explaining that she likes him but because their gag styles are different causing all the hosts to agree with her.

Host Jong Shin even said "Speaking of Onew's gag style, he's a loner". JongShin then asked Yuri which SHINee members she is close to and Yuri replied "Everyone but Onew".

To wrap up the whole situation, JongShin said "Now I think... Yoona is really nice". Even SHINee's Onew agreed and said "Yoona is a nice girl~"

Check out this hilarious scene here!

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