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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yuri feels the ‘burden’ everytime she goes to Japan

On SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on November 30th, Yuri talked about the ‘burden’ she has while carrying out SNSD‘s activities in Japan.

According to Yuri, SNSD who wore hot pants (which revealed their beautiful legs) during ‘Genie’ debut in Japan were labeled as ‘Beautiful Legs Group’ ever since. When they were featured on TV shows, there were talks about their legs. Yuri added that the camera would even focus on their legs.

Due to the fact that a lot of interest and attention were directed to their legs during broadcasts, she felt that it was really a burden. Yuri explained that every time they are off to Japan, she would be spending more time and attention on her legs rather than her face. Especially when there are wounds, cuts and bruises on the legs, these visible marks have to be covered up with make-ups.

Yuri then gave everyone a good laugh when she revealed the truth behind ‘Beautiful Legs Group’ by saying, “SNSD members’ legs are generally not beautiful. Only a few are beautiful. There are members with shorts legs and some have thick legs.

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