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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SNSD to appear on Japanese drama ‘Sazae-san 3′

SNSD will be making a surprise appearance on a Japanese drama.

According to Sankei Sports on December 16th, SNSD will be making an appearance on Fuji TV’s special drama ‘Sazae-san 3′ which is scheduled to be aired on January 2nd at 6.30pm.

According to the Japanese daily, SNSD had completed the recording for ‘Sazae-san’ in October, before Tiffany’s injury and thus, viewers would be able to see all the nine girls on the show.

The drama ‘Sazae-san’ was adapted from a Japanese comic strip created by Machiko Hasegawa which was first published on Fukunichi Shimbun on April 22nd, 1946. 23 years later, in October 1969, Fuji TV aired an animated comedy series of ‘Sazae-san’ and it is still in production
after 40 years.

In the drama, the girls will dress in cute golf costumes, revealing their slim figures. Also, this is the first time foreign guests are featured in the drama and SNSD was given that honor.

PD of the program, Asano Sumi said, “While I was looking for suitable guests for the show, I came across SNSD’s promotional video and i immediately wanted them on the show”.

SNSD commented, “We are really happy as we received lots of love from the Japanese people for our appearance on the show”.

Here’s the preview of ‘Sazae-san 3′ featuring SNSD:

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