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Friday, December 3, 2010

Yulivia Newton-John

Have you seen Yuri acting in a musical before? Not to worry, you’ll get the chance soon!

During the recording of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100″ , Yuri and Minho were selected to act in musical ‘Grease‘ as part of the ‘Increasing Expressions’ lesson.

As a ‘new student’ of the school in this program, Yuri showcased the “Hoot” arrow dance and it was well received, especially among the male ‘students’ and the staffs.

During the ‘Increasing Expressions’ lesson, Yuri and Minho performed of the famous musical number from the movie ‘Grease’ called ‘Summer Nights‘. The members of the show were amazed as they watched Yuri and Minho acted out one of the most famous musical movies of all time.

Musical actress, Kim Sohyun was specially invited to the program as a ‘teacher’ to evaluate the ‘students’ on their expressions during the musical lessons. On Yuri, Sohyun said, “Right now, she could perform on musical stage”, praising Yuri for her performance and stating the possibility of Yuri becoming a musical actress one day.

The program was heated up even more during the kissing scene at the end of their performance, which filled the members and even the staff of the program with excitement.

Aren’t you curious if they really kissed? Make sure you don’t miss KBS 2TV’s ’100 Points out of 100′ at 5.15pm KST on December 4th.

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