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Friday, December 17, 2010

‘I Love You’ MR-Removed version: Tae Yeon praised for her awesome singing ability

Recently, the MR-Removed version of Tae Yeon’s ‘I Love You’ (the OST for SBS drama ‘Athena’) videos have surfaced on online entertainment forum sites.

For those who are not familiar with the term, MR means Music Recorded. So, for MR-Removed videos, basically, the music is taken out from the video and all that can be heard is the artist’s actual vocal ability. This method has been used to evaluate the vocal abilities of artists such as SNSD, IU, Beast, Sistar, Tiara and other idol groups.

From the MR-removed video of ‘I Love You’, one could only come up with a conclusion that Tae Yeon’s singing ability is near-perfect as there is only a slight 1% of voice wavering and the difference between the normal and MR-removed video (in terms of singing) could hardly be detected. Composer of ‘I Love You’, Ahn Youngmin even praised Tae Yeon for her great singing ability.

Netizens who heard the MR-Removed version gave their praises to Tae Yeon:

-”Powerful singing ability”
-”How is it possible that such voice comes from someone with a kid-like face?”
-”This is a really good song. Superb singing ability”

Check out the MR-Removed version of ‘I Love You’ and be amazed!

Meanwhile, SNSD will be attending the TBS Japan Record Awards in Japan on December 30th.

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