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Sunday, December 5, 2010

SNSD to target Europe in 2011?

The popularity of SNSD reached the ears of‘s writers.

On December 3rd, published an article entitled, ‘Korea’s Girls’ Generation/SNSD Ready To Storm Japan’, highlighting mostly SNSD’s success in Japan.

In the article mentioned, “The Japanese music market may be increasingly resistant to international repertoire, but that isn’t stopping Girls’ Generation. The Korean girl group is hoping to turn huge YouTube buzz into sales in Japan and other international markets”.

At the end of the article, also mentioned about SNSD’s upcoming plans which includes the prospect of targetting Europe in 2011.

Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese-language album is due in the spring, and the group may target Europe later in 2011. There aren’t yet any plans for a North American release.

In addition to that, MBC News which was aired earlier today covered the Korean Wave in France. Based on these hints, is it true that Soshi is going to Europe next year? For now, we can only wait as we gather more hints coming our way.

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