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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tiffany’s lookalike dances to “Hoot” with SNSD on ‘Star King’

Baek Seon Ah, a reporter for MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication‘, made a guest appearance on this week’s ‘Star King‘, where she came on as a contestant for the show’s ‘Voices of Miracles Project‘.

The reporter is known to be Tiffany’s lookalike, and indeed, was first nicknamed as ‘Sogang University’s Tiffany‘ after she represented the college last year for the ‘Miss University Pageant‘.

During her appearance on ‘Star King’, Baek Seon Ah danced alongside SNSD and performed the trademark ‘Robin Hood’ dance from ‘Hoot‘. She also showcased her lovable charms through her performance of f(x)’s ‘NU ABO‘.

Besides the above, you can check out Tae Yeon singing on Star King:

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