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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9 girls with golden hearts transformed into angels to help a single mother

SNSD transformed into angels and helped out in a donation drive for a single mother who is suffering from cancer.

On MBC’s ’7 Days’ Miracle’ which will be aired on December 9th at 6.50pm KST, a donation drive was being carried out for Mdm. Kim Jung Ok, a single mom diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer.

All 9 members of SNSD showed their support by donating some of their own items. In particular, their rare signed debut album. MC Kim Jedong, who is a samchon (uncle) fan of SNSD went down on his knees and said, “This is paradise!”.

At the trading centre, queues were formed next to SNSD and Kim Jedong. As items for trade such as notebooks, netbooks, monitors, game consoles, etc were put up for trading, a brave male fan then spoke up, “Taeyeon-ah, Would you like to go to Hongdae with Oppa? Let’s go”. Meanwhile, SNSD’s T-Shirts were the hot trading items.

Mdm. Kim Jung Ok also had a car accident and she is also suffering from 2nd Degree Intellectual Disability. Her husband passed away due to diabetes and she single handedly raised her two kids, aged 13 and 14 (a boy and a girl) by working in a factory. In December 2009, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer.

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