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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yoona & Taecyeon confront each other about couple ring scandal

Although the couple ring situation between SNSD’s YoonA and 2PM’s Taecyeon was promptly clarified by Taecyeon via Cyworld back in January, it looks like the duo in question didn’t speak to each other about the issue until recently. It’s been revealed that YoonA and Taecyeon tied up loose ends during the filming for the first episode of SBS Family Outing.

For the first episode, the cast traveled to Misari Regatta, a park & boat racing track about twelve miles from Seoul. To get to the shooting location that early morning, YoonA and Taecyeon got on the same car.

The car ride was reportedly awkward at first, until YoonA brought up the topic of the couple ring matter. YoonA showed Taecyeon her ring, explaining that it was an SNSD member ring. In response, Taecyeon explained that his parents had gotten him his ring. With that, the atmosphere brightened and the duo enjoyed the rest of the drive.

This episode is set to air on February 21. The anticipation has been building for a few weeks now, so stay tuned for the broadcast!

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