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Friday, February 12, 2010

The show will still go on for SNSD’s Sunny

As previously reported, SNSD / Girls’ Generation member Sunny has been feeling under the weather recently.

According to SM Entertainment, in the last SBS ‘Inkigayo’ performance on the 11th, Sunny performed the group’s new popular song, ‘Oh!” with the rest of the members. Inkigayo is usually broadcasted every Sunday afternoon; however, because of the upcoming Lunar New Years celebration on the 14th, Inkigayo was prerecorded today, with Sunny present.

In addition, a representative of SME said, “Sunny will be performing on today’s Music Bank with SNSD as scheduled. Sunny is still taking medicine, but her condition has improved greatly since the 10th.”

On February 10th, Sunny was present on KBS2TV “Invincible Youth,” but because her fever was so high, she was unable to attend Shindong and Kim Shin Young’s Shim Shim Ta Pa radio show with her fellow members.

Thankfully all nine ladies will be able to perform together for both performances, and none of the music shows will exclude the most sunny (pun intended) member of SNSD. It still doesn’t seem like Sunny has healed completely so hopefully, SME will allow her sufficient time to rest before resuming with promotional activities again.

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