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Thursday, February 18, 2010

SNSD’s Seohyun is receiving lots of love calls

We all know Seohyun’s been receiving love calls from her new husband Jung Yonghwa, but that’s not all. Ever since SNSD returned with Oh!, the youngest member of the group has been completely stealing the spotlight and it’s about time.

Seohyun who was always quiet and overshadowed is now quite the popular one, she’s been receiving love calls from various drama producers. A representative stated, “she has received offers for many different projects.”

The rep also stated, “Different from the other SNSD members who are well known to the public, it’s actually an advantage that Seohyun is low key. She’s still young and we know she has enormous room to grow, therefore the broadcast studios have been highly anticipating what she has to offer.”

Seohyun’s quiet personality and pure innocent looks are finally being recognized by fans as well as the industry. Jung Yonghwa is a lucky man, or is it the other way around…

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