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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SNSD’s Soo Young to party with her fans

SNSD/Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung celebrated her 21st birthday with her fellow members on the 10th (KST). After her private soiree, Sooyoung is going to be having another party with her fans!

An SM Entertainment rep said, “After Sooyoung finishes up her schedule she will be hosting a party with fans that were selected through a random drawing.

As a birthday gift, fans banded together and collected money to donate 1 million won (roughly $865 U.S. dollars) to Sooyoung’s college tuition. Not only that but they also donated money to a leukemia cause, 32 boxes of ramen to a welfare food market and 2 million won (roughly $1730 U.S. dollars) to handicapped patients.

On a SNSD fan cafe a fan said, “We wish to send our birthday greetings to Sooyoung.” Regarding the mass donations they added, “We want to be a fan base where the SNSD members will be so proud that they’ll brag about us.

In addition to their donations, the fans also made a special cake just for Sooyoung.

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