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Friday, February 19, 2010

SNSD to make a cameo appearance for Choi Siwon

SNSD / Girls’ Generation will be supporting Super Junior member and fellow SM Entertainment family member Choi Siwon by making a cameo appearance on his upcoming drama.

As many of you know, Choi Siwon is starring in a new SBS‘ drama coincidentally with an Oh! in the title, titled Oh! My Lady. It’s a romantic comedy about a normal woman (ahjuma) who becomes the manager of a top celebrity (Siwon). The current plan is for SNSD to make their cameo appearance in the show for a concert scene.

This is Choi Siwon’s first role as part of a drama’s main cast and it’s good to see fellow family members supporting him for it. Evermore, SNSD’s popularity is through the roof and the group has never made any drama appearances together as a group, so the team behind Oh! My Lady is hoping SNSD’s cameo will peak interest and help the ratings.

Oh! My Lady will premiere on March 15th.

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